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  1. Wacky Wabbit - Harvard 1/72

    Aeroclub did make a proper Harvard canopy, but it be a devil to find one now(I have a couple) Tony
  2. Wacky Wabbit - Harvard 1/72

    Since neither canopy is accurate for a Harvard, why not just use the Heller one anyway Tony
  3. Canadair Mk 6 Golden Hawks

    the top picture is Hawk One, a totally different pylon arrangement, very non-typical. Go for period photos, no endplates on the fins for the Golden Hawks Sabre 6s. the tanks were the 100 gal model Tony
  4. Canadair Mk 6 Golden Hawks

    Nope, it’s not just Canadair, it’s all F-86s. Station 99 for drop tanks. Further inboard for the Fighter Bomber pylons., and further still for rockets. Take a gander at where Hawk One’s tanks sit—almost touching the gear doors, but they are Japanese wings. 99 inches x 25.4 mm/inch divided by 72=34.925mm Cheers, Tony
  5. Canadair Mk 6 Golden Hawks

    Correction, make them 35mm. It’s station 99 which is in inches on the real thing Tony
  6. Canadair Mk 6 Golden Hawks

    if don't already know, John, the tank/pylons should be installed at 33mm from centreline in 1/72. Nobody got that right except for F-86D model kits. Your Matchbox kit is on it's way Tony
  7. Gorgeous Sabre, I like your NMF work !!! Tony
  8. used a Tom's modelworks PE set and a set from China off EBay. Also some PitRoad weapons in a few places;
  9. Canadair Mk 6 Golden Hawks

    Aussie Commonwealth built Sabres were equipped with Avon’s. Tony
  10. Angle deck Midways and Essex's 1/700

    I just I just scored a Shapeways Island for my MT Miniature angled deck 1/700 Intrepid. I plan on converting and doing a CVT-16 Lexington. The Island I got is a small jewel, made as a Tico Island, it is very close to the Lex one. Lots of changes to be made get get a Lex out of an Intrepid, I may have bitten off more than I can handle. cheers, Tony
  11. Canadair Mk 6 Golden Hawks

    Avon ????? you mean Orenda time for this again;
  12. Canadair Mk 6 Golden Hawks

    for what purpose ???? Slats were out due to gravity Tony
  13. Canadair Mk 6 Golden Hawks

    The Academy E isn’t an E at all, just a reboxed Sabre 6 Tony
  14. Canadair Mk 6 Golden Hawks

    John, move the slats outboard to avoid that gap at the end. I know it’s temporary, but.............. Tony
  15. New Airfix HAR3 Seaking to Canadian CH-124A

    Paul, I just 'winged it' with a few bits of plastic for that fairing. I didn't have many good pics from underneath, so most of my photos of the model will be positioned accordingly Tony