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Greg in OK

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  1. Greg in OK

    Duxford Rapide G-AKIF ++ Finished ++

    Superb build! It is close to time for me to start mine. I did learn one important thing from the stripes you did. I will choose a scheme without stripes. Greg in OK
  2. Greg in OK

    Road Trip! Visiting Coventry from Oklahoma

    Coventry/Rugby area is where were are renting a canal boat. 5 days, 4 nights putting slowly down the Oxford Canal. Before the canal boat two days in Duxford/Shuttleworth. Have a flight lined up in Duxford. Then if time allows off briefing to Sywell Aerodrome where I am trying to line up some flight time in a Jackaroo. Then to the boat 5 days, then to Midland Air Museum, then to FAA Museum, then to Old Sarum, then to Stonehenge, them two nights on the Isle of Wight (where my wife has some family connections), then to Shoreham to fly a Stampe, then Back to London and fly back to Oklahoma City.. Simple, right? Greg in OK
  3. Greg in OK

    Road Trip! Visiting Coventry from Oklahoma

    there's always the Hannants warehouse I will be driving (WATCH OUT LEFTY DRIVERS!!) so where might that Hannants warehouse be just in case I am close. Greg in OK
  4. Big road trip coming up. traveling from Oklahoma USA to Coventry. Any local hobby shops recommended? Greg in OK
  5. Greg in OK

    Hurricanes to the fore!

    Wow, great stuff. Thanks for info. In searching the net myself I found a commentary that the two Hurricanes of the 64th Sentai had their tails "painted white" after a friendly fire incident, JUST a narration, no pictures, and who knows what THEY meant by their "tails". Thanks again. GREAT photos. Greg in OK (but headed to England in a couple weeks)
  6. Greg in OK

    Hurricanes to the fore!

    OPINION TIME!! Yes, this is the time where I ask experts and novices alike what their opinion of the options I should choose. As a reminder I am building two Hasegawa 1/72 Hurricanes, the kit has few options but I would like your opinion on which I should pick. I will describe the part options as best as I can and ask you for TWO DIFFERENT BUILDS which may very on their options. Here we go...first question Exhaust stacks... 6 hole per side or 3 hole per side "kidney" stacks...(the kidney stacks are stock Hasegawa plastic parts, the 6 hole stacks are white metal) For (first plane) Hurricane MkIA (Z2899) in VVS/Russian service. Served as night fighter. I THINK it has the 3 hole kidney stacks, not sure.... Same plane, the TAILWHEEL. the stock molded on Hasegawa tailwheel or the one that looks beefier and comes as a optional part on the sprue (you have to cut of the molded on one.) Second question. Hurricane CAPTURED by the Japanese in Malaya, flown by 64th Sentai. Same two questions...exhaust 3 or 6 and tailwheel, molded on or separate part? Thanks for any input, no matter how expert or how misguided.. Greg in OK
  7. Greg in OK

    PBJ Marine Mitchell

    I will be building a PBJ (Patrol Bomber North American) Mitchell for the GB. If I can fine enough markings to replicate them, I will build a Mitchell from VMB-614, my Father-in-Laws group. Although they were the last unit PBJ transfer to theater in WWII, he did spend his entire flying career in the Mitchell as a radio operator/gunner. VMB-614 spent a large amount of it's time stateside working out kinks for the units already transferred to the front. As such he flew in the PBJ with all the different radar positions (4 different spots, I believe), working out the Tiny Tim delivery system and any other "odds and mods" support they needed. A link to their unit history can me found here http://vmb614.com/index.html Greg in OK
  8. Greg in OK

    Hurricanes to the fore!

    Found out the right way and the wrong way to build the wings. The WRONG way is to glue the top and bottom wings together, in clamping them it is to easy to get the wings to thin. Then the wing is not as deep as the fillet. Like this... Ugly mistake with a lot of filler likely to be required.. The way the second one was done was better, bond the BOTTOM wing to the fuse, THEN drop the top wing in place..... MUCH better. Greg in OK
  9. Greg in OK

    A BIG Typhoon coming

    Work on this has been slower than I would like....but the cockpit is in and being detailed. Hoping to pick up the pace. Greg in OK
  10. That is sweet! and at only 1/200 it is an amazing build! Good job. Greg in OK
  11. Greg in OK

    A BIG Typhoon coming

    I will leave the cowl "openable". Greg
  12. Greg in OK

    Hurricanes to the fore!

    "no doubt the ‘Hurricane police’ on here will chip in soon enough to help guide you through your builds. " always open to helpful and correct input. Greg
  13. Greg in OK

    Hurricanes to the fore!

    Not sure on both, at least one in VVS service because I like the decals. I have many other decals to pick from. Greg
  14. Greg in OK

    Hurricanes to the fore!

    Fin: I have some aftermarket decals I am thinking of using. I am leaning toward VVS markings. Greg
  15. Greg in OK

    A BIG Typhoon coming

    Pleased with the way the engine is going together... But I need to remember that not much will show when assembled. Greg in OK