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Found 312 results

  1. Here is a start on another BATUS Chieftain, this one is a MK 11 to go with the MK 10 I did earlier.
  2. A Meng Leopard ready for a paint job.
  3. Started Today - a lovely Tasca / Asuka Sherman - early direct vision version After 4 hours work, I have working suspension Peter
  4. Hi all. With my Grizzly finished I decided to move to next project. This time I wanted to change something in my way of building models. Up to this point my modelling was pretty straight forward. Bulding, painting, filters, washes, oils, chippings, streakings, pigments. In the end I had a nice looking model, but it is not what I desire. I wanna do a little bit of storytelling with my work. I wanna build a vehicle (scaled) that has been somewhere. I also want to be more aware of what I'm doing and how that affects the whole project. That said, I wanna break down my weathering to smaller sections rather than do it on a whole model. That way I'll see the difference and possibly understand the WHY of using some method. Also, with every new model I want to try something new or do something old differently. The main topic of this project will be: WOOD. Painting and weathering wooden structures. To do this, I chose ICM's Opel Blitz type 2,5-32. Here's some pictures. The boxart. First of all, I'm not gonna use shelter as my Opel will be a little bit post-war. That's what's inside the box. Not too many parts and rubber tyres. There will be some additions. Let's get to work. The plastic is rather soft, so work goes nicely. There are a lot of small or thin parts though, so pay extra attention to cutting it. Chassis is quite detailed. I also started with interior. I broke down building stage to four stages and I do the separatly: engine, chassis, shelter's floor and cabin. Engine is quite hard to build as it consists of 21 parts. Interior is the first thing that's gonna see paint. First: the primer. Door with details. Pretty neat. Floor. Interior is quite simple. The seat needed to be roughened up a bit in my opinion, so I did some folded tarps. That's paper towels soaked in PVA glue and water mixture. First layer of paint: steel. After that I put some chipping fluid on which was followed by some dark grey colour. Next stage was chipping with a brush dipped in water. The same happened with the door. OK, that will be it for now. Thanks for watching. Dawid
  5. We, in the west, can, perhaps, be forgiven for forgetting that the horse was significant factor in WWII. The British army started mechanisation of their cavalry regiments in 1928, and only two regular cavalry regiments retained their horses following the outbreak of WWII. German, and to a lesser extent, Russian propaganda promoted their modern, mechanised, image over the antiquated quadruped, Ever since playing Avalon Hill's PanzerBlitz (a long time ago), I've been aware that both the German and Russian armies used vast numbers of horses in WWII. So, when I learned of this kit, I wanted to have a go ... The crew, as supplied, have a mix of Mosin-Nagant rifles, carbines, and PPSh41 sub-machine-guns. Some online reviews suggest that the PPSh41 is is wrong for artillery. Googling around, I have found some individual artillery crew members with a PPSG41, but they are unusual in photos. Anyway, I've supplemented the set with one of these: The sniper rifles can be built as 'ordinary' pieces. I'm not over keen on the horse positions - yes, I can build four distinct positions OOB, but the leg positions are still very similar. I'll have a think about options... The required photo of box contents: At the back you can see the packet of infantry weapons. MiniArt are very good at showing the parts for their kits, you can see the individual sprues here: http://miniart-models.com/index.htm?/35045.htm The illustration and instructions are for the 75mm ZiS-3 (or 76.2mm). Also present are parts the 57mm ZiS-2 which was considered too powerful early in the war, but, apparently, returned to favour following the appearance of Panther and Tiger tanks. {edit} P.S. I haven't forgotten m cossacks {/edit}
  6. After seeing stix enjoying lots of weathering fun on his 3 soviet tanks in the from russia with love gb I've been tempted to build this little universal carrier ,dont know if theres any after market etch for it so probably just oob ,and i may do a little display for it Glynn
  7. So I recently had a moment of insanity & ordered a set of Girls Und Panzer model kits, as well as some of the corresponding figurines. These are only available in Japan & I couldn't find a single place that sold all of them, so it took awhile for all of them to arrive from different places. But now that I have them I thought I'd share some pics of the kits & my thoughts. For those that don't know, Girls Und Panzer is a Japanese comic book, TV series & film about high school girls having tank battles in World War II era vehicles. The battles are organised as part of the schools sports program & the plot mainly revolves around the school competing in the yearly school Vs school tournament. And if that doesn't sound ridiculous enough check out the "camouflage" colours they use... BTW sorry about the large shadows in the photos, this is the only place in the house with daylight & where there is light there is dark The stash! BTW these are the five tanks that appear at the start of the show (as pictured above), there are also kits of tanks that join the team later in the story. There are also various kits of enemy tanks from other schools. The German Panzer IV Ausf.D, which is the "hero" tank of the show. It gets upgraded to an Asuf.F2 mid way though the series & then at the end to a Ausf.H. Other GuP kits have been released to represent these later versions. This kit is a rebox of the Dragon's newer simplified Panzer IV Ausf.D, which has a lot of the smaller fiddly parts pre-moulded onto the larger ones (I think the simplification was done specificity for this GuP kit). There is an older GuP kit that is a rebox of the more complex Dragon Panzer IV Ausf.D, but it is becoming difficult to find. This newer simplified version has been praised for reducing the unnecessary part count by several reviewers. However this kit doesn't include the photo-etch from the original kit & has vinyl tracks instead of the "magic tracks". The manual is in Japanese but the instructions are of the typical exploded view so shouldn't be much trouble to follow. It also has a nice comic strip on the front. The figurines are multi part resin ones (which cost just as much as the tank BTW), each figurine comes in its own bag & spruce so you should be able to avoid mixing up parts. It also includes extra parts for the Panzer IV so you can correctly position the figures in the tank's hatches. These are just blocks of resin tho that simulate the crew seats etc, If you add an after market interior they won't be necessary. There is a decal sheet with eyes for the figures, which saves a lot of hassle trying to hand paint them. The Japanese Type 89, the Japanese text on the side of the hull & turret is removed later in the show but the tank stays the same thoughout. This a rebox of the Finemolds Type 89 kit, the only difference being the box, manual & decals. So if you are interested in getting a Type 89 & can't find the original Finemolds version you can get the GuP version & some after market decals. The instruction are in both Japanese & English, except for the comic on the front page which is in Japanese. Unlike the other figurines these ones are injection moulded as single pieces (but a lot cheaper), If you plan to put them inside the tank they will require some surgery to fit. The German Stug Ausf.F, the fanciful colour scheme didn't last long in the story but the tank remained the same. This kit is a rebox of the Dragon Stug Ausf.F, it includes the photo-etch parts but instead of the normal "magic tracks" it has DS tracks. This kit does however included decals for the many markings this tank features, as well as a sheet of printed cloth to make the flags on the back of the tank, I don't think the kit includes the wooden poles for the flags though! The manual is in Japanese again & unusually doesn't have a comic strip. The figurines are once again multi part resin. But they are posed in generic standing positions so will need some modification to fit them into the crew hatches. But due to the multi part construction should be a lot easier than the Type 89 figures. The Czech/German Panzer 38(t), the gold colour doesn't last long & is soon changed to panzer grey. Later in the show the tank is upgraded to a Jagdpanzer 38(t), which is available as a different GuP kit. This is a rebox of the Dragon Panzer 38(t) Ausf.G kit, it's moulded in grey plastic which has then been pre-painted in a gold colour (there is also a normal version of this kit in grey). While impressively shiny the paint has been applied unevenly with the grey plastic showing through in places. Unlike all the other kits this one still has its original magic tracks instead of vinyl or DS ones. However it is missing the interior parts that the original kit comes with & only two small photo-etch engine grills instead of the large sheet of photo-etch parts the original kit came with. There is also a huge accuracy problem with this kit, the Panzer 38(t) used in GuP is a Ausf.B version which has a different front hull. None of the manufacturers that are involved with the GuP kits have made an Ausf.B version of the Panzer 38(t) though & a Ausf.G is the closest kit they could rebox. More multi part resin & again in generic poses. The American M3 Lee, the epicly cute pink was soon changed to typical olive green. The tank stayed the same during the rest of the story. This a rebox of the Tamiya M3 Lee. It's been moulded in pink plastic & has different decals & manual but other than that it's exactly the same as the normal Tamiya kit. Even the original US crew figurine is pink Once again multi part resin but this set of figurines show the crew playing a card game on the engine deck of the M3, it even includes a loose pile of cards to put at the centre of the figurines. Overall my thoughts on these kits are mixed, as a Girls Und Panzer fan they are great as rare collectables. As a model maker though they are rather old & simplified reboxed kits. If you're not a big GuP fan but are still interested in making models of these tanks I would recommend getting the Type 89 & Stug as they have unique & complex decals you can't get anywhere else. As for the other three kits I'd recommend getting the normal Dragon Panzer IV Ausf.D (cheaper), the Hobby Boss Panzer 38(t) Ausf.B (correct version) & the Academy M3 Lee (better kit). Unlike the Type 89 & Stug these three have generic team markings that are available in after market decal sheets. I'm pleased with all the figurines & especially look forward to making the card game for the M3 Lee. My only complaint would be their high cost for their small size but they are limited run resin kits of a licensed property so it can't be helped.
  8. Build this severals years back, the only aftermarket parts used in the build are 3 PE clamps. Canvas tarp made from tissue paper. [/url]
  9. Hi. My last model T-64BV Ukrainian Armed Forces 93 Tank Brigade. Used sets Trumpeter T-64BV and Voyager detail part
  10. Regards J A
  11. Hi Pals, I think over this model, and I would like to share with you all. It's not exactly like I thought to stay, but IMHO, I am reasonably happy with the end result. The photos are taken with SLR camera, so you can appreciate the details. Thanks for watch and comment, include a link to the thread of mounting since you are interested. Until the next model, cheers mates Some pictures on detail.... Here is the link to thread work in progress if you desire watch it http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234995831-juggernaut-is-coming/page-1
  12. Dear Friends I had a go at this old set from Dragon 2007 to see whether I could make a go at painting horse flesh Most fun was getting the reins to look realistic - micro masking tape! Hope you like them? Andrew
  13. My last build was of a pair of 1/72 Jagdpanzer E-25 tanks, for my next I'm staying with the Entwicklung Paper Panzers but I'm moving up to 1/35 scale with Trumpeter's Jagdpanzer E-10. I'm also venturing into the world of scratch building with a what-if Aufklärungspanzer E-10. For more information about Trumpeter's Jagdpanzer E-10 you can find a review on Armorama here. As for the Aufklärungspanzer E-10 I'll be using another Trumpeter Jagdpanzer E-10 kit as a base but replacing the hull mounted gun with a new scratch built upper hull and turret in a similar layout as the diagram below. I started with the Jagdpanzer E-10 which will mainly be made OOB with the addition of Trumpeter's workable tracks and a RB Models metal barrel. There are several builds of this tank on this forum already so I wont bother going step by step, but mainly because it went together really fast & I forgot to take pictures The top went together rather quickly, only a few hatches a grills to add. I replaced the plastic grab handles with some metal wire, which I took half a day rummaging through the garage trying to find something suitable. I replaced the plastic tow cables with some electrical wire that was first striped out of its insulation. Then I attached one end to a clamp & the other to a drill, the drill was then used to twist the wire together. New fasteners where then (badly) made from scrap PE. This is my first time building workable tracks and it seams a bit overkill on this kit considering it comes with four different sets of tracks in the box (early/late wrap-around & individual link). I enjoyed making them once I got into a groove & even though they are more complex then the tracks that come with the kit I feel they will be a lot easier to use in the long run. Both tracks are done but I had a slight disaster when I knocked over and spilt my brand new Tamiya thin glue that I got specificity for making these tracks, luckily I didn't get any on the model but it ate the markings off my cutting board >.<
  14. Evening Guys Am really taken by the resin figures from the manufacturer 'Tank'. Does anyone know of a UK supplier? Thanks Andrew
  15. Hello, here is my latest model, a 1/35 Tiger II from Dragon. I have added Voyager PE for the exteriour and the skirts, a RB barrel and antenna and home made Zimmerit. The figures are from Mini Art. The model depicts tank "233" from s.Pz.Abt. 503 in Budapest. You can find several pictures of this particular tank online and in books, f.e. in "Tigers at the front" by T. Jentz. This allowed me to reconstruct most of the paint scheme. Only the upper surfaces, the lower glacis plate and the rear hull plate had to be improvised. I also tried to match the tools and the weathering to the photos, which depict a heavily worn turret upper surface. Here are some pictures: Reference: (source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/archive/9/9c/20110118202031!Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-680-8282A-03A%2C_Budapest%2C_Panzer_VI_(Tiger_II%2C_Königstiger).jpg) Reference: (source: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/archive/5/58/20110118202602!Bundesarchiv_Bild_101I-680-8282A-06%2C_Budapest%2C_Panzer_VI_(Tiger_II%2C_Königstiger).jpg) Comments and critisism are welcome! Best regards, Thorsten
  16. To follow up on the Terminator build from last month, I have dragged this old vinyl kit out of my stash. It's a big model, I intend to try and add lighting to it and have it in a flight diorama. Here are some pictures of the kit and of the studio model, showing the headlight details that I aim to replicate. I'll be back!
  17. I've never really been a figure modeller but there's an anniversary coming up that I feel I need to commemorate in the best way I can, and that's with a figure. April 1917 is the centenary of my Grandpa Walker's wounding in the Battle of Arras. I'm not sure exactly which date it happened but the 1/7 Argylls were involved in fighting at a location known as the "Chemical Works" from the early hours of 23rd April and we know Grandpa didn't get that far before he was hit. We also know from his discharge book that he was evacuated from France on April 28th, so that seems about right. I bought the Tamiya WW1 British soldiers from Hobbycraft a while back. I'm only planning to use one, the advancing soldier, on a plain base. I'm not aiming to recreate the final scene of Blackadder 4, just something simple. I'll finish him a a 51st HD Sergeant. I found this little unglazed ceramic plaque which will do fine as a stand for my soldier. I also managed to get it home without breaking it, which was an achievement. An aerosol coat of gloss black enamel will be the first order of business for it. Basic construction and a couple of coats of Humbrol 36 Pastel Green as an undercoat: followed by a mix of Revell 86 and 16 for the khaki and Humbrol 94 for the webbing: I also bought some Fields of Glory Models barbed wire for the base, but the I think the stanchions are a bit out of scale. The actual barbed wire looks quite convincing: Grandpa's army discharge book showing that he was evacuated from France on April 28th 1917: John
  18. Hi! Decided to participate on this GB with my M41 Walker Bulldog, at 1/35 scale from Tamiya. It was a simple and cheap kit. http://
  19. This is Tamiya's 40 year old kit, OOB except for replacing the plastic latch arms with metal ones: Regards J A
  20. New Chinese company with some interesting and new subjects: http://www.perthmilitarymodelling.com/newkitnews/geckomodels.html regards, Jack
  21. Hi everyone, this is the first build I am posting here, this is my most recent build. Any feedback would be much appreciated, thank you for reading! Scott
  22. As my 'thing' is modern AAA I snapped up the Armo resin kit of the ZSU-57-2 when I found it for sale. When I say that the kit is a 'challenge' it is no understatement so when Meng and Trumpeter announced that they would be bringing one out in plastic I had to think long and hard whether to abandon the resin kit or build it. Well I started to build it but got disillusioned when I found problems with the wheels due to bad casting. Although Meng's came out first I decided to wait for Trumpeter's offering as the ammo storage in the turret looked more realistic. Trumpy's kit dos not include the radio but I had already bought one for the resin kit. On the whole it was a good kit to build except that the large ammo storage brackets kept breaking into smaller pieces as I was fitting them. The problem was that the ammo clips were slightly to large once they and the brackets were painted. I eventually got them all to fit but the air was blue for a while! I bought a couple of packets of brass empty 57 mm shells to put in the basket on the back of the turret to simulate 16 rounds fired. These are the pictures I took of the finished model. Unfortunately the pictures have not come out as well as I wanted as the light was not very good. That's the first batch
  23. OOB except for the luggage, cable and flag (which could be better - not sure tissue is ideal, I need to try Magic Sculpt or some such). Nice kit, enough bits left over to virtually build another superstructure. Hopefully these are a bit clearer: Regards J A
  24. This is IBG's newish release of the Polish Rosomak APC, which is really just a licence built version of the Finnish Patria. It's a very nice kit, with a pretty much full interior supplied, although hardly any of it can be seen, even with all the hatches open. The fit was great and the detailing's good. The wheels/tyres in particular were nice, being all styrene, so much easier to paint and weather than the usual soft vinyl type. Not the most inspiring of colour schemes, and the weathering's a bit bland, but it's pretty representative of how they looked when they were operating in Chad. Thanks for looking Andy