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  1. That would be brilliant Tony, Thank you. I'll pm you.
  2. Hi Folks this is my latest build, not very much to say about it other than it was built straight out of the box, the only additions being a couple of Revell pilots. A bit of flash on some of the mouldings but once that was dealt with it all fitted together nicely with minimal filling. Only two disappointments, it was raised panel lines (I really don't like raised panel lines) and I managed to lose the '300' serial number that should have been either side of the nose. Anyway here it is, as always all comments and criticisms are welcome . Thanks for looking, I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and a brilliant New Year.
  3. So this was my other project to get me back into modelling after a short break. I purchased this one from Aldi last Christmas but it came with the wrong decals, I did contact Airfix and to be fair they did send out the correct decals. This is my tribute to the Tuskegee airmen ( I love that film), I don't know whether this is a re-tool but as with my previous Mustang it went together like a dream. I had two problems with both builds, having completed both builds I gave both models a couple of coats of Pledge multi surface polish and then airbrushed Tamiya Matt to the Spitfire and Semi Gloss to the Mustang and both models had what I can only call a white bloom all over them, having sorted out that problem I then varnished using Galeria and had no problems, I will never use the Tamiya varnish again! The other problems I encountered was with the canopies, normally I use PVA but this time I used Tamaya thin and it wicked upwards, that's a mistake I won't make again. Anyway, here it is, as usual all comments and critisisms are welcome. Thanks for looking.
  4. Hi Folks, its been a long time since I've posted any builds. That's all down to the fact that we have recently moved house, most sensible people at our age downsize but we broke with convention and went big, very big! But's that's another story. Anyway after setting up my new man cave and every thing else to do with a new house it was time to get back into modelling, I thought I would start simple with a Spitfire and a Mustang. First the Spitfire, I had picked this one up for a tenner from Hobbycraft, and was really disappointed. Raised panel lines and only 34 peices (well what did I expect at that price). Lots of flash, but to be fair not a bad fit when that was taken care of but the cockpit canopy was a terrible fit. It was at this stage I thought I would experiment, I've always fancied having a go at Invasion Stripes so this was going to become more of a paint mule. So here it is completed, apologies to the purists amongst you, I'm fairly certain that no Mk2's made it to D-Day although if you Google Mk2 Spitfire with Invasion Stripes you do see a Spitfire with these code letters having Invasion Stripes slapped on, I know there's a lot of things wrong with it but as usual welcome comments and critisisms. As I said a totally fictitious aircraft, this is another one that will be donated to an elderly aunt who was associated with the Spitfire factory in Birmingham during the war. Fortunately she likes Spitfires in any colour or size. Thanks for looking.
  5. Hi, I wonder if anybody else has come across this problem and can tell me the solution. My last 2 models have been painted using Tamiya and or Valejo acrylics in the same way as I have painted all my models, 2 coats of pledge wax prior to applying the decals and another 2 coats of pledge before applying Tamiya Matt coat as I normally do. Here's the problem, as soon as I have applied the Matt coat using the airbrush the model looks like its covered in salt residue, which could not be rectified no matter what method I tried. After it happened on the first model, I ensured that all my equipment was impeccably clean before spraying, new matt coat on the second model. I would have posted pictures but unfortunately both models ended up in the bin in a fit of temper. So if anybody has any answers I'd be really grateful, I have thrown the bottle of Pledge because that's the only common denominator.
  6. The aerials should be there but they were lost to the carpet monster, if you look at my WIP you will see the problems I had with the build towards the end. In the end I just wanted it finished. I'm afraid my OCD won't allow me start another model until I've finished ( or binned) the current project .
  7. Thanks for all the nice comments, much appreciated.
  8. Thanks for all the nice comments, much appreciated.
  9. I hadn't noticed they were the wrong way round, thanks for pointing it out but I think that's the way it's going to stay for the time being at least.
  10. Hi All, I don't normally build in this scale but this is an Aircraft I have always liked, and I have never done Work in Progress either so I thought I would combine the two. I'm really sorry but don't know how to create a link (it would be great if somebody could tell me). I did a WIP so that I could use it as a learning experience and wow did I learn. I wont ramble on about the build as those who are interested can check it out. All I can say is that I nearly lost the will to live with this one and more than once it nearly ended up in the bin of doom. Anyway here's the finished product. Thanks for looking, all comments and criticisms are welcome.
  11. Hi Everybody, this was one of 'Aldi's' pre Christmas bargains. I purchased it thinking I was buying a Mustang flown by the 'Tuskeegee' Airmen only to find the decals were nothing like those shown on the box art or building instructions. After a bit of research I discovered the decals were those belonging to the retooled mustang this due for release this January. Spotting an opportunity I went back to Aldi and purchased another, I then complained to Airfix that the decals were incorrect and they sent out the correct set. So for the price of one model I will be able to build 'Rose Marie' and 'Lollipoop' This is my first attempt at metal finished aircraft, I black based it and used Tamiya Flat Aluminium, Flat Blue and Flat Red. I then finished it off using Tamiya Semi Gloss Clear. I'm not too displeased with the finished result with it being my first metal finish, but I do have to improve my canopy masking. I have tried all the recommended methods but I cannot achieve the crisp lines I see on here time and time again. Thanks for looking all comments and criticisms are welcome, thanks for looking.
  12. Well the decals arrived as promised and here we have the finished model. As it happens the second set of decals were no better than the first, but I had prepared it following the advice I received and it shone like a mirror. I think the first paint job was a lot better than the second, but I had said its been a learning curve. Thanks for all the nice comments, help (particularly 'At Sea') who provided the pilot, and advice.
  13. Yes you are right about the scale, I did get it right I when I submitted it in the Armoured Fighting Vehicle forum. Better pictures too. Thank you.
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