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  1. There are 2 sets made by Studio 27, a 1976 brake set (ST27-20103) and a 1977 brake set (ST27-20104). This post is strictly with regards to the image of these products displayed on the Hobby Link Japan web site, as they are both shown to have the front (short) and rear (long) cooling ducts for the front brake pairs - this is misleading and incorrect. ST27-20104 only has the front cooling ducts for the left and right frontmost brakes and not the longer ones for the rearmost. ST27-20103 has all four of the cooling ducts. I confirmed the contents of what is suppose to be in these two brake sets by looking at images of them on the Studio 27 web site. On the Studio 27 web site, ST27-20104 is only suppose to have the left/right short, front cooling ducts, yet ST27-20103 has all four cooling ducts. As packaged my ST27-20104 as received from HLJ is actually correct. The problem is the misleading image on the HLJ web site which leads one to order incorrectly. I, of course, had no reason to distrust the product image and didn't know any better. I have since notified them of the problem and reordered 20103. I wonder if they will do anything for me? +
  2. I have my answer now that the HLJ order arrived this morning (with the lovely Ebbro Lotus 49, too). It's pretty clear to me that the Fujimi late version P34 is superior in terms of detail and quality of plastic.
  3. Stuart, Actually, your answer contains enough information for my purpose. Thank you.
  4. It would appear that the P34 had two different methods of supporting the rear wing - a rather complex tube assembly and another which was basically a pair of vertical plates mounted (at least partially) on the transmission. Would any of you F1 aficionado's know why or when this came about?
  5. If you can't decide whether you want to display it in-flight or on its gear, you can have it both ways and its easily done. Just sand the pins of the various landing gear parts that go into the press-fit polycaps to a smaller diameter. I sanded the pins of the closed gear doors such that I can pop them off easily with a piece of tape yet they won't fall off the model while on the in-flight display stand. Same with the gear down parts. Sand their mounting pins to a smaller diameter so that you can easily pull them off. Just thought I'd mention this is case you wanted it both ways.
  6. Thunder Valley F1

    Checked out your in-progress F-40 thread - great comparison on kit engine parts versus aftermarket. TV's engine does indeed look very nice - metal replica of the kit plastic parts by the looks of it. Do you use a wire wheel in a dremel to clean up the metal engine parts?
  7. Thunder Valley F1

    I wanted his 1/12 cast metal DFV engine. As my HLJ order is now on its way with an E.Jan 1/12 DFV funnel and distributor set in it, I think I'll pass on his metal engine. I'm not thrilled regarding comments on the poor service either.
  8. Thunder Valley F1

    Has anyone here dealt with them? I placed an order - no reply. Followed up with an email about the order a few days later - no reply.
  9. Thanks guys. One thing is for sure and that is the fact that the Tamiya kit requires lots of prep work, clean up and filling of sink marks on many parts for a good result.
  10. Lockheed Ventura AE660

  11. Lockheed Ventura AE660

    From Air Britain's The Lockheed Twins.
  12. Hi everyone, I am unable to post in the proper forum due to my limited number of posts. Then why ignore the clearly stated requirement to have 100 posts before posting wanted threads and the pinned post in this forum regarding wanted/for sale threads here.....
  13. Okay. I wanted something other than an all-red Panigale - not that there's anything wrong with that. The Hobby Design Tricolore scheme looks really nice as well but the thought of those large decals settling around the complex curves and fitting properly.............
  14. I see Hobby Design has a nice set of decals for a Panigale 1199R. To do an R one could simply leave off the side mirrors but the R also has a larger windscreen which doesn't exist in the aftermarket world to my knowledge. Decalcas make a vac windscreen for the S only. Am I missing any other external differences?
  15. Hurricane No.1 Sq R.C.A.F photos, (thread edit)

    I'll toss one in - a screen shot. I've gone over the movie again and again as YO-Z taxis by and I still can't make out the serial number completely. I'm unable to clean up the image enough to be helpful either.