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  1. Thanks for that Paul, I've seen sets of CA glue and accelerator on line. I'll give that a go.
  2. Hi All, I'm just about to start rigging a 1/32 Arado 196B. Can anybody body tell me what is the best .CA / Superglue is for getting a quick grab. I have the correct E-Z line and have tested the cheap Superglue I have but it seems to take ages to set. I live in the UK so places in this country would be good. Thanks in advance.
  3. Yes it is, on most of the builds the model will sit in the position you set it but on larger models I use a small drop of .CA to keep it secure. Previously I used to set a small piece of 3mms tube into the model with the same internal diameter as the rod, but matching the rod to the tube became very hit and miss.
  4. Hi Everybody, this is my second lockdown build and another Russian jet. A very enjoyable build which went together well with, the exception of the undercarriage doors, I suppose with the wheels down all they have to do is represent the doors. Build them in the closed position and they are not even close. Built straight out of the box and painted with Tamiya acrylics. I would be the first to admit this is not one of my better builds, so comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for looking, stay safe everyone.
  5. Welcome back to modelling, that's exactly how I got hooked back into the hobby when one of my kids gave me a model of the Titanic for my 60th. I was amazed at how far modelling and equipment have advanced, five years on and my shelves are full of completed models and my bank balance is seriously depleted . Have fun !!!
  6. Excellent build, I have built a few but really want to do one in winter camouflage.
  7. I have a 1/48 Spitfire, ME 109 and a 1/48 Tornado on 2mm brass rod and the Flanker is quite a big model even in 1/72 scale. So long as the rod is not too long it will support quite a big model. Hope this helps.
  8. Excellent, puts mine in the shade . What model company is that ?
  9. Initially I would set a piece of 3mms tube with a 2mm internal diameter into the model, but the internal diameters of tube was hit and miss. For the lighter models putting the rod with a slight bend into the model allows you to vary the position. For heavier models such as the Flanker I have had to use CA.
  10. Thanks everyone for the nice comments, as I have said to IGKent this was my first Russian jet, up until now I have always liked Harriers and Tomcats, but I really do like these jets.
  11. Yes, I did say I doubted the colours were correct as a result of not being able to get the paint I wanted off the internet. This is my first Russian jet and certainly won't be the last. I intend building another Flanker hopefully in the right colours.
  12. Thanks, the base is just MDF, coated with a water based coloured varnish. I prefer to show my models flying so I have a cheap palm router and some cheap bits. They are supported on 2mm brass rod, which is also cheap off Ebay.
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