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  1. You did well Porkbits! I'm interested in seeing the Aires nose. The install is different compared to CWS but I have to admit the CWS nose looks great.
  2. Profile correction of the CWS part looks great. How was the fit? It does look as though you needed a bit of putty.
  3. I first started looking at the photos and was amazed with the detail and the paint work. I didn't pay much attention to who the builder was but went back to the top of the thread and see it is Skuki! I remember your work on ARC over the years and this has to be your best yet! Congrats my friend! One question: Is that decal you are using to replicate the wood? or is it painted? It is stunning.
  4. Blue_Centurion

    BALLS! Merkava, that is.......

    You deserve an award for destroying some company's rip off! Nice job!
  5. Any updated information on a release date?
  6. Blue_Centurion

    Revell 2018

    I recently purchased the 1/32 F/A-18F of Trumpeter and it arrived yesterday. It has it's shortcomings but I purposely did not order the "Echo" because of the Revell new tool coming out. Not only is it a new tool, it is roughly 50% less in cost when compared to Trumpy. I figured I could not go wrong there. As far as pricing is concerned, Asian kits (especially Chinese) have become over the top expensive. When you consider the cheap labor costs over there, someone is making some good profits. I believe the importer here in the States is pulling in some serious profit at the same time. Mark-up is 40% on the vast majority of kits from the distributor. Your prices in the UK and Eurozone are generally more than over here.
  7. Decals are much easier to overcome in error. From what you have shown us in regard to the test shots and CAD this is indeed an awesome production coming forward. I'll be purchasing my kit as soon as it hits the shelf.
  8. Ditto here as well. Begemont also have a large 1/48 sheet(s)
  9. Blue_Centurion

    Best 1-32 Tornado Kit

    The flightpath Slats/Flaps are a challenge. I gave up, bought another kit and used the remaining photo etch for the build. At the time (about 20 years ago) I was not experienced enough to really work it. I'd try again today if I had a chance.
  10. Blue_Centurion

    Su-33, Kinetic 1/48

    Your masking job is superb. Did you use a pre-cut mask? Beautiful paint job.
  11. Blue_Centurion

    Best 1-32 Tornado Kit

    What ever happened to the new tool 1/32 Italeri Gr.4?
  12. Blue_Centurion

    Su-33, Kinetic 1/48

    I have used the Akan Lacquer based paints and they of course are much, much better in adhesion. I will only use those from that manufacturer.
  13. Blue_Centurion

    Su-33, Kinetic 1/48

    The trick with those Akan water based acrylics is to handle with care and seal them with a clear as soon as possible. Once sealed they will not scratch or chip. I know it is a pain, but this is the only method I have found to keep my sanity. It's too bad the water based Akan are like this and it is why I switched to Mr. Paint Lacquer.
  14. If they produced a B-26K Counter Invader I might consider the cost being worth it.
  15. Blue_Centurion

    Loaded for Bear... or not?

    Here in the States when showing your work in competition, there seems to be a desire to show a decent load out on the aircraft. I think it gives more detail to the judges and they seem drawn to it. Just my thoughts, others may disagree.