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Found 437 results

  1. Last year I purchased the meng king tiger and full interior set. While I was preparing for the build I noticed that I couldn't find many sites showing a step by step guide in construction (I have recently found out that there are many and I just wasn't looking), so I have decided to log the build on this feed. I am aiming just to build the kit straight out of the box. I hope everyone enjoys my work. I will post more pictures as and when I manage to get bench time.
  2. PzKw III

    Hi folks This comes with PW grilles and a metal barrel. Miniart tracks added, snow is white PVA glue sprinkled with sodium bicarbonate. It's had a double helping of hairspray and scrubbing. The tracks need dirtying up a bit still and a suitably clothed figure will hide the incorrect interior colour (when I get around to painting one). Regards J A
  3. Seeing the Script "DAK Flak Truck - North Africa, 1941" by Glenn Bartolotti In which he step by step creates his own model I got the desire to do something like this. Otherwise it's one of my excursions to scale 1/35. After the decision I went to my stock and I found: - Italeri Chevrolet 15 CWT - Dragon 20 mm Flak - RB metal tube for Flak Apart from the list I found a lot of good wills which I immediately took. In a couple of days, I demolished Chevi to the unrecognizability, but the look was satisfactory. In the meantime I started work on the Flak, which I agreed for one day. Putting the wooden floor into the rear of the vehicle I got the floor from which Flak could operate 360 degrees. I made a wooden floor from wooden slats and wooden beams. Wood gives a much better effect than plastic After arranging and picking up some other parts on a vehicle such as a spare wheel, ammunition boxes etc. I started the process of finishing, On the base color (RAF Middelstone (ANA615) (F) MM-1/2 I applied Briitan decals which, after finishing drying, re-gently squeezed with the basic color, but they are actually lightly bubbling beneath the paint. (ANA616) (F) MM-1/2 started the process of high-light vehicle. After that, I did the washing with oil painted with terpentine. After finishing the washing I started chipping in the same way The white effect of the faded color was obtained by adding a few white oil painted spots to a vehicle that was lightened by the light brushes of the drip in the turpentine, until it was clogged with the backing. The car was placed on the surface I did with the creeps of "Nature in scale" and Noch. I really enjoyed this project and I warmly recommend it to each of you. Thanks for watching
  4. Jagdtiger winter worn

    Well she's finally finished! I've really enjoyed this build. She's done in my customary heavy worn state. Build thread Thank you all so much for following the build
  5. Hello all, Here is my recently completed Sherman diorama I entered for the M3/4 group build - M4 Sherman meeting up with an advance party of the 2nd SAS Regiment, Normandy 1944. The build thread is here The Sherman is Tamiya's great M4 'Early' kit with Legend stowage set and some other odds and sods. The SAS jeep is Italeri's Commando Car, with Dragon figures and some extra kit from the spares thrown on. The base was pre-made and bought of a famous auction site. Thanks for looking, Dave
  6. So here's another slightly out the box one from me. Underneath it's the Revell 1/35 German Luchs with a bit of scratch build added to make my rendition of a British NBC Recce vehicle. Originally gifted as a stop gap by Germany I had a look on line and these vehicles have gone through various reincarnations with storage bins plus bits and bobs added and removed since we had them around the start of our journey over to the big sand pit. I know the markings and exact configuration may not be 100% but it achieves the overall feel I was after. This one comes complete with half of Salisbury Plain under it and definitely needs a trip to the wash down! The additional storage boxes were a few I had left over from the Takom FV432 and anything in white was scratch built from plasticard. Hope it's ok and thanks for looking
  7. Italeri 1/35 Higgins Boat

    Just seen on another forum Italeri 2018 brochure http://www.themodellingnews.com/2018/02/preview-of-italeris-catalogue-new-items.html#more Happy Days Kev
  8. Placeholder while I wait for the postie. I've built the 1/100 version of this in Red Army colours so I'll be exploring paths less traveled with this build. The kit is of the more common late version (with the stowage boxes on the rear fenders for the tracks that could be used to convert it into a half track) so I have quite a choice of potential schemes to choose from. I got a good deal on the kit so I spent some of the saving on a metal gun barrel. Now I'm seriously looking at the Swedish version which had the main armament removed. Life, eh? Andy
  9. Hello all, Here is a project that i've been planning for a while and quite a rare occurrence for me to be building 3 non-aircraft models one after the other! Based around Meng's 1/35 Pickup truck, the diorama will be based around a Tier 1 Special Missions Unit (Delta or Devgru) setting up a sniping/observation position in the Shahi-Kot valley, in early 2002. Kit: Extras: And some bits from this tub of assortments: Just need to find a suitable base. Looking forward to developing this one as i've had a long held interest in Special Operations and I think those in the early years of the War On Terror are fascinating. Dave
  10. My latest modelling masterpiece, a 1/35 scale Flakpanzer E-100 model kit by Amusing Hobby. I made several changes to the base kit including; replacing the inaccurate plastic gun barrels with metal ones. Also replacing the rather weak plastic suspension springs with custom made metal ones too. The side skirt armour was modified so they can be displayed either on or off the vehicle, I also added a small crane to the side of the turret that would be used by the crew to aid with lifting the side armour on or off. Lastly the most important addition to this model is the obligatory bucket hanging off the rear, which every good tank model should have Took me about four months to complete in all & was a lot of fun, I think I'll make something smaller next tho...
  11. Here's my take on a widely-used German truck. I chose to model one from the Polish campaign.
  12. I've been watching this GB, getting more and more twitchy, 'cause I wasn't 'in'. I did have a Takom Grant lined up, but, with the vagaries of evil-b and the RM, it never arrived. I'm not out of funds on that one so, only time lost ... Another go at evil-b, and this morning the postman DID deliver - this ... Dragon do two versions of the Sexton, this with CDP tracks and a single piece transmission housing, and another with the older three piece housing and conventional tracks - see @beefy66's build: Opening the - heavy - box, we see That's pretty much ramed full of plastic. I won't do individual sprue shots, Amorama has a review with better images than I would arrange. So far as I can tell, most of the plastic in the earlier version is here, together with some additions. Amoung the additional sprues is a new set of bogies - both of these are in the box: Note that the Ram bogies are heavier and more robust than the Sherman versions. The return roller brackets are a different design too, being angled rather than flat. (As far as I know, there were at least three different styles of return roller used on Sextons)
  13. My entry for this GB will be AFV Club's M10 Tank destroyer. Unlikely to start for a couple of weeks, need to finish my entry in the F-104 STGB first.
  14. Meng Panther A Late

    Here is Meng's new Panther A late version. Beautiful kit but some strange engineering. There's 5 parts to the lower hull plus the back plate. Then the glacis is an add-on armor plate and the side armor plates on the hull are add-on, the sponsons are separate pieces with the front fenders molded on and the turret is a frame with separate armor sides and top. It comes with a metal barrel, photo etch side skirts, wire tow rope instead of Meng's normal string, everything except the zimmerit which a Panther A needs. Guess I'll order the Meng zimmerit decals and try them as I can't seem to make my own zimmerit. One bad thing is the individual link non-working tracks which have 6 sprue gates per link to clean up. Probably will invest in a set of Fruil ATL08 tracks to get out of doing all that. I'm impressed though, this is a nice kit, barely needs any glue as it just snaps together. Oh, no interior so that's a plus too. Meng's weird red plastic same as their Tiger II but makes it easier to add chips that look like they go to the red primer coat.
  15. Picked up another Merkava today. Meng's 3D Early version. Not as nice a kit as the Takom Merkava MK 1 Hybrid as the fits on some of the parts aren't great and there's some flash in places which is strange for a Meng kit. The engine cover is made up of 4 pieces and as you can see the fits aren't good and that's in a very prominent location. The turret has a bunch of add-on armor and it doesn't fit that well either. I got some black embossing powder at of all places Michael's so I'll try the anti-skid that Arnobiz is applying to his MK 1 Hybrid. All I can do is screw it up and it should wash off if I use diluted white glue as a fixer. I also got the new Meng Panther Ausf A late and that's a nice kit. So far everything just snaps together, don't need much glue. There's a metal barrel, photo etch side skirts and finally Meng included wire for tow cables instead of their usual string. No interior which is good. The only drawback is the Ausf A versions all had zimmerit so I'll have to order Meng's decal zimmerit and try that. I'd like to get the ATAK 1/35 Panther A late zimmerit but it's only for the Dragon kit so don't know if it will fit the Meng. I don't really want to import it from Poland if it doesn't fit. This one has indy link non-working tracks and they seem to have about 6 sprue points per link to clean up so I may order a set of ATL-08 Fruil tracks along with the zimmerit. Beautiful model though and strange engineering with add-on sides to the hull and a turret frame that needs the sides and top added as individual pieces. Must be so they can release different versions. Anyway, here's the Merkava so far.
  16. Morning folk's two kit's I've alway's wanted to have a go at are the Churchill and Centurion so with an almost clear bench after the Matchbox GB and a small build planned for the 10th anniversary GB I'm making good progress with the Sherman which has given me the armour bug! I won't start for a few week's until the Sherman's finished and I'm must try and finish the MAN truck and the Centurion is on order at my LMS. Anyway Box art. Inside the usual Tamiya quality. A bonus was a sprue of figures including two crew and a farmer and hand cart.
  17. Finally it's done. Tough build but turned out decent. Hard to take pics inside glass case with 2 mirrors too. The owner is picking it up today, well later today as it's now 1:40AM and I'm happy to see it go.
  18. Hi All, Here's the Meng Hilux with ZPU-1. They can't call it Hilux but it is! My first Meng kit and I found it a bit of a fight - some black sprues which were hard to work with, plenty of flash and lots of location holes too big for the pins on the part to attach. I persevered and am reasonably happy with it - would like to try the bigger Land Cruiser with heavier gun but not sure I have the patience. I looked for some arabic script decals but was unsuccessful - I think its based on a vehicle used in the revolt in Lbya Usual comments and criticism welcomed Thanks David
  19. Finally made a start on my new Tamiya M10 Tank Destroyer. Will be completed as a Royal Artillery vehicle in Italy in 1944 using Bison decals that I have had knocking around a while. Will also be using the new Ammo by Mig Sherman Commonwealth acrylic paint set. Have assembled the back plate, differential cover and interior floor and sponson plates. Some photos are a bit grainy as light was starting to go.
  20. The dog is definitely Tamiya and I suspect the figure may be too - I made him from spares
  21. Been working away on this alongside other things, it's had my full attention for the last few days, all that's left on the interior is some final weathering (maybe) and a coat of matte, which I'm waiting on from eModels. Ready to prime. Basic paintwork done. After some detail painting, a few enamel washes, a couple of acrylic washes, and some chipping, here's where I'm at.
  22. Chieftain Mk 11

    First of the new year! OOB except for replacement tow cables, painted with Mission Models paints. Regards J A