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  1. F-5 freedom fighter wing tanks

    Ozmods have them; https://www.hpmhobbies.com/ozmods-scale-models-northrop-f-5-wing-tip-tanks-accessories-1-72/
  2. Jet Provost Colours

    It WAS the other way round. Tony
  3. Jet Provost Colours

    I was just going by the colour of the lid of the tinlet, they seem similar, I haven't done a paint swatch comparison. Tony
  4. Jet Provost Colours

    the IPMS Stockholm site has the FS11350 as a match for Signal Red(Red Arrows) but its way more red than X14. Its more like HU174. I'm starting to mistrust the X-14 colour, more and more. Tony
  5. Jet Provost Colours

    I would use the Humbrol, even my Xtra colour looks orangy to me, Signal Red is the colour for the Hawks, but I see it's closer to Humbrol 209(judging by the tin lid)
  6. Jet Provost Colours

    Red Arrows Red is for the Hawks, and is not the correct colour for a Jet Provost. Tony
  7. Canadair T33

    judging the timeframe of the photo, look at the squadron code of the Sabre next to it, I would say '58, no later than '59. only a guess. Tony
  8. I likes it, I does !!!! Cheers, Tony
  9. NA-73 Mustang I, best options in 1/72nd

    I figure the Academy kit is the best base to start with, for a NA-73. The SH wing has 'D' style L/E extensions, a hard defect to correct. Of course, your mileage and modelling skills may vary.
  10. NA-73 Mustang I, best options in 1/72nd

    another vote for the Academy kit, far better than the Italeri, Condor, or the SH kits. And another vote for the Airframe & Miniature book, the SAM MDF P-51 pt 1, book is a close second. Cheers, Tony
  11. Toy Mustang. 1/48 F-51D Korean AF

    a classic mistake on the instruction sheet I see. To fix, just swap the legs from L to R. Problem solved, Tony
  12. Toy Mustang. 1/48 F-51D Korean AF

    Nice job all 'round with that !! You have swapped the landing gear legs, left for right, as the scissors should face aft. Tony
  13. Eduard 1:48 Fokker Dr.1

    a triplane seat was aluminum covered in fabric, there's a few pics on the 'net of the actual seat from 425/17. Good work so far Tony
  14. matchbox Voodoo

    Second batch Canadian Voodoos were first painted Al, then later painted 'Canadian Voodoo Grey' similar to Boeing Grey. Tony(I'm miles from my references this week)
  15. matchbox Voodoo

    A Canadian Voodoo with no IR seeker would be from the first batch received. The box top shows a Voodoo with the IR seeker. Second batch Voodoos had that seeker. No, Canadian Voodoos never had the recon nose. Tony ps. First batch Voodoos were NMF