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Found 331 results

  1. Here is a 1/35 Stug III I had started before getting side-tracked on the Trumpeter 1/16 Panzer IV. After the 1/16 build this 1/35 sure feels small.
  2. So here it is. My first model. As an introduction to the hobby, I think it was a good first choice. I have a lot to learn but it turned out better than I was expecting when I set out. So there are a couple of things that I am taking away from this first experience. 1. Watch out for mould lines. Especially on the tools and barrels. 2. Fill gaps or sand to get a better fit. 3. Make sure the whole model gets airbrushed and maybe look to highlight. I feel my panzer grey is too dark. The chipping barely shows up. 4. Learn to do decals better. Most disappointed in the decals. The eagle eyed will notice one has even been scraped off. 5. Learn how to paint wood. 6. Don't be so zealous with the pigments. (In fact, I might clean a few spots on the hull after seeing the photos up close.) Anyway, any further aspects I should look out for? Feedback is most definitely welcome.
  3. This was a enjoyable build. I used oils for the first time on this, for the whitewash streaks, and for the wooden box/tools (And some grime streaks), and I found them to be useful, so will most likely purchase a few more shades to use on my next model. As for the weathering, I am not 100% on it, however, I doubt I will ever be 100% on any model I make. The figures provided by Tamiya, were, in my opinion, quite good, with facial detail that lended itself well to my novice figure-painting skills.
  4. Here is a Chieftain MK11 I finished a while back. Stationed at BATUS in Alberta in the 1990's. Still learning this new camera, depth of field is a little tricky.
  5. Another Tiger II

    Hi folks Sorry, I know this subject has been done to death recently but I thought I'd throw mine in anyway: Regards J A
  6. Hi All, Finished this a little while ago and used it to try out a few new tools and techniques with weathering. First time using plaster mixed with pigments to create mud, and tried to go for a darker, still wet, look for the centre of the tracks and the lowest parts of the mud. In hindsight (and I may go back at some point and correct) the tracks should probably have been all wet mud, with only small amounts of the lighter stuff. the kit itself was an absolute joy to assemble. Went together very easily and while I cannot speak for accuracy, I was at Bovington last summer and to my eye I couldn't see any major flaws between it and the photos of the real ones I took. It's definitely a nice kit.
  7. I've never really been a figure modeller but there's an anniversary coming up that I feel I need to commemorate in the best way I can, and that's with a figure. April 1917 is the centenary of my Grandpa Walker's wounding in the Battle of Arras. I'm not sure exactly which date it happened but the 1/7 Argylls were involved in fighting at a location known as the "Chemical Works" from the early hours of 23rd April and we know Grandpa didn't get that far before he was hit. We also know from his discharge book that he was evacuated from France on April 28th, so that seems about right. I bought the Tamiya WW1 British soldiers from Hobbycraft a while back. I'm only planning to use one, the advancing soldier, on a plain base. I'm not aiming to recreate the final scene of Blackadder 4, just something simple. I'll finish him a a 51st HD Sergeant. I found this little unglazed ceramic plaque which will do fine as a stand for my soldier. I also managed to get it home without breaking it, which was an achievement. An aerosol coat of gloss black enamel will be the first order of business for it. Basic construction and a couple of coats of Humbrol 36 Pastel Green as an undercoat: followed by a mix of Revell 86 and 16 for the khaki and Humbrol 94 for the webbing: I also bought some Fields of Glory Models barbed wire for the base, but the I think the stanchions are a bit out of scale. The actual barbed wire looks quite convincing: Grandpa's army discharge book showing that he was evacuated from France on April 28th 1917: John
  8. The Tamiya kit was nice, but I feel like the price would have warranted a metal barrel, rather than Tamiya providing it as an extra. Sharp marketing practise aside, the kit fit well, was easy to build, and the barrel provided is fine.
  9. Rambo's captured Russian Huey is just about done, he's shot the hell out of the camp and rescued the POW's. I have it temporarily on a pole until I get it mounted in the diorama on a river sandbank, now I have the base to build for the diorama, this is where the real fun begins! You can see my work in progress of this build in the link below.
  10. After seeing stix enjoying lots of weathering fun on his 3 soviet tanks in the from russia with love gb I've been tempted to build this little universal carrier ,dont know if theres any after market etch for it so probably just oob ,and i may do a little display for it Glynn
  11. Meng Leopard 2A7

    Here's a Leopard from last month also.
  12. T-34/76

    Hello, I have finally finished one of my longest running models. I got this kit sometime in 2007. I was crazy about having this particular version of the T-34 when it came out, but now I don't remember why. It is one of the 1941 versions, with the small turret, single hatch, and 76 mm gun. I built a generic winter 1941/1942 machine which probably served in the Leningrad area. Its been so long since I built the model (I finished it years ago, and just painted it recently), that I don't recall much of the build. At its core it is the Dragon T-34. Lots of great details, lots of parts, TONS of options. Metal gun barrel, a good deal of PE, clear headlight lens. To those wondering, the rectangular boxes on the hull sides were wooden spare fuel tanks. The round drum tanks common to most Soviet tanks were not fitted to the T-34s from this particular factory. Paints are Tamiya white over MM Acryl Russian Green, various Vallejo browns on the tracks and details. Weathering done with three or four shades of brown washes, and two shades of pigments. I'm not 100% happy with the result, but I'm 100% thrilled to finally have this thing done, 10 years after purchase. One less large box in the stash! Sorry about the weird colors. Photos were taken indoors under crap lights.
  13. Here is my Tamiya Dragon Wagon. I bought it cheap without the trailer which I have no room for. This is an ambitious kit for a Tamiya with lots of parts, PE, Metal axles, rubber welding hoses and string tow cables. It goes together well with fantastic detail around the winches and suspension. You can set it up to tow anything with really detailed guides in the instructions. They did 1 mpg apparently. Few still in French scrapyards looking mean Cheers
  14. The Takom Limited Edition Kraz-260V Tractor/trailer and T-55AMV kit has arrived in stock at BlackMike Models and what a kit it is. The box should have wheels to make it easier to move around! For more information head over to the BlackMike Models website; https://www.blackmikemodels.co.uk/products/takom-2093-1-35-kraz-260v-tractor-w-chmzap-5247gb-semi-trailer-t-55amv Duncan B
  15. We, in the west, can, perhaps, be forgiven for forgetting that the horse was significant factor in WWII. The British army started mechanisation of their cavalry regiments in 1928, and only two regular cavalry regiments retained their horses following the outbreak of WWII. German, and to a lesser extent, Russian propaganda promoted their modern, mechanised, image over the antiquated quadruped, Ever since playing Avalon Hill's PanzerBlitz (a long time ago), I've been aware that both the German and Russian armies used vast numbers of horses in WWII. So, when I learned of this kit, I wanted to have a go ... The crew, as supplied, have a mix of Mosin-Nagant rifles, carbines, and PPSh41 sub-machine-guns. Some online reviews suggest that the PPSh41 is is wrong for artillery. Googling around, I have found some individual artillery crew members with a PPSG41, but they are unusual in photos. Anyway, I've supplemented the set with one of these: The sniper rifles can be built as 'ordinary' pieces. I'm not over keen on the horse positions - yes, I can build four distinct positions OOB, but the leg positions are still very similar. I'll have a think about options... The required photo of box contents: At the back you can see the packet of infantry weapons. MiniArt are very good at showing the parts for their kits, you can see the individual sprues here: http://miniart-models.com/index.htm?/35045.htm The illustration and instructions are for the 75mm ZiS-3 (or 76.2mm). Also present are parts the 57mm ZiS-2 which was considered too powerful early in the war, but, apparently, returned to favour following the appearance of Panther and Tiger tanks. {edit} P.S. I haven't forgotten m cossacks {/edit}
  16. Hi, tried to make it look bleached by the desert sun. Maybe a little too white in places .
  17. Hi all, It's been a while since I was last here posting, although I have been lurking. Life got in the way as is often the case, but thought I'd try and reinvigorate my interest in the hobby stuff with the Italeri M4A3E8 Sherman "Fury". Now, I've been thinking of doing a Sherman for sometime, but as my other armour has all been Op Telic British stuff and more recently the fantastic Tamiya MkI Male kit, I had wanted to do a British Sherman Firefly. However, one day in my local store I saw this kit, and in the absence of anything British I bought it. No research, nothing. Man, do I regret that spur of the moment decision! The kit itself seems quite detailed out of the box, but my one was badly moulded with most of the sprue looking as though the moulds had come out of alignment leaving a lot of cleaning up to do. I don't usually mind this, but for a newish kit I was quite disappointed by all the circles on panels (release pins?) Just not a good example of a modern moulding, and this coupled with my lack of enthusiasm for the subject made the whole thing a bit of an ordeal. I have used it as a test of using plaster with powders mixed into a paste and then blown off a brush using my airbrush to create the mud effect. It's come out OK, and I learnt a lot about the technique, so not a complete loss. Anyway, enough babbling. Here's the 'finished' piece. Any advice, recommendations etc are always welcome. I know there's a few unpainted details, but I just got bored to be honest and wanted it off the bench, but any comments on techniques etc are most welcome. edit: Looking back over the pics I've also just realised I didn't attach the aerials or the MGs for the photo.
  18. Good afternoon. The Renault AM 1914 Armoured Car: From Tanks-Encyclopaedia: This first model was accepted and fifty units were built until early 1915, as 4×2 AA vehicles with an open air rear compartment, armed with a single 8 mm (0.31 in) St Etienne light machine gun. It was relatively lightly armored, with vertical plates between 4 and 6 mm (0.16-0.24 in) in thickness. These enclosed the closed driving compartment (with a single wide armored shutter), while the rear compartment was open, large enough for two operators (loader and gunner). Access for all crewmen provided through this open compartment. The machine gun was protected by a large frontal shield, with a mounting providing full vertical manual elevation (90°) and traverse. It had ammunition supplied in 8 mm/24 cartridge strips. This model had a ground clearance of 24 cm (9.5 in), 3.35 m wheelbase (132 in), with a 4×2 front steering with manual transmission, and a Renault water cooled petrol engine. The axles rested on leaf spring suspensions. Although a hundred were originally ordered, only 50 were built before their limitations were discovered. The AA mount was problematic, and the rate of fire and range were not sufficient for their intended rôle. Also, the armor was too light to protect against shrapnel and machine-gun rounds, while the open compartment left the crew vulnerable. But, probably worst of all, the front wheel drive proved ill-suited in operations. In 1916, all 50 were taken over to be rebuilt to the mle 1915 standard, which resembled thePeugeot armored car, with a short barrel 37 mm (1.46 in) gun or Hotchkiss LMG behind a shield. After a long and frustrating build (and waiting for the right camera, lens and set-up), I have finally completed and photographed this 1/35 resin model of the Renault AM 1914 from DaMo. Parts kept coming off and/or getting lost, but it all worked out in the end. One of the lamps has been whisked away to whatever fantasy realm lost parts go to. Paints used were Vallejo Model Air Dark Green as a base then mixed with black for the shaded areas and Mig Ammo Cremeweiss for highlights, various Citadel paints for the interior parts, Vallejo Model Air grey (of some form), Mr Hobby Tyre Black, Humbrol Gunmetal Metalcote for the Hotchkiss gun and Van Dyke Brown oil paint for the wooden parts. Weathered with dark and light rust oil paint for rusty streaks and the exhaust system, the chipped paint is Citadel Skavenblight Dinge dabbed on with a bit of sponge, bare metal is dry brushed Citadel Leadbelcher, and Mig Ammo Washable Dust was used to represent dust and dried mud on the wheels and chassis.
  19. MAS Boat

    Hi Folks, I hope you will forgive me but I'm one of many affected by the money grabbing !£$%&%%$£!$^&^% at PB. The MAS boat was my first project on Britmodeller and my first 'Plastic kit' in more years than I care to remember Being rather proud of my efforts I didn't want it to disappear so reposted using Postimage.org For those that missed it first time around the detailed interior For those interested the full build is here http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234943576-another-mas-boat/ Unfortunately thanks to the %$^&*$£"!*+*&^$%£"! at photobucket the pics are no longer there but if you have any questions I still have the originals. I hope you enjoy them as much the second time around as I did Cheers Kev
  20. Sherman II 'El Alamein'

    Started Today - a lovely Tasca / Asuka Sherman - early direct vision version After 4 hours work, I have working suspension Peter
  21. Not weathered yet ,not too sure about the colours ,Tamiya dark green ,red brown and dark yellow .
  22. Nice change from tanks ,they look a bit like A7Vs .Sorry about the cobwebs .
  23. Nice little model.
  24. New Chinese company with some interesting and new subjects: http://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/newkitnews/geckomodels.html regards, Jack
  25. Meng Leopard 2A7

    A Meng Leopard ready for a paint job.