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  1. Telboy3510

    WW1 Male Tank Mk1

    In hindsight I wish I had of done that, but my first AFV and I went at it like a bull at a gate . Future projects I will invest in some better drill bits or some brass tube.
  2. Telboy3510

    WW1 Male Tank Mk1

    I'd like to say it was skill on my part, in all honesty it was a happy accident. For the colour I mixed Tamiya orange with Revell rust till I got a shade I liked, moistened the area where I wanted the rust and then dabbled on a touch of paint and let it flow where I wanted rust, a little more water to blend it in. On the tracks I laid down a base colour of black and dark earth, built up a couple of layers of rust colour. When they were fitted the paint cracked when they were stretched, which to my eye looked quite natural. A bit more watered down rust colour where it was needed and then the raised parts of the track were highlighted in metallic grey. Hope that all makes sense.
  3. Hi Folks, this is my first attempt at an armoured fighting vehicle, my normal subjects are Second World War aircraft or modern jets so please be kind. After a visit to RAF Cosford I had this idea to build a small diorama featuring a World War 1 tank and a British and German aircraft in a dog fight above. Well something I found out during this build is I am not very good at building biplanes and consequently the Sopwith Camel found itself flying straight into the bin of shame, and that's where the Fokker Eindecker will find itself if it doesn't start behaving! Anyway here She is, or should I say He is. Built straight out of the box, I did not paint it in the recommended colour scheme as I just wanted something representative of the type and it is painted entirely with Tamiya Acrylics. I have enjoyed the build and found the weathering process liberating, you have to be a little more restrained with aircraft. I have a feeling this will not be my last armoured fighting vehicle. Thanks for looking, all comments and criticisms are welcome.
  4. Telboy3510

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    Well a big shout out for Revell, I contacted them and they are going to send me a new set of decals but because they are coming from Germany I will have to wait 4-6 weeks. With that in mind I decided to tidy up the paintwork from where I had removed the previous decals. I found I was losing some of the different paint tones that I liked, so I tried some post shading. Long story short it was a mess so in a fit of pique I decided to go back to square one. Following 'Triumphfan's' advice I have rubbed the whole thing smooth with various grades of wet and dry. My reasoning is if I start off with a smooth surface I should be able to keep the coats smooth and then before the decals are applied I will give it a few coats of 'Klear' and then rub that smooth with very fine wet and dry. Fortunately the panel lines are a little exaggerated so I should be able to get away with it. The cockpit canopies came off during the clean up but hopefully they will come through fairly unscathed. On the upside it has given me an opportunity to rectify a couple of little niggles I was going to put up with. So onward and upward. Thanks everybody for the kind comments and advice, always appreciated.
  5. Telboy3510

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    I think you are right about the surface, it does have a very slight grainy feel to it, but I've got away with it before. So yes that's my plan to get it as smooth as possible, I did say it is a learning process.
  6. Telboy3510

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    I've built other Revell kits and never had this problem, I have a Lancaster in the stash I hope the decals in that one are better.
  7. Telboy3510

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    I know exactly what you mean, With the ones on the underside I decided I would display it banking so no one will ever see (although I know what they are like) but the ones on the tops were terrible, actually the photo makes them look a bit better.
  8. Telboy3510

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    When I started out on this adventure where I would put on display my modelling (or lack of them), the one thing that was not on my radar that the decals would become a problem. Out of the 20+ models I have displayed on this forum I have never had a problem in that area, so imagine my frustration when this happened. I have absolutely no idea what has caused this, I used Micro-set and Micro-sol exactly the same method as with all previous builds. You might be able to see also that all the other decals have silvered, including the ones on the underside .Unfortunately I have sealed those in in the hope that the matt coat I finish with will hide some of the damage. So I have removed all the ones on the upper surfaces with some Frog tape. So back to square one, I am probably going to have respray some areas and do a bit of flattening with the micro mesh, and until I acquire some new decals this project is on hold. Thanks for looking and watch this space.
  9. Telboy3510

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    Thanks again Rob.
  10. Telboy3510

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    So just a quick update, having decided to go with the advice 'Phone fixer' has given me I had to dig out and build the Recce pod. Here it is all sprayed up. I'm really liking the varied tones you can achieve with black basing in this scale. Just a little concerned that I might be over doing it. And here it is fitted. I have got to give the glue plenty of time to dry, as you can see the brass rod it will be mounted on goes through the centre of the recce pod so there will be quite a lot of stress on that join, having said that the rod extends into the aircraft so should be ok. She's very shiny at the moment due to lots of 'Kleer' being applied at each stage, am I right in assuming the finish should be semi gloss?
  11. Telboy3510

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    Thanks for that, it seems logical now that if it's going on a Recce mission it would need to carry more fuel. Drop tanks it is then.
  12. Telboy3510

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    Hi Rob, seems you are my go to expert on this build, a bit late in the day but I have changed direction on this one. I suddenly realised the stores/ordnance I was building wasn't suitable for the aircraft I had chosen. Consequently I have gone for the the Jag from 41 squadron, built and painted the recce pod and AN/ALQ-101and PHIMAT 's. My question is would it ever had carried the BL 755 bombs or just the 1200 Ltr tanks ?
  13. Telboy3510

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    Tree down, everybody has gone home and now I'm on my usual January detox, time to get some modelling done. Next step is to get some camouflage on. This first step always leave me in a quandary, is green the lightest colour, should I paint the whole thing in one colour first and have I stopped spraying in time to benefit from the black base? I don't think it looks to bad at this stage. Time for some masking. Probably one of the jobs I dislike most, I have tried spraying the second colour freehand in the past but always seem to get some overspray. On this occasion I sprayed over the green overlap with black in order to achieve even tonal changes, once again not sure if this is the way to go but this is a learning process. Now the grey. I think respraying the green overlap with black might have been a mistake, when I removed the masking there was an obvious black line in places where the camouflage met. In the end I freehanded all the joins between the two colours (easier in 1/48 than 1/72), followed by a couple of coats of Klear to protect the work so far. I'm at the stage now where I keep looking at it satisfy myself that it looks ok. I think I'm happy so will press on. Next are the black areas, anti glare panel, leading edges etc, and a little bit of surgery to insert the pilot kindly donated by 'At Sea' and then the decals, another job I'm not keen on . Thanks for looking.
  14. Absolutely brilliant and well staged! Having attempted rigging a biplane and failed miserably I really do admire you folks who pull it off.
  15. Telboy3510

    Sepecat Jaguar GR.1A

    Thanks everybody for following this build, your nice comments and invaluable information certainly inspire to get on with the build,