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  1. Best compressor you can afford and Mr Hobby, Iwata or Tamiya brushes. Always used those 3 brands and never had any problems. Sparmax are worth a mention too..
  2. Can anyone recommend a solid white decal paper for a laser printer? I've produced some home made decals but the paper I've used is very thin and translucent. When I'm placing it on the model it's going over blue and white and I can see the blue through it terribly. Anyone used something better, what brand etc. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. I often use Zero paints pure white as a sort of white primer. It covers very well. You can either clear coat it for gloss, or spray the Halfords white straight over it. You'll get a really solid white coat either way..
  4. They'll only bleed out when placed into water if the edges are not sealed correctly. Cutting them out first, followed by the sealing coat should work out fine. Just make sure to fully cover the edges..
  5. I use the black all the time on the brush and it covers really well on smaller parts..
  6. Well, I hope you're proud of yourself Gary for costing me a small fortune for the kit, extra tarmac wheels, decals, paints etc Mrs Noble was very happy when it all arrived last week, not!! I have a hard time justifying model kits to her at the best of times, but after seeing how nicely yours was when finished I just couldn't resist getting one. By the way if you want the corrected driver names decals I can send you some when I print them? Let me know.
  7. I bought one too, mainly due to this build by Gary. Sadly I must have an earlier production as the decals in mine are incorrect. However, I've already drafted one up in Adobe Illustrator ready to print, so all is not lost. I may look to do a different rally to Monte Carlo as I prefer the tarmac wheels. I'm thinking '86 Tour de Corse...
  8. Gotta be the Opel Manta??? I've got one myself waiting to build, so I'll most definitely be following your build up for some pointers....
  9. Fantastic job, looks great!! I've enjoyed following your progress along the way with this one, it's been a blast
  10. Many thanks Mike, most appreciated!!
  11. Hi guys, I could be missing the obvious. Someone has tried to send me a pm but has been told that they can't. I've searched everywhere and cannot find anything on my account or home page relating to pm? Can anyone shed any light on this. Does it need to be set up specially?
  12. Looks amazing, been a pleasure to follow your build!! You've done something that I think has made a massive difference to the look and that's the painting of the door window frames in body colour (blue) I've seen many built and they left them clear, which doesn't look correct.
  13. Hi MR Noble

    i would like to ask you after looking at your build of the tamiya yamaha rd 500 lc,if you would/could do those decals for me,of course i will meet any costs,i have the tamiya kit,but i want also to represent the uk version

    regards Alison

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    2. Alison Palmer

      Alison Palmer

      this is exactly what it says

      Steve Noble cannot receive messages.

      regards Alison

    3. Steve Noble

      Steve Noble

      Where is the pm part on the site I can't even see it and I've searched everywhere?

    4. Alison Palmer

      Alison Palmer

      top right hand side Steve

  14. I'm using Mr Color and Tamiya LP paints on my last model and I really liked the way they sprayed..
  15. It has been known for Tamiya to mimic what they do in R/C in 1/24th. It would be nice to have a Tamiya Escort Mk2, but I'm not confident...
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