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  1. Tony Edmundson

    F-86 Sabre USAF Fighter Bomber Unit- Korea

    the only kits that have the pylons at 99.5 seem to be the kits of the F-86D Tony
  2. Tony Edmundson

    F-86 Sabre USAF Fighter Bomber Unit- Korea

    Always wondered why the various F-86F kits have their pylons mounted wider than Sta 99, now I know, it's after serial numbers 51-13170. thanks S.J.
  3. Tony Edmundson

    Avro Cf100 Mk5 with tip tanks?

    They were equipped with the tanks for the ferry flights across the Atlantic, but without the wing extensions, as previously explained. Tony
  4. Tony Edmundson

    Avro Cf100 Mk5 with tip tanks?

    looks like no photo exists of a Mk5 with the extensions and tip tanks. the Facebook group on the CF-100 has indicated that the extensions were not designed to accomodate the tanks. No wonder photos are non-existant Tony
  5. Tony Edmundson

    Avro Cf100 Mk5 with tip tanks?

    pics of Belgian CF-100s with tanks exist,but no pic of RCAF ones do. The onl;y pic I have seen is page 178 of the Ron Page book, and it's a display pic(staged) short story--no tanks on a RCAF Clunk
  6. Tony Edmundson

    Avro Cf100 Mk5 with tip tanks?

    yup, all books (Page, Milberry, & Baglow) have been scoured. Very rare indeed. Since the Mk5 only had the rockets as armament, tanks were rarely used. Tony
  7. Tony Edmundson

    Avro Cf100 Mk5 with tip tanks?

    Jun, the Mk5s in your post are of the Mk5C or 5D variety other than Mk5Cs or 5Ds, Canadian Mark 5s rarely, if ever, carried tip tanks. I have only one pic of a standard Mk5 with tanks and it is a demo shot with all its armament on display(not an operational photo) Belgian Mark 5s did carry tanks and there is lots of pics of them. Tony
  8. Tony Edmundson

    Hobbycraft Sabre 5

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Water-Slide-Decal-1-72-MK5-SABRE-RCAF-GOLDEN-HAWKS-5048/172848565445?hash=item283e93ccc5:g:iS4AAOSwb-1cOXLC:rk:30:pf:0 I don't think much of them, but they're there. The flag is poor, the roundels suck, and the font is bad. but they are all Mark 5s Tony
  9. they are, the Academy F86E is actually a Sabre 6 mold Tony
  10. Tony Edmundson

    Hobbycraft Sabre 5

    just those 'sugar' scoops and the side fuselage aft facing vents should be all that's required, John decals have been issued by Leading Edge, Sabre Decal(oop), Flight Colours(oop), CanMilair(oop), and even Aerodecal(long oop) Tony ps just watch the serial numbers as the GH flew the Mk5 for only the '59 & '60 seasons, then switched to the Mk6
  11. Tony Edmundson

    1/72 Sabre - Royal Saudi Air Force

    Julien did his best with the piddle-poor HobbyBoss kit
  12. Tony Edmundson

    F-86E Sabre, SAAF, Korea

    Nope, I haven’t been working on a TF, don’t know where that ‘duff gen’ is from. Latest is a VU-33 Heller T-bird with a Karaya Nene engine. Tony
  13. Tony Edmundson

    F-86F detail photos

    In Korea, if it had a 6-3 wing then that meant no slats. Only the Sabre 6 had a 6-3 wing with slats(not counting the -40)
  14. Tony Edmundson

    F-86F detail photos

    Yes, I suspect that is the case. Tony
  15. Tony Edmundson

    F-86F detail photos

    'Shernador' is a Canadair Sabre 6, while your first image posted is a Canadair built F-86E-6-CAN(Sabre Mk2).