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  1. Hello. I have some photos to post but I do not use any of these photo sharing sites. So how can I share what I have been working on?
  2. Hi Chris . I am in Gatineau QC next to the pace tower. Thanks to all who have said hello. Bill Sn3
  3. Hi busnproplinerfan good to meet you. BillSn3
  4. Hi Dennis. You can see my layout on YouTube go to CNLVN and there are about 60 videos of my layout Chris gets a little carried away when he gets going. Bill Sn3
  5. Hello every one I came aboard not to long ago my name is Bill Scobie and I model in 1/72 scale mostly Canadian and German aircraft also model aircraft of interest. The other side of me is there is a rather large model rail road in my basement. I model the RIO GRANDE SOUTHERN RR in the warm weather of 1940. The scale of the layout is Sn3 or 3/16 to the inch. That's about back to the shop have some tank cars to finish before the next aircraft model. Bill Sn3 '
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