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  1. Camera Equipped Tomahawk IIBs

    Nice photo of RU-M - one I didn't have . There was an RU-Z s/n AH-90? The forward half of the "0" can be seen on the sky fuselage band but the last digit is in shadow under the left horizontal tail and I can't adjust image quality sufficiently to see it.
  2. I am familiar with the Tamiya 1:20 Tyrrell P34 kit. The Fujimi kit allows one to build a different version of the car but how does it compare in terms of fit, detail, cleanup, etc? Is it worth buying?
  3. Zero Paint.

    Very helpful guys. Thank you.
  4. Zero Paint.

    I am considering Zero Paint for some motorcycle and F1 car colours and have also asked HiroBoy if they can mix colours for my 1:8 Nagano H1, H2 and Z-1R Kawasaki's. Are they worth their price or is Tamiya equivalent good enough? Any recommendations for non-Zero primer and gloss clear coats? Cheers, TBC
  5. I've heard good things about Ebbro kits but I don't have one. I am after their Brabham Honda BT18 and early Lotus kits like the 49 and 49B. I will have to wait for a couple of those. Maybe their Tyrrell 002 and 003 kits also.
  6. Thanks Shaun. I'll put it on order and see what happens. They also have 2 or 3 1:20 Ebbro F1 kits I'm interested in too.
  7. Would anyone know of detail sets for this kit? All I can seem to find is an out of production(?) Acu Stion set.
  8. Anyone here build F1 cars?

    I placed an order yesterday with HiroBoy, however, PM me and let me know what you have as I didn't order everything I needed and they didn't have stock on everything I wanted. I am also looking for some rather hard to find/out of production 1:20 detail sets for the Tamiya RA272 kit.
  9. Anyone here build F1 cars?

    Thanks again for all your help.
  10. Is there any way of knowing if this is PV-1 29823 or 34823?
  11. Anyone here build F1 cars?

    Thanks again, Shaun. The MFH and Studio 27 sets don't seem to mention which vintage of F1 cars their harness sets are applicable to and I simply cannot tell by looking at them. This Tamiya set: http://www.hiroboy.com/120_F1_Seat_Belt_Harness_Set_A_1970s80s__12637--product--3880.html covers the period I am interested in but I don't care for the colours. Would you be able to tell me which of the MFH or S27 sets would be of similar vintage?
  12. Anyone here build F1 cars?

    What's the best choice for harnesses in 1:20? It looks like there are a few manufacturers.
  13. Anyone here build F1 cars?

    Thanks, Shaun. All in stock except for one item!
  14. I am looking at buying 1/20 detail parts from Hiro Boy for F1 kits. What would be useful to buy, such as shrink tubing, fuel line, zip ties, fittings, etc. What millimeter sizes should I get? Also, I found PDF downloads of various kit builds. Are these useful it terms of detail pics and the best way to assemble and paint the kits?
  15. three colour upper camo beaufighter

    I don't believe that is an actual colour photo of 2-Z LZ295 but rather a colourized one. In my opinion this is a "colour" version of the identical black and white one.