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  1. Unfortunately I'm not an expert on aircraft, I build models I like the the look of and depend on the instructions. The instructions indicated those decals should be placed there. I have since Googled images of the Dauntless and you are right there doesn't seem to be guns in the wings. Another lesson learnt!!
  2. Hi Everybody, this is my latest submission. Built entirely out of the box and painted with a mixture of Tamiya and Revell acrylics. A very enjoyable project that went together really well. Nothing more to say really other than as usual all comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for looking.
  3. Love that colour scheme, I've built Revells 'Memphis Belle' but I think I can see an Airfix version being built in the future.
  4. Thanks everyone for your very kind comments and observations.
  5. I might have to re-evaluate my criticism of Sword kits following Lord Riots observations, in my defence I had problems fitting everything, there was a lot of filled used.
  6. Now you've pointed it out and I have compared it with the box art I think you are probably correct, that explains the problems I had fitting them .
  7. My mistake T.4 (according to the instructions anyway )
  8. Hi Everybody, its been a while since my last posting so here is my latest offering. A Harrier T.MK.4N by Sword, the first model I have built by Sword and probably the last! I would have to say this is probably the worst produced model I have ever built, the flash was awful, parts that didn't meet and very little in the way of location tabs, to be fair a more experienced modeller would have enjoyed the challenge but to an amateur like me it was not an enjoyable experience, unfortunately with my OCD I have to carry on until its finished. I would like to say it was a labour of love but I'd be lying . As much as I like a winter camouflage scheme I'd lost the will live with it by then, so this one is pre Winter exercises. Anyway here it is, please be kind and apologies to those who have enjoyed building Sword models. As usual all criticisms and comments are welcome. Thanks for looking
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