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  1. Hawker Typhoon main tyre diameter.

    A tad off but still helpful nevertheless. The chart gives the average diameter as 33.8" which converts to approximately 17.88mm in 1/48.
  2. Would someone know what the actual diameter is for the Hawker Typhoon main tyre? The 1/48 Hasegawa kit part is 18mm, Jaguar (pre-BarracudaCast) is 18.5mm and the Ultracast ones are 17mm. That's a spread of nearly 3 scale inches.
  3. IAI Nesher help reference needs

    Piero, Here you go. I just had to do a little more digging.
  4. Israeli Mirage IIICJ with long Tzniut recce nose

    The scan of the AML instructions is from my 1/48 conversion set. The photo of aircraft 498 taking off is from the book From Mirage to Kfir Part 1 - The Mirage IIIC Shahak.
  5. Israeli Mirage IIICJ with long Tzniut recce nose

    There is also a photo of it with the Tarmil nose.
  6. IAI Nesher help reference needs

    Unfortunately I cannot tell you the date. The identification triangles were added to distinguish from Libyan Mirages. Pictures can be found of Nesher's from the Yom Kippur war without them. That doesn't mean they remained that way to wars' end necessarily.
  7. Israeli Mirage IIICJ with long Tzniut recce nose

    Okay. Awake and paying attention now. It wasn't clear to me whether or not you had the AML conversion set so I have included a scan of that too. Clearly 498 does have the fairing, not the ventral fin.
  8. Israeli Mirage IIICJ with long Tzniut recce nose

    It was quite common to see the jet with a supersonic centerline tank.
  9. MFH Where to buy Canada/USA?

    Have you tried going right to Hiroboy in the U.K? https://www.hiroboy.com/
  10. Late car door Typhoon question.

    Great. Thanks for the help Chris.
  11. Late car door Typhoon question.

    Chris, Right. So the clear bit that sat behind the mast has to go too. As to the aircraft, RCAF 438 Sqd's F3-P JR249 as shown in the Aviaeology decals. The whip antenna is also offset to starboard, correct? I can't tell by the photo in the instructions whether the aircraft had a completely clear perspex or had the mast hole patched. Cheers, Tom
  12. Late car door Typhoon question.

    If I want to do a 1/48 late car door Typhoon with whip antenna, I'll have to replace the clear parts in the Hasegawa kit with the appropriate aftermarket vac set from Rob Taurus, correct? I don't believe there is a clear resin alternative. Other than removing the mount for the thru-canopy mast are there any other changes to the rear deck? Would someone have pics of this area on a late car door? While I could sand the detail away on the kit plastic and then polish, I would still be left with filling the small hole with a tiny bit of clear, sanding, polishing, and trying to make that invisible. Don't think so. Thanks for any help.
  13. Thunder Valley F1

    I'm not out anything. But Paul had contacted me 3 or 4 weeks ago saying he was awaiting re-stock of the 1/12 DFV engine. No financial loss as I hadn't paid.
  14. Hawker Typhoon detail photos needed.

    Very nice. Thanks for the help.
  15. I am after some very specific detail photos of the Typhoon, namely the hinge areas of the ailerons, elevators and rudder. I am using the Ultracast control surface set on my Hasegawa 1/48 Typhoon. I've done a search on-line but can't really find what I am after. Would anyone be able to help?