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  1. Socially awkward

    I used to be in jobs that required a lot of interaction with people and my last job involved me in standing up and getting up to 200 people to listen to what I was saying to them and perhaps even take some of it in. It was not a problem and I could go to parties etc and as I am married I must have made a favourable impression on at least one person (well two actually). But I still liked a bit of 'me' time. After my stroke I did find it more difficult to deal with large number of people, for whatever reason and tended to shun crowds. Now I am still comfortable with being on my own and will mix with who I want to meet, but I do not see myself as a particularly social animal.
  2. I did some reshaping of the tail as I was not fully convinced, still not sure if it right now.
  3. Some nice work with the various Spitfires there. I finished an AZ Spitfire 18 yesterday in the post war desert scheme. Looks a bit odd tbh. The kit as one of the earlier AZ ones has its challenges in terms of fit and mould lines, but I am reasonably pleased with the result. Will try and post in RFI next week.
  4. This morning an RAF Globemaster doing practice approaches into LBA and about five minutes ago two Apaches in quite close formation circling around Rothwell/Woodlesford/Stourton before heading west. They were quite low.
  5. How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    I remember some of those stickers. I had a couple and still have a '208 penetrate' somewhere I got from some aircrew at a show. Happy days of airshows with big static parks and lots of modelling and book stalls. One of the best was Finningley in 1990 (I think) when the IPMS branch I used to be in put a big display. Had free entry and was fed courtesy of the RAF, but was a long day.
  6. 2018 Huddersfield Show

    Had a good time at the show, finally met fatfingers (we have a mutual contact) and had a good natter. Also met Neil Robinson who I knew well when I lived in Sheffield and it was he who was responsible for getting more involved in the hobby 40 years ago, so my stash is all his fault.
  7. What have you purchased / been gifted

    Been at Huddersfield show today and bought an S&M Canberra and Special Hobby Kittyhawk. Also the Valiant Wings books on the Blenheim and Gladiator and two lots of paint.
  8. What have you purchased / been gifted

    As it is my birthday today, I have been gifted The revised edition of 'British Secret Projects' and 'British Secret Projects 5', the 'Stingray' Dvd box set, Air 'Moon Safari' and some Havergal Brian symphonies on CD. My sister and brother in law have given me an Echo Dot
  9. The Happy Birthday thread

    Yes, retired early after a stroke that left me with difficulty in reading etc. So a big sudden change in life. Seemed to be OK now, just trying to sort out my 91 year old mum who lives 150 miles away in a rural area (a story in itself) and is not coping well.
  10. Looking forward to these two, I hope they realise that the Wallace fuselage is not just a longer Wapiti one. A Wallace II would really be nice with the canopy.
  11. The Happy Birthday thread

    Today I hit the birthday age mentioned in the well known song from the 'Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band' album. Haven't opened my prezzies yet, although I know there are a couple of books in there. My daughter has made a fantastic birthday cake with a paste Yellow Submarine on it. Off to see 'Early Man' this afternoon followed by Tapas.
  12. What have you purchased / been gifted

    My son at 23 is still into Star Wars Lego, especially the advanced stuff. In West Yorkshire you do not qualify for the old gits travel card thingy until your state pension age, which in my case will be July 2019.
  13. How about a "What makes you happy" thread?

    Sitting outside somewhere warm with a good view and a glass of wine and some nibbles and not having to rush. Listening to some music I like or an audio book (can stay awake listening to books rather than reading - see below) without being distracted. Anything modelling related. Being alive after a stroke, that although messed my job up, I have recovered enough to do most things, at the time did not think I could model, but turns it the hobby was good therapy. Very weird looking at a camouflage pattern and not being able to make any sense of it.
  14. Horror Channel

    Amazing the number of transforming planes there are out there. In the dreadful WWZ film (dreadful if you read the book first), the 'hero' of the film boards a large high wing four engined film that is either a C130 or AN12 and swaps between the two in a fairly random fashion. It is also no wonder the AVG did relatively well, when in the John Wayne film about said group, the P40s magically change in one shot into Spitfires.
  15. Solo teaser

    Looks OK, I was not impressed by the 'Last Jedi' for a number of reasons. This looks as if it meant to be a bit lighter.