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  1. Beaufighter Mk X

    Not only am I looking forward to your build but I have decided to join you! Greg in OK
  2. Vickers Wellesley

    I love the cowl on the standard machine so it will be one of those...no disrespect to the long range flight record (which if I remember correctly finally fell to the B-29) but I just like the cowl's looks better. Greg in OK
  3. F-104 Starfighter STGB Chat

    I'm in. Esci 1981 mold. 1:72 Greg in OK
  4. Vickers Wellesley

    I will be in with this. Greg in OK
  5. Matchbox II GB Chat

    I'm in. With the beautiful (in some people's eyes) Wellesley. Greg in OK (as in Oklahoma)
  6. Nice fix on the windows and boy, the fit is not that great is it? You are wrestling it into shape though....... Good Job! Greg in OK
  7. I will be watching this one very closely! It's on my build list but it might have to be the SECOND floatplane GB. Greg in OK
  8. I will be building a few concurrent builds for this group build and in addition to the Glen I will be building the Glenco SM-55X. This is NOT the 1/72 scale Delta kit (being build elsewhere in the groupbuild) but a much smaller (and cruder) 1/96 scale kit. The ONLY advantage of this kit is the price (I picked up two of them for $12 each) and what looks to be EXCELLENT decals. In case you ad not noticed the Delta kit is on E-Bay right now for $400 (yep, $400) dollars! I have not done much yet, I drilled out the portholes.... ...and this is just a test fit of the sponsons to the wing. It is a crude kit, but I could afford it (and FIND) it, so I will do the best I can with it. Greg in OK
  9. Curtiss Racer #3

    A bold start on a great looking kit!! Can't wait to see this one finished. Greg in OK
  10. D.H.60G Amphibian, 1/72nd from Avis Models...

    Looks like a great start on that kit. The kit itself looks super too, can't wait to see what you do with it! Greg in OK
  11. Supermarine Sea Otter

    Looks like this will be a great kit to get built. Greg in OK
  12. Academy B-29

    J-W, let's see if I can help. First off, keep in mind that markings with the group were changed to keep things confused. So a not to strange to se a "Circle R" or a "Triangle N" or other markings borrowed from other groups. Here is a small article from the Air and Space museums website: "Stan Harris of Brighton, Colorado, writes with a question about the Enola Gay, the Boeing B-29 Superfortress that dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, on August 6, 1945. Harris says he has three pictures of the bomber on Tinian island in the Northern Marianas (its takeoff point for the bomb run), and “in each of the pictures, it has a different fin flash on the vertical stabilizer. The three are: a black letter P, a circle-R, and a circle-arrow. Which is correct?” For the answer, we turned to Robert Krauss, historian for the 509th Composite Group, the unit that carried out the nuclear bombing missions at the end of WWII. It was part of a ruse, according to Krauss. He writes: “The original tail markings of 509th B-29s was a forward-pointing arrow in a circle. The tail markings of other Marianas-based bomb groups (which used letters) were substituted prior to August 6 to avoid easy recognition of 509th planes. The Enola Gay tail marking was changed from the circle-arrow to circle-R, which was the marking for the 6th Bomb Group, 313th Wing, North Field, Tinian.” Krauss notes that while three B-29s of the 509thdid have a square-P tail mark (which stood for the 39th Bomb Group, 314th Wing, North Field, Guam) while on Tinian, the Enola Gay was not among them. “The use of a square-P as a tail marking entailed painting a black square [and] leaving a white P in the center of the square,” he writes. The Enola Gay and other 509th bombers also had the last two digits of their serial numbers painted on the nose and on the fuselage near the tail. The Enola Gay is number 82. Read more at http://www.airspacemag.com/need-to-know/why-did-the-enola-gays-tail-markings-change-400569/#f8qM9UiILvSLaFr4.99" Hopefully that helps some. Greg in Oklahoma
  13. Dornier Do 18-D

    Looking forward to this one, your have got a great start! Greg in OK
  14. Wow!! That is looking great! Greg in OK