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  1. Nothing ‘newly found’ has not been available already. HobbyCraft had their chance years ago.
  2. I know we only have the one image so far, but it does look to me as if the pylon tanks are too far outboard. Please, please; be on wing sta. 99.5. Tony
  3. no fuselage change in the real 1:1 aircraft so why would there be a change in 1/48 ??
  4. This represents a RCAF Centralia based Harvard MkIIB of the first post-war Canadian aerobatic team to use the Harvard in 1949. The exhaust is the Ultracast unit, the wheels are True Details, seats are resin copies of an Allison Mustang cockpit set, rear canopy is a home-vac copy of the Occidental canopy. Yellow paint is a mix of Gunze yellows and decals are just cobbled together from what I have in my decal bank
  5. ergonomics, easier on the eyes, most likely tony
  6. CF-188 got the LEX fence in the late 80s and were all equipped by 90-91. Also got the Vert tail cleats around the same time Tony
  7. Bloody nice !!!! From the look of the nose gear and open armament door, I would swear that was the Academy Sabre. Your pitot tube is a bit too short, it should extend further forward from the leading edge. Again, nice work !! Tony
  8. the OP's intended aircraft has a SNJ type clear frameless canopy at the rear. Tony PS I have a CMK Harvard conversion on the way currently and have a stock of home copied AirModel Harvard canopies. Aeroclub made on too
  9. are you intending to do anything with the T-6 canopy to make it a proper Harvard unit?? Tony
  10. the actual slat and well are the same length for all Sabres, so it should Tony
  11. A Sabre 4 was the same as a standard F-86E-10. Just hollow out the two fuselage side vents and you're good to go. Tony
  12. three pics showing the 3 1/48 Sabre kit wings against the drawings in Larry Milberry's Canadair Sabre book; first pic is the Monogram F-86D wing on the drawing of the Sabre 2 wing(short chord slatted) second pic is the Academy Sabre wing on the drawing of the Sabre 5/6 wing(6-3) third pic is the Hasegawa Sabre wing on the same drawing of the 6-3 wing comparison made without any pre-conceived ideas and one can draw ones own conclusions from this little exercise, ie info only Cheers, Tony
  13. that's what I will do, just reverse the 6-3 mod, just in 1/48 scale. Tony
  14. There's a certain bit of irony in that graphic that I quoted in that previous thread.
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