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  1. Yes of course, are you able to access them through the forum?
  2. Thank you, the picture is brilliant! Do you mind if I print off a picture for myself?
  3. Thank you. I found the painting instructions confusing, the paint colours as you say are Extra Dark Sea Grey and Dark Slate Grey but the one colour in the diagram is quite clearly Green! I surfed the Net and found one model painted in two shades of grey and to my eye it didn't look right, or more to the point I didn't like it. Further research found several models painted in Green, Grey and Black camouflage schemes, i also found sites where restoration projects are being painted in those colours. So long story, short I used Tamiya XF-81 (RAF Green), XF-24 (Dark Grey) and XF-69 (Nato Black) quite a lot of pre shading and a little post shading. My colour scheme is probably wrong but I can live with it. Hope that helps. Thank you
  4. Thank you, for what its worth I'm also in the UK. Thank you. Thank you
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