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  1. beautiful job! I love the overall purplely effect on the fuselage, it makes the green stand out even more!
  2. TempestModelling

    Modelling Magazine

    I looked into the categories and there isnt really a place for it. Most of the topics are on reviews of planes/tanks/ships. Please suggest somewhere though if there is a better place and i will happily move it. T hanks for doing it!
  3. TempestModelling

    Modelling Magazine

    I am creating a Modelling Magazine for my Media GCSE which is a qualification for 16 year olds. I will not actually create magazine as I don't have the money but this is required and I would like to know more of the community. Please fill in all the questions, this would really help, thanks! There are only 10 questions and they are all tick boxes or multiple choice. https://goo.gl/forms/shABhht7Xi43mdek2
  4. TempestModelling

    What is the Fw 190 A-5Y?

    Thanks, I didn't know what to look for when I tried. That make good sense.
  5. TempestModelling

    What is the Fw 190 A-5Y?

    SO i was reading through "Luftwaffe Fighters, German WW2 Designs by Claes Sundin, and i came across the FW 190 A-5Y, it didn't say what modification it had. I as far as I know Y is not a standard German modification to any plane, can some one help me out and tell me the difference between the Fw 190 A-5 and the Fw 190 A-Y. Fw 190 A-5Y
  6. Now the Me 262 has been realesed, i wonder how long we will have untill we get a review of it, not an in box review of course.