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  1. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    Yes, I'm a bit confused about the propellers, at least the one on GN-C (P3870). In the clear port-side photo above (which incidentally doesn't have the splodge), the blades look to be Rotol (sharp indentation toward the hub), but the spinner isn't visible. In the fuzzy in-flight photo, the spinner appears more pointy: would that suggest a DH prop, or is it the later Rotol spinner, or have I got it all wrong?
  2. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    Wow, you guys are great! Thanks so much for the time and effort. I'll do C-GN on the starboard side. Cheers, Pip
  3. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    Hmm, quoting from your words posted to the linked thread in your last post, "From the one photo of the starboard side of a 249 Sq Hurricane in July 1940, the codes read GN-H."
  4. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    Great, thanks again. Are you in agreement about the fin flash and starboard codes placement?
  5. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    Troy, thanks for the photo and the link to the other thread, which has a lot of good stuff in it. From a quick perusal, plus what you said in your last post, it looks as though I won't be too far off if I go with the fin flash with the red filling the whole space to the front edge of the fin, and with GN-C on the starboard side. One other question if I may (although the answer may be found with a more careful reading of the other thread): Would P3870 have been in service during the time that lower surface roundels were removed, or is it more likely that they were there at the time the portside photo was taken? Many thanks, Pip
  6. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    The great photo Troy posted above has provided me with a perfect subject for my future build of the Airfix Mk. I, and one of my modeling friends has recently acquired a plotter/cutter, so I'm going to try my hand at making custom masks for the codes. Are there other photos of 249 Sqn. planes that show what style of fin flash they wore?
  7. Spitfire wing walk stencils (yet again!)

    Thanks, Trevor. A very helpful diagram and a great photo, the latter of which supports another thought I've had: at some point the letter style for the walkway stencils changed from serif to sans serif. I've never been able to figure out exactly when, but I'm guessing sometime between Mk. V and IX.
  8. Spitfire wing walk stencils (yet again!)

    Hmm, have I really asked a question to which there is no answer?
  9. Spitfire wing walk stencils (yet again!)

    I'm seeing both "WALKWAY FORWARD" and "WALK FORWARD" on various decal sheets. Similarly, "WALKWAY INBOARD" and "WALK INBOARD." I know the "WALKWAY" options are correct, but were the "WALK" options actually ever used, and if so, on which variants? FWIW, I'm currently putting decals on an early Mk. XVI. Thanks, Pip
  10. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    Hi ArtickW. To my eye the stroke width of the letters on the decal sheet Troy posted are significantly narrower than that of the numbers in the photograph. I still think custom masks are a better way to get a more accurate representation. If you decide to go that route and need help with the vector drawing artwork, let me know. pnmoss [at] comcast [dot] net
  11. 1/48th Hurricane decals

    Hi AW. One avenue you might explore is to have custom masks made. The one I'm aware of is Mal's Miracle Masks. I believe he's located somewhere in Cornwall. He does very nice work. I believe he can do the artwork design, or you can produce it yourself and have him cut the masks. At his web page, http://www.freewebs.com/miraclemasks/ He furnishes an email address for inquiries: miraclemasks@hotmail.co.uk
  12. Spitfire horizontal tail color question

    Those are really helpful photos, Jamie, thanks!
  13. Spitfire horizontal tail color question

    Thanks, Elger et al. So I guess that looks like upper/lower camouflage colors? I wonder if the elevator horns received the same treatment.
  14. Spitfire horizontal tail color question

    I generally build my Spits with the elevators drooped, and I always wonder what color(s) I should use for the edge bits of the stabilizers and elevator horns that are thus exposed. Any thoughts? Thanks, Pip
  15. 1/48 P-47 cowling lower lip question

    Tamiya's Hurricane isn't really Tamiya's -- it's a rebox of the Italeri kit. I'd guess that if there's any remaining hope for a good, new Spitfire XIV, it probably rests in the hands of Airfix or Eduard.