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  1. Enterprise wins hands down. I have seven kits of different incarnations of the Big-E (eight if you count CVN-65) and none of the MF, so by that completely valid logic Enterprise wins.
  2. Notifications - topics, PMs, etc.

    I use yahoo.com and only sporadically receive BM email.
  3. Is it me or does this look like the unholy marriage between an F-16 and a Rafale and someone saying a rude word that is not allowed on BM?
  4. It must be fairly brave to release a kit of such an unusual and unsuccessful tank, but I love it! The term "premature detonation" made me laugh though, cause I'm 12
  5. MAN LKW 5t MIL GL Truck - Hobbyboss 1:35

    You say the cut corners are for standard flatbed trains... is that so they can fit through tunnels?
  6. Messerschmitt Bf.110F Profipak 1:48

    Sure I'm certain I can find a place for it!
  7. Messerschmitt Bf.110F Profipak 1:48

    That dachshund is just about the funniest thing I've ever seen
  8. Model T LCP. 1:35

    The more I learn of Henry Ford, the more he sounds like a complete tosser. Now you tell me he hated the Brits. Why? And during the first few years of WW2 when the US wasn't yet completely involved (pre-Pearl Harbor) he was the face of the Isolationist movement. I think it was called America First or something? He may have been quite the industrial entrepreneur but he really doesn't sound like a very nice man.
  9. Four burning B-17's might be a bit much, but that is great box-art !!
  10. I.A.R. 81c 1:32

    That's a very attractive bird. Might have to sink my teeth into this one
  11. Panzerspahwagen P204(f). 1:35

    That thing on top is the antenna? I would not have guessed that. What is the specific function of such a weird aerial?
  12. Sopwith F.1 Camel "Clerget" - 1:32 Wingnut Wings

    Viking, thanks for that reply, got me thinking in turn
  13. Sopwith F.1 Camel "Clerget" - 1:32 Wingnut Wings

    This is a serious question: With a kit this good, do you think there will be aftermarket guys improving upon this? Or would that be non-sensical/impossible/insane? Just to compare this to other very good kits that *did* get AM stuff. Is there a line that can be crossed that AM just isn't needed anymore?
  14. Wow... does this come with a forklift? It looks heavy. Very, very cool!