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  1. There is also a conversion nose piece from Roseplane for the early Fokker. I have one here in my hand and I owe you one favour. Confirm the 5-colour lozenge, with some Fokker streaking Green starting at the cockpit middle forward to the Red engine panels. It can be on its way in tomorrows post. Cheers, Tony
  2. PR we can start by calling the Tutor a CT-114 only(no A) or a CL-41A. If in Snowbird colours, you have a multitude of differing changes to the paint-job since the RedWhiteBlue was introduced in 1974. Along with that would be the odd antenna changes over the years. Private message me your Email address, as I have many a photo of the Tutor from all angles. Cheers, Tony
  3. PR, myself, having 10 years experience working on the Tutor and a couple years as an Airframe Tech with the Snowbirds, I would like to offer you any help possible, Questions?? Fire away !! Tony
  4. Jim Bates had the 3 part article concerning Canadian Hurricanes in the issues Vol. 38 #2-4 of IPMS Canada's RT magazine. Excellent work!! Cheers, Tony
  5. nice job, no need for tanks, I have only 1 pic of tanks fitted to Canadian Mustangs and they look non-standard. Not many long range fighter missions carried out in Canada anyway. To mistake a 1/48 scale build as a 1/72 scale is(to me) the opposite of complimentary, I'm sure nothing was meant by it though, the title does say "Meng". Model On !!!! Tony
  6. undoubtedly, 23066 was a '59 Golden Hawk whereas '053 was not. Sabre 6 serials started at 23371 and up Cheers, Tony
  7. Thanks Glyn, '59 & '60 they flew Sabre 5s '61-'64 they flew Sabre 6s. The GH was only used in '63. Strange about the serial number usage, questionable Hasegawa research, I guess. Still, nice clean work on the spraying. Cheers, Tony
  8. Very clean finish on that Sabre, Glyn. Can I ask a couple of questions; What decals/instructions did you use, as 23053 was not a Golden Hawks Sabre(it crashed in '54) but 23353 was. Secondly, did the instructions call for the red GH on the tail, as it was only used in '63 when the 'Hawks were flying the Sabre 6. Your gold colour seems spot on and will keep that in mind for my future GH builds. Model On !!!!! Tony
  9. Yes, that was the reference I used for my post above. No info of any disposal to Cosford, though. Tony
  10. Can't help with the airframe numbers but the final Red Arrows scheme of '78-'79 was the nose lightning bolt replaced by a stripe including the sloped ROYAL AIR FORCE in white. Cheers, Tony
  11. the 'J' had narrow wheels. where most 'G's had the thicker tires and bulged gear doors. Tony
  12.[gallery]/0/ ; says it's from the Jet Provost/Strikemaster
  13. That scoop on the fuselage (above the wing) in the bottom LH pic; it should face aft, not fwd. It is a vent not a scoop. Cheers, Tony
  14. Gear doors were Aluminum, but check out these Speedbrakes and wells;
  15. Dark Interior Green for the Speedbrake wells, Speedbrakes and Wheel Wells. Keep up the fine work !! Cheers, Tony