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Found 358 results

  1. Man 5t 4x4 Truck.

    Hi Folk's,it's been a good few month's since I attempted any non flying military subject and as my LMS has a 40% off Revell kit's I thought I would see what was on the shelf and as a lover of soft skins this one caught my eye.I had a good look around a British Army version at the Sunderland airshow and would have loved to do it in British colour's but there seems to be a lot of differences between the German version and our's anyway the NATO scheme should look good when done.At just over thirteen quid it's a lot of kit for the money.
  2. Glynn has talked me into posting my build of the IBG Scammell Pioneer SV2S Heavy Breakdown Tractor. This is the one I mean. and I'm hoping to build an RAF version. I've already started the build and I'll post photos as I go. I built and weathered the engine first, you may have seen these pictures in Glynn's post. Fuse wire, solder, a couple of bits of sprue and some Tamiya masking tape. I'm using Village Photos to upload the pictures but they seem a bit large. Anyone know how to make them smaller? Best Wishes Andy
  3. Started today Started by making up the RB Models metal barrel Then assembled the lower hull Then added the gas axe marks where the large plates were cut Peter
  4. Hi Pals, I finish working with this model. I have seen that it is a fairly simple kit, without major problems for assembly, with acceptable instructions. As a bonus, you can make several versions, just before the Paladin appears. Although this is an old kit, modestly I think that you could still get a good result, (I am reasonably happy with it), the only thing that gave me headaches were the main pieces of the turret and helmet, as they were crooked , I imagine that by the passage of time, and the worst, the tracks, which when they were already in place, split, where the hardest (in the curve), although I was able to rectify it quite well. I have chosen to make a version in Vietnam, because although the kit does not bring that option, I saw some photos (which I include) about this, I liked it a lot. Thanks to my box of spare parts, it was not a problem. I thank as always all fellows of the forum who have accompanied me in the assembly process and encouraged me with their comments to improve / continue. I include a link to the WIP section, in case someone is interested in seeing the post. I wish you all a Merry Christmas! (If possible ... lol) Some shots in detail.... And some pictures of real model in Vietman (ALL PHOTOS ARE ONLY FOR INFORMATIVE PURPOSES, AND ALL LEGAL RIGHTS BELONG TO YOUR LEGITIMATE OWNERS)
  5. Finally got this one finished. Constructive criticism is welcomed. Tried out some more oil effects on this one, building up my skill with the medium. and now, some pictures just to drive home the scale of the thing: Hope you like!
  6. USMC Recce pair

    With work on My two current builds stalled due to lack of funds (two birthdays and a trip to Stalag Luft 3 and Colditz this month!) I thought I would complicate life even more by re energising my modeling Mojo! So, after trawling the interweb for inspiration and rooting through my stash I dragged these two out! Both kits are getting on a bit, although the LAV 25 is a reboxed anniversary reissue. I do like USMC armour, so it didnt take long for the juices to start flowing, the basic kits are ok for accuracy given their age, so which to build? I know........ coin flip! Well there`s the answer........................BOTH! So the LAV 25, three sprues in sand coloured plastic, an aftermarket 25mm barrel and two lots of photo etch, one specific to the Italeri TUA and one for the Trumpeter LAV 25, I dimly recall being unable to find a specific set for the Italeri LAV 25 so when I came across the Trumpy set thought I would give it a punt and use that for the turret and the TUA set for the hull! l The LAV TUA has two common sprues as per the 25 and the TOW turret parts are on a third, and there's also a photoetch for the specific kit.so all good for a straightforward more or less OTB build then! So the plan is....................Two LAV`s a 25 and a TUA, I`ll go with early vehicles, (the kits have the early pattern tyres and these two have been in the stash for a while, so the cost of replacing the wheels with later pattern resin wheels would be excessive and counter to the Mojonation restoration of this build) Marine Corps MERDC camouflage, limited stowage, crewed up and restrained weathering, might even build a base for em, a bit of beach or something eh?.................Well, that's the plan, that way I can avoid the characteristic tail down attitude of the heavily loaded Gulf War and Afghan vehicles, so no drastic chopping of the suspension or weighting the wheels and save a bundle on resin aftermarket stowage! Oh, and I can make the front wheels steer too! Already figured that one out! Ta for lookin` no "G" Granto
  7. Vosper 72' 6" MTB

    Laying down the ground work for the next project As above Italeri 1/35 72' 6" Vosper Motor Torpedo Boat released in 2011. I purchased this on release and have sat on it whilst I hopefully improved my skills, particularly PE work. A bit of change in scale from the last project 1/200 Clyde Puffer which can be seen sitting on the Vosper The Griffen set is rather daunting. 20 pages of instructions and the brass work weighs in at 8oz (250gms). Italeri PT boat conversion set Italeri Horse drawn 20mm Breda, not quite sure where the horse will fit in.... Possible figures Reference books Not forgetting some very nice resin Vickers M.G. donated by @Gremlin56 which I currently in the loft. I think that's enough to wet your appetites, more details to follow Kev
  8. Here's the Hobby Boss VK 4502 (p) with the forward turret. Its an excellent kit but the tracks are hard work as you can see. It has a fully detailed turret which is completely hidden from view so I didn't bother. Paints are Model Air and AK for the red primer. I've made the colour scheme up entirely but am reasonably happy with it. Story goes that one cam out to fight the advancing Russians at Kummersdorf in April 45 but no real evidence exists. As always would welcome your views. Thanks David
  9. Another completion for the year, a second Finnish Sturmi, to go with my previous build of the Tamiya kit from last year: LINK. This time the model represents a specific vehicle, in this case Ps.531-34. This is one of the Stugs that Finland received in mid-1944 around the time of the massive Soviet offensive that culminated in the Battle of Tali-Ihantala. Like most of this particular batch, Ps.531-34 didn't see any combat and survived the war, giving many years of service until finally being retired and stored, surviving to this day: LINK. As detailed on Andreas Larka's website, this vehicle is a bit of an oddity, having an early style superstructure mated to a late style chassis and running gear. For this build I used the following: Dragon's 1/35 Stug III December 1944 Production kit as the base. The concrete armour, logs, drivers visor and side addon armour came from a second Tamiya Finnish Stug kit, which will be completed as a Hungarian example at some point! Filler was needed to blend the parts representing the concrete armour so they would fit the Dragon superstructure. The Zimmerit is Eduard's Stug III Waffle pattern set for Alkett produced vehicles. This must be for the earlier tooling of Dragon's Stug III as it doesn't fit at all well around the various hatches and the detail on the hull sides. The track is from EasyMetal Links: Panzer III/IV & Variants, 40cm type B (chevron style). Bought from Historex Agents and very easy to use! Spare track links are AFV Club's Panzer IV 40cm Mid/Late style track. The loader's Soviet origin DT tank machine gun came from Mini Art's Soviet Infantry Automatic Weapons and Equipment set. Finally, the barrel set is Aber's 35 L-60: StuK.40 L/48 7.5cm with late muzzle break for Stug III late and Stug IV early. Weathering has been done using Humbrol paint of various shades and I haven't included any stowage on the engine deck as I have no idea as to what Finnish practice was! Some photo's of the actual vehicle in service: Now for the model itself: With it's older sibling from last year! Comments welcome! Mike.
  10. Hi peeps, Here's my latest completion for 2016, a 1/35 Tamiya Stug III representing a vehicle from the 7th Assault Gun Battalion, Magyar Királyi Honvédség 1944-45. Quite a bit done to this to make it into an May 1944 production vehicle from the Alkett factory near Berlin. The barrel is from Aber, photo etch is a mixture of Eduard and spare Dragon stuff. The side skirts are from Voyager, though the rails are left overs from my Finnish StuG III build from last year as is the roof of the fighting compartment and the gun crutch. As mentioned further down the thread, the Zimm is from Atak and represents the typical "waffle" pattern as favoured by the Alkett factory. Stowage is by Verlinden and the Jerry Cans (or should that be Magyar Cans?) are from Bronco. The drive sprocket is from CMK and the Alkett pattern all steel return rollers are from Panzer art. The track is AFV Club's Nashorn/Panzer III/IV set. Markings are from Bison Decals. Comments welcome! Mike.
  11. Here's my latest completion, Tamiya's StuG III "Finnish Army" in 1/35 scale. Mainly OOB, the only addition is the U-shaped splash guard in front of the mantlet: Close up of the weathering on the left side, all done with paint: I've decided to call him Stug Larssonnen : As always comments and criticism welcome! Mike.
  12. Hi everyone, Here's one of my latest completions, a long time resident of the stash, Tamiya's 1/35 Africa Korps Type 82 Kubelwagen with sand tires, plus some scratch built jerrycan racks: This was bought when Beatties was still on the go, so it's been in the stash at least 15 years! It's hand painted throughout and is weathered in an "artistic" style! Comments welcome, Mike.
  13. Hi everyone, My first completion for the year, Takom's T-55AM in Soviet Naval Infantry colours. I used Star Decals set 35-C-1054 to represent a vehicle belonging the 111th Tank Regiment, 61st Guards Brigade, Northern Fleet. It's not 100% accurate as that unit seems to have had a preference for removing the side skirts from their T-55AM's but I bought the sheet after I'd started the painting process and I prefer how it look's with the skirts! It also meant I didn't have to do a full track run either..... Colours are mainly Humbrol over Tamiya primer, 86 Light Olive with 67 Tank Grey for the rubber portions of the skirts. Tracks were done using 170 Track colour over a Tamiya NATO Black base, then dry brushed with 270003 polished steel and 53 Gunmetal. Weathering was done with 29 Dark Earth, 32 Dark Grey and 93 Desert Yellow. Apart from the Tamiya paints, which were sprayed, it's all done using a brush. On to the pics: Mike.
  14. Couldn't resist. First snowfall in Southern Alberta yesterday so here's the Jagdpanther sitting in the snow, lots of crust and only -1C this afternoon. Yes it's real snow and lots of ice.
  15. Meng Whippet

    This isn't new but these are some pics in more natural surroundings. Those are pretty big rocks to steer around.
  16. Dear Fellow Modellers A few photos of my Trumpeter T-64. Whilst we in the UK were fighting to get the opposed piston 2 stroke L60 to work in the Chieftain, ironically the Russians were having awful trouble getting their similar engine to work in the T-64. In the case of the 5TD engine the cylinders are horizontal so helping the ultra-low profile of the tank. These tanks were amongst the main protagonists in the terrible Ukrainian conflict. Hope you like? Andrew
  17. As light relief from model railways and other stresses, a quick, shake the box, build of a Tamiya favourite, the CCKW, also known as the Deuce and a half. Absolutely nothing new, clever or inspirational here, just a quick, possibly dirty, build. I'll let the pictures do the talking from now on... CCKW by jongwinnett, on Flickr
  18. A relief to finally have this one wrapped up. Learned a lot with this one, especially about how to use oils.
  19. Here is a mid production Tiger I that survived until late 1944. Refurbished and lost the zimmerit but pretty beat up, probably won't last much longer. That's a Rye Field Fehrman Tiger I late production assembled from spare parts beside it.
  20. Here is a Tiger I completed a while back and today's damage after a glancing hit from a 75mm. Still mobile but limping a bit.
  21. First Diorama

    Hi, Excuse the poor quality pictures. (taken with google pixel XL) I've mostly been a wings person and dip in and out of building models as and when time allows. I've found building armour more rewarding as it seems to need a lot less sanding and filling seams! Here is my first attempt at a Diorama, using 3 Tamiya Kits. It's not 100% complete, steering wheel is still to be attached and some of the figures are still to be finished off. Kits are Tamiya BMW and Sidecar, Tamiya Protze and Tamiya Flakvierling. Diorama base was made from scratch and the landscape was made from plaster of paris. The drainage ditches havent worked, I used woodland scenics water effects (rather than real water by accident) and it just kept disappearing after a few days. Google Photos Album
  22. Krupp Raumer S

    This was finished a few weeks ago. Takom's newish release of the Krupp Raumer S (selbstantrieb or self-propelled). An incredibly simple kit with very few parts, but it builds up into a detailed, and huge (18 inches long) model. There was only a single example of the real one built, which was captured at the end of the war by US troops. One of the kit schemes has hypothetical US markings and I went with that option, but showed it as if it had been used for testing, then abandoned to the elements. I wasn't actually that happy with the results in the end, but it was fun to try out some heavy weathering. Thanks for looking Andy
  23. I've been pondering a diorama on a French resistance theme and need to tap the wisdom on here regarding the vehicle. I suspect I have the least knowledge of anyone on here when it comes to cars, I don't drive and I'm largely indifferent to them - so bear with me, this could be painful. Im hoping to depict the scene shown in the French TV series Resistance in which Sylvette Leleu is driving a van containing a British airman through a German checkpoint. The van in the scene is a Peugeot of some kind - I can put up a screenshot if it's allowed? I can't find anything in 1/35 to match so I was wondering if I could use another vehicle. Leleu was a garage owner so potentially could be driving a range of vehicles. Preference would be for something big enough to smuggle an airman through the checkpoint. Leleu was arrested in 1941 so the vehicle would have to dated before that. I've looked at a Matchbox Citroen 11 Legere but at 1/32 it might not work out. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
  24. Takom Mark IV Male

    Hey guys! So, this is my third tank on the 'Mark' basis, having built the Tadpole, and Mark. V by Takom also. Assembly was Fiddly yet satisfying as it was simply a repetitive case of building weird, angular boxes. Tracks were click together, and apart from being lengthy, the wheels were a breeze compared to that on other tanks. Painting was a mix of Tamiya Deep Green mixed with Khaki Brown. Although operationally I have read that the colour on these was a chocolate brown, no contemporary colour photos exist of these things as far as I'm aware and Takom calls for 'Moss Green', and to be fair I prefer it in green. The identification bands were masked off with maskol to get over the rivets and if it was over done in areas it wouldn't really matter as it gave a convincing chipped look. Weathering was done by first darkening the colour which i thought was too light to begin with by thinning dark green oil paint and airbrushing it on the low areas to bring a basic colour modulation into the mix. This was followed by thin brown paint ringed around the running gear. Finally, three coats of Raw Umber wash were applied before weathering back with dry-brushing and chipping. The exhaust is an older technique which I'm currently trying to perfect. I tried it on a maus I was building (currently on the bench complete in the corner as the track have scared me off!) and now on the Mark IV. I paint the exhaust in black oil paint to create a sooty fixer for pigment. This is something I'm yet to perfect however... Compared with my Mark V, it is a heavily different tank, just the shape's the same! Hope you enjoy! Sam Excuse the lighting but i've only got a temporary set up at the mo using the sun! Which in the UK is never advisable!