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  1. prowler0000

    Single Blade Nipper 2.0 (ST-A)

    Mine turned up yesterday. Tax man was clearly looking the other way, So even more reason to celebrate! In use, They feel light, comfortable & sharp! After the first few cuts, You adapt to them surprisingly quickly, & they have now supplanted the Xurons & even my favourite Tamiya side cutters as the de-facto clippers in the arsenel. Money VERY well spent!!!!!
  2. prowler0000

    1/35 Trumpeter 4k51 Rubezh on its way

    Great reference pix, MagMan! & thanks to Julien, I'm now gonna have to buy the Gun, If only for completeness.... It's a great kit to put together, But the etch is like battleship armour! (ironic or what?!?)
  3. prowler0000

    Single Blade Nipper 2.0 (ST-A)

    Been sniffin' around these for months. Read review..... SOLD! & as a new member, I saved 3 bucks! (however much >that< is! )
  4. prowler0000

    1/350 HMS Exeter (1939) - York class cruiser

    Someone say "build thread"?!?!?
  5. prowler0000

    And we lose another one

  6. prowler0000

    USS Enterprise CVN-65. 1:350

    Part 2 is pretty much exclusively for the airwing, Part 3 is mainly the island & the CIWS areas.
  7. prowler0000

    RAF 100 Years Flypast Over London July 10th

    Just got back from watching them go over at Trafalgar Square. They came in over St. Martins in the Field & looked spectacular! BUT.... Where were the Drones that were supposed to be included?
  8. Three observations: 1. GREAT stuff!!! 2. That grey camo has a very 'Russian' feel to it, Like a Yak or summink...? 3. I'm amazed you didn't use more Lead in that -509!! WOW, that's like a Black Widow, CoG-wise!
  9. prowler0000

    HMS Victorious as in 1966

    Now THIS i gotta see! Straight conversions are one thing: THIS?!?! Different ship AND scale?!?! Probably easier to convert it into a Spitfire..... Best of luck with this one, Mike!
  10. prowler0000

    USS Guam CB-2. 1:350

    How different is this from Alaska, Dave? Is it just a change of paint scheme, Or a more involved process? I've got Alaska, But can't find anyone else who's got both to compare with.
  11. AAArrrrrrggghhhh!!!!!! I was enjoying this.... Please tell us it's all finished now, Andrew...?
  12. prowler0000

    M247 Sgt. York (enhanced)

    1985. That awefully nice Thatcher harridan was midway thru office. George Michael had a girlfriend, & there was only 1 Back to the Future film. I was a newbie at a major office in the golden mile, & couldn't join the family on holiday. So... My dad gave me the keys to his E-Type for the afternoon (with him as passenger: summink about insurance?!?!), £100 cash & a holiday the following year. THAT JAG!!!!!! I was 17.... *sigh!* But the £100 (& the point of this typing) went on a new pair of shoes, Wendy burger (remember them?!?!), 2010 the year we made contact at the Empire Leicester Square & this kit from Hamleys. The 'dream job' was a nightmare so i left the following year, The shoes lasted a few more years, i'd guess the Wendy was 'in n out' overnight, & the memories of 2010 stayed with me til this day. Like whats left of the ol' M-247. Whats left of her is in my 'office' (middle room). think it's mainly the lower hull now. But reading this makes me want another one! Thank you for this build, It made a middle age man 17 again, & not in a Zac Effron kinda way! Now: TO EBAY!!!
  13. prowler0000

    Boeing Bird of Prey

    I would honestly have drop-kicked this in the bin, But you have my sincere respect for both actually finishing it, & making such a respectable job of her.
  14. prowler0000

    1/350 HMS Dreadnought

    REALLY liking this! Make me wanna get mine outta 30% completed mothballs. ( for shame, Prowler! for shame.....)