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  1. Eduard

    I saw a replica of the 1:1 version and even that one is fairly tiny compared to Spitfires etc. in 72nd scale it must be almost microscopic. Great looking plane though with an awesome reputation.
  2. That is very cool! Looks similar to the Lahti L-39 and I love guns like that. They're just the right amount of not-practical to be hilarious
  3. Meng

    there were women in the Army that early? That's awesome Progressive Brits. I like that
  4. Meng

    It was discontinued during WW1, but it was a prerequisite to have a mustache when you wanted to join the British Army pre-1914. This, according to an old episode of QI
  5. Blimey... that's a big one!
  6. Batmobile

    That looks rather nice. Painting should be a breeze too: Black. Fairly easy to accomplish
  7. Kinetic

    Dude... you'd need a roller to paint that thing without an airbrush. Thanks for the review... this looks quite cool. I have a definite itch for the Jug and this could happily scratch it
  8. Build Review

    I have to say... that configuration for the main wheels looks really weird
  9. Build Review

    they say memory is the first to go as one gets older... :D :D
  10. That's very cool and very well done too. By the way, have you heard the commentary with the original voice? It's way more James Earl Jones than the fairly high-pitched one you are probably familiar with. Turns out the recorder from the guy was turning slow.
  11. Build Review

    you could switch to the Chinese calendar... that gives you till Feb. 8
  12. if you want to get rid of that MDF fuzz you could paint the sides with some water-diluted white glue (wood glue). The sides really act like a sponge. With the glue in, and a nice sanding session, those side should look very smooth
  13. Build Review

    So it's a balance thing? Like what they do with your car tires when they attach those small bits of lead?