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  1. Stunning paint scheme. Congratulations on a fine job. Handsome aircraft indeed.
  2. The Mirage III/IV series was a handsome and exciting group of aircraft, sold to much of the third world's airforces throughout Africa, Asia. The Middle East and South America. Yours is very well done!
  3. Nice 'Cuda! I did mine as a natural metal bird, post war COD variant. Unusual look, unique design. Fairey's designs always made me wonder how the got off the ground.
  4. Well done! Love the Seafire in any variant.
  5. Stunning work on a difficult kit. That's a livery I have never seen. I used to provide security for the Governor if Florida ( Jeb Bush) who flew in a white over orange King Air. Wanted to build that aircraft, but could only find it offered by the same manufacturer, so I demurred. Great job. Thanks for Sharing
  6. Looks fine to me! Great job. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Bob, I am not a German aircraft guy, but have been considering g a run into the late war stuff like the 262, and yours is fantastic. Love the paint scheme. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Nicely done. I am fast becoming a fan of twin engined fighter aircraft of the WWII era. This is a fave.
  9. Very nice. I had no idea anyone had released a new kit of the Skyshark.. love those 1950s aircraft.
  10. Well done! In black, it is almost evil-looking in a beautiful sort of way! Seriously, you have done that kit justice. It's not a common sight on shelves and you should be pleased. Thanks for sharing this rare and important Korean Warrior.
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