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  1. Tony, that is one fine rendition of the T-Bird. Well done !! I don't have the GWH kit, so bear that in mind when I make a couple of observations. Canadian ladders went on the stbd side-GWH's ladder is close to the Canadian shape, the top three rungs followed the 'handrails' Does the GWH kit come with a fuel vent for the aft section ?? The fuel filller locations on the tip tanks were further fwd and inbd a bit-not on top of the tank; Canadian seats did not have the 'horns' Nene powered T-33s had the extra vent on the port rear fuselage. Nice job on the NMF and the Dayglo paint !! Cheers, Tony
  2. I have a few of those DeKL sheets, lots of Canadian aerobatic team subjects. Good service from OZ, too.
  3. According to the 'Milberry bible', Aircraft c/n 365(19465), a Mk4, was the first to receive the newer A-4 gunsight. cheers, Tony
  4. The Sabre 2 had the A-1C gunsight. other Sabre 2 decal sources are the really old Aerodecal sheet, and Arrow Graphics has a sheet but are just as hard to find. Cheers, Tony
  5. is there a "work in progress" to view???
  6. nice to see these two versions side by side. Quite easy to see that AZ messed up the windscreens, with the British version having a Canadian shape and the the Canadian kit having a British windscreen shape. Oh my, I may have to stick with improving my Airfix kits and give these a pass, unless I get a smasher of a deal on one. Tony
  7. I knew that, but they're not interesting enough for me to abandon my theme of aerobatic teams. Tony
  8. RAF and Italian Sabres are Mk4s or a F-86E-10 equivalent. And yes, I intend to do a couple RAF and a couple Italian aerobatic team aircraft. Cheers, Tony
  9. Mike, I'll stick to my Canadair Mk2 series now, as I have already fulfilled my F-86A wishes in 1/72. These last few posts of Sabrejet had me 'right clicking & saving' and it's always nice to learn a new tidbit or two Cheers, Tony
  10. another point to mention, is that the 'A' wing had wingtip corner nav lights , versus the later teardrop style nav lights on the 'E'. Cheers, Tony
  11. Steve, Are you going to do a 'A' or an early 'E', or a late 'E'. or a Canadair Mk2 or 4 ???? there's various changes (winsdscreen, rear fuselage) to be made depending on which you do. Cheers, Tony
  12. Love it !! Great job !! Looks like your port speedbrake needs a bit more droop to match the stbd one. i like the changes you made to the Hasegawa kit to represent a Canadair machine. cheers, Tony
  13. Nice, but, pretty sure you have mixed up the LH & RH gear legs.
  14. There is also a conversion nose piece from Roseplane for the early Fokker. I have one here in my hand and I owe you one favour. Confirm the 5-colour lozenge, with some Fokker streaking Green starting at the cockpit middle forward to the Red engine panels. It can be on its way in tomorrows post. Cheers, Tony
  15. PR we can start by calling the Tutor a CT-114 only(no A) or a CL-41A. If in Snowbird colours, you have a multitude of differing changes to the paint-job since the RedWhiteBlue was introduced in 1974. Along with that would be the odd antenna changes over the years. Private message me your Email address, as I have many a photo of the Tutor from all angles. Cheers, Tony