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  1. THEY rescued it from a scrap heap; THEY spent many years and their own money to restore it; and as a result many more people saw it fly than would ever wander into the museum. Passion aside, aircraft are meant to fly, but they are mere machines. So what if it is the last one to fly. Tony
  2. That Doyusha kit looks like a re-pop of the Hobbyboss kit (bloated belly & curvy canopy included)
  3. one more just for good measure. There was enough pics of both colours to give me serious doubts during my build, in the end I just went with one pic of 23037, before it received the Al leading edges and intake lip. (not this pic)
  4. Duncan, yes there exists pics of Grey and pics of black cockpits. I guess pick one and go with what you see. The GH Mk6 at the museum in Hamilton has a grey cockpit overpainted in black(all original).
  5. I've just done a GH MK5 and all the period photos showed the GH painted their cockpits/seats black, but left the rear canopy area grey. Tony
  6. you may be able to adapt some Mk2 markings for a Mk5. IPMS Canada also has a few Mk5 markings on their sheets prepared for members only Tony
  7. Agree with those points and I find the speedbrake arrangement a bit 'pants', bad nose wheel along with the mains. and a bit of a bloated belly. But really, isn't that enough? I've still built a couple, just fixing what I thought important and ignoring certain other factors. Tony
  8. THIS ;https://modelingmadness.com/review/korean/us/attardsabre.htm or this; https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/gregersfr/frog-1-72-f-86-sabre-finished-t9063.html
  9. all things considered, I would think the Fujimi kits as the leader with the HobbyCraft/Academy a close second. True, all the kits have their 'clangers', but its up to ones own eye as to what to ignore or fix. Airfix, for all that I love them, really missed a golden opportunity to give us a better product than Fujimi. Heller kits for me are a source of spare parts for others(wheels, canopies,tanks) while the old Hasegawa, PM, and HobbyBoss relish at the back of the pack. Cheers, Tony (Model On !!!)
  10. Slats could be pushed in by ease, but they fell open with the vibrations of engine start. Tony
  11. Which Fujimi kit ?? the hard wing version or the F-40 version ?? You could backdate/convert any one of those, if you didn't need dropped slats. Best off getting a Academy/HobbyCraft wing with the separate slats or a resin RedRoo wing. good luck and Model On !!!!! Tony
  12. I like it, ALL of it. Great job!!! Cheers, Tony PS; only one point came to mind Duncan, are you sure about the red headrest on a F-86A, I see a lot of period pics and it is faded Black/Gray on most. Didn't the red come later with the gray cockpit.
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