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  1. Tamiya 1/24 Peugeot 307 WRC

    Looks nice. I have this one, part built in the stash..
  2. Thinning Mr Color Super Clear III gloss

    Not sure. I've only ever used the levelling thinner with the GX colours and clear. It would probably thin with a general lacquer thinner such as used with Zero paints, but most would be as expensive as the dedicated Mr Color thinner. If you're looking for something off the shelf such as ipa or similar I'm not sure it would work, as nothing I've ever used smells like the Mr Color stuff. You generally only need a few drops of thinner per mix so a bottle of the Mr Color thinner does last a while..
  3. Thinning Mr Color Super Clear III gloss

    Is it the one in the glass jar, the GX series? If so it needs thinning to be airbrushed. The best thinner to use is Mr Color levelling thinner or plain Mr Color thinner would suffice. You could also use Tamiya lacquer thinner too. It's an excellent quality clear and gives a very nice finish..
  4. I have a compressor with similar spec and it powers the airbrush you mentioned very easily.
  5. New paint ranges coming soon from Mr Paint and Tamiya

    I tried the Revell Aqua paints and just couldn't get on with them. I had the same issue as yourself, clogging the airbrush constantly. Gave up on them. I like the Vallejo Model Colour, but I use that very rarely when I need to hand brush. I find they do that very well. The Vallejo Model Air I used to use a lot. But once I started using Mr Color paints I pretty much ditched it. Mostly now I use Mr Color, Tamiya TS sprays either from the aerosol or decanted, Alclad for metals, clear colours etc and some Zero paints. I use very few acrylics or enamels anymore if at all..
  6. New paint ranges coming soon from Mr Paint and Tamiya

    Very true, they do smell a lot more than regular water/alcohol type acrylics. I personally wouldn't use them indoors without an extractor, as they will smell the house out. However, they do spray beautifully. None of that drying in the tip, spitting and clogging of the airbrush that I tend to get with acrylics. They dry quickly, polish up nicely, in the case of the gloss finishes and give a very tough finish that doesn't rub off easily. I'm talking about Mr Color paints here. I imagine the Tamiya ones to be similar in use. I think a lot of people struggle when they first take up airbrushing due to using the wrong paints and it puts them off for life. I've never had any issues spraying with lacquer paints they really are easy to spray..
  7. Tamiya releasing new paint range

    But they're lacquer, solvent based...
  8. New paint ranges coming soon from Mr Paint and Tamiya

    Will be interesting to see if those Tamiya lacquer paints will be sold here in Great Britain? Very useful product if so. I would imagine similar to Mr Color paints...
  9. What fans can I use with a spray booth?

    I considered making one many years ago but after looking into various options I decided it would be easier and safer to buy one instead. So I ended up with a GraphicAir A300SD. Best thing I ever bought and never looked back. If you do make your own be sure to get the correct fan with sparkless motor. Last thing you want is an ignition of paint fumes/thinners. Many will say it won't happen but it can..
  10. F-102A Pitot

    You can buy pre-cut red decal stripes, I forget the brand. Then simply paint the white and apply the red decals.
  11. Cheap compressor recommendations... are there any?

    Hi Laurie, I take your points on board. But I'm basing my opinion on personal experience. I started out using an old tire as my air source back in the early nineties, progressed to air cans soon after, then bought a really cheap air compressor. I found it incredibly noisy and I was constantly waiting for the air to build up as the compressor couldn't keep up with my spraying. I persevered with it for over a year until finally I bought a new Premi-air with air tank built in and almost totally silent operation. This was around 1993. That compressor is still going strong today with only a yearly oil and filter change being all it's ever cost me. It's quiet, smooth and reliable and most of all gives me a constant air pressure that never drops. Just switch on, start spraying and forget it. I think I paid around £220 for it back in 1993, but I've certainly had many years of service from it, so I see it as money well spent. Just my personal experience.
  12. Cheap compressor recommendations... are there any?

    To be honest, a really cheap compressor is just that. How ever often you use it, it will never perform that well. I would agree with the above comments that a second hand quality compressor would be a much better buy. It's one area where you really do get what you pay for.
  13. Spray booths

    I've had a Graphicair A300sd for many years and highly recommend it, a very nice product. Probably the best modelling item I've ever invested in to be honest.
  14. Replacement Spray Booth Filter?

    Glass fibre http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/152339546219 Denser one http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/162302303971 Hope this helps...
  15. Best way to paint propeller nose? (see link)

    Is it all one piece where the black and yellow part is? I'm assuming it is. I would prime it with white, spray the whole thing yellow then use tape such as Tamiya but don't use it straight off the roll as it's too wide. Place it onto a cutting mat and cut a long, thin strip about 1mm wide using a fresh scalpel blade and a steel ruler. Then mask the line between the yellow and the black. The tape will follow the curve easily being so thin. You could also use the new Tamiya fine line tape which bends around curves and shapes easily.