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  1. Masking lines

    Yes, thanks just saw the title. Don't know how I missed it!! Should be fine. Just a very light wet and dry. Be careful and rub along the line, not across it, so as not to bring any of the paint off. Once clear is on it should level everything out.
  2. Masking lines

    Literally just lightly knock the edge down with some super fine wet and dry or micromesh, then clear it would be my advise. What paints have you used?
  3. Tamiya LP Paints

    I hope that they are stocked somewhere near to me, but I just can't see the few local shops stocking them. Probably be only available via mail order with expensive postage....
  4. Beginner

    Tape the white once dry and re-apply the blue. Yes use matt at the end to restore matt finish.
  5. Paint storage rack

    I think the price is too high to be honest to make it a viable project. I'm not sure many would pay £175 for a paint rack, maybe not even £75? I understand the thought and effort that you've put into it, however I feel that most people would look at a lower cost alternative, of which there are many, such as the plastic racks posted above. That's the problem. You come up with something nice, but there's always someone, somewhere, doing it lots cheaper. So much so that it makes the custom built stuff seem very expensive. Just my thoughts, and please dont take it personally, because your paint rack is actually quite good..!!
  6. Tamiya Ford Sierra RS500

    If you have pictures you might be able to fabricate one from plastic rod or even brass tubing?
  7. Tamiya Ford Sierra RS500

    There was a trans-kit to turn it into the rally version I think it was by Renaissance models if my memory serves me correctly... I think there was also one by Reji Model. Not sure weather either contain a full roll cage though..
  8. Catherham Super Seven

    Yes, it was announced at the toy fair in Germany. I believe it's a re-release of the BDR version...
  9. Painting Window Trim

    With black there are a few methods you can use. If you have a line already scribed in the body then make it slightly deeper using a scriber before you prime and paint the body colour. Then after painting you can use thinned black paint and flow it into the panel line. Capillary action will take the paint along the line and you should end up with a perfect edge. All you need to do then is fill in the trim with a brush or mask and spray. Method two is using a fine black marker pen/sharpie to draw the edge of the line. Then fill in same as method one. Method three is to take Tamiya fine line tape or cut down Tamiya masking tape into 1mm wide strips using a fresh blade and a steel ruler and apply this around the trim line. Make sure you burnish it down well so no paint can creep under the edges. If you use an acrylic paint and you get any little imperfections use a sharpened cocktail stick to gently scrape them off. With practice you should get perfect edges but it can be frustrating until you master it.
  10. Tamiya LP Paints

    Where are you buying them from, UK?
  11. Printing decals

    You can use the white decal paper, just add a very small red outline to the yellow logo, enough to be able to trim around it without ruining the yellow. Once applied onto a red area (you'll have to paint the tail red) you won't see the red outline and it will look perfect. Did the same on this Yamaha logo on the bellypan. White paper with a red outline. https://imgur.com/a/mjwMP
  12. DHL yellow

    Not quite golden enough. Chrome yellow maybe..
  13. Beginner

    Some gloss ones in the range but mostly matt finish. I personally remove most parts from the sprues and build up small sub assemblies, then paint them together as one. You can paint stuff on the sprues if you prefer, it depends what works for you. I tend to spray can or airbrush final gloss coats..
  14. Beginner

    Best paints I've ever used for brush painting are Vallejo Model Colour. No smell, brush very easily and to a very smooth finish. Wash out with water.
  15. Tamiya Mercedes AMG GT3 1/24

    Yes, I agree that the camera does exaggerate the flake size. I've noticed that before on my own builds. Sounds really silly but sometimes I run the Zero paint through a fine mesh filter and remove some of the flakes. I did this with the Kawasaki Green for the ZX-12R and it did work very well, reducing the flakes considerably and gave a more 'in scale' appearance. I'd not heard of TS-100 until now, I must have a look at that. Anyway paint aside, still doesn't detract from the fact that your model looks really nice and you made a smashing job of it. Just noticed the seat texture, how did you create that?