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  1. Thank you my friend for the advice And the kind words For my work
  2. Wow Amazing work Can you tell us how did you achieve such a perfect gloss?
  3. Wow very nice and clean work How did you do the thin insulation strip on the canopies?
  4. Nice work my friend Keep in m8ns that the AUP don't carry this centre fuel tank. They carry the one similar to f-15 Also the tail stabilisers are different between the F and E type phantom. You need the slotted ones
  5. yes please! i have no idea how to use it
  6. WOW!!!! WOW!!!! Amazing finish!
  7. Cheers guys
  8. Hi there my friend and thank you for the kind words The kit is fantnastic and highly recomended!
  9. lifting of sanctions?? thanks
  10. WoW!!!! amazing!
  11. excellent work my friend a bit too clean for my taste but thats a pesronal taste! love it
  12. very nice work my friend!
  13. Hi guys What if IIAF F-16 Revell OOB only Pavla resin seat and after market decals
  14. thank you again my friend