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  1. If you have any Gunze #42 then ; 3 parts #42 and 1 part white, should suffice as well. Tony
  2. Thanks Barney, the sections to take out are 34mm ahead of the wing and 17mm behind; all in 1/72. For 1/144 it's half of that. Cheers, Tony
  3. Paul, the wing mounting is different between the two Minicraft kits. It is a case of just shortening a DC-6 to get the C-5; It saves changing the nacelles of the C-54, as they are corrrect on the DC-6
  4. Concur on the Mk10 seat in the Honduran Sabre 4. Sure looks like one to me Tony
  5. Never noticed that Martin Baker ejection seat in a Honduran Sabre before, nice pic. Tony
  6. Didn't the Welsh Argonaut come with BOAC markings??? Cheers, Tony
  7. This is a Matchbox Meteor with the Aeroclub converison. Paint is Tamiya AS12, and decals are from a FCM sheet. The worst decals I've used in years. Matt, brittle and impervious to any solution. Panel shading is with masking tape and oil paints. This build fought me all the way and I've never had so much bad luck with every aspect of the construction. The hot water I was using for the decals on the nose even affected the XtraColor red paint. Glad to have it off the bench. Cheers, Tony URL=][/URL]
  8. The one on the left. Also in-use during that time was a spokeless wheel. Cheers, Tony
  9. I see now that I have scoured many photos, that the horns are connected with cable to the rear of the control surface. In all my years, I had never noticed that before. Cheers, Tony
  10. Why does your elevator and rudder cables travel past the horns ?? Nice job on the woodwork and prop !!! Model On !!! Tony
  11. a bit of fun here; Cheers, Tony
  12. Canada retired their Labrador/Voyageurs many years ago and now flies the EH101 Cormorant in the SAR role. Tony
  13. I don't think it was your fault. Every time I see this Academy/Italeri Camel built, the guns are always upside down, i believe the instructions are to blame. Good one !!! Model On !!! Cheers, Tony
  14. Blue suits and yellow helmets (from the Motorbooks 'Blue Angels-50 Years of Precision Flight') Cheers, Tony
  15. Hey, I could be wrong but in the top picture(RH side view), I don't see a demarcation line on the aft section by the tail pipe. Tony