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  1. I'm not an expert so ..... a Mossie question!

    Verlinden's 1/48 Sea Mosquito conversion set has 4-bladed propellers, maybe you can find that.
  2. Added question. I've been looking into what kind of exhausts might have been fitted. Tamiya suggests the ducted saxophone type in connection to the flame dampening shrouds in the instructions of their 1/32 FB.VI kit. The 5-stack fishtail is suggested for the version without the flame dampeners. I've been doing some googling and I've found out that in the spring of 1943 there was some experimentation with different exhaust types - the fish tail providing more of a boost than the ducted saxophone type and the latter was eventually phased out. Given that DZ386 was flying at night I'm fairly certain about the flame dampening shrouds being fitted, but what would have been underneath? Would 139 squadron still be flying with the ducted saxophone type, or might they have been fitted with the 5-stack fishtails by this stage?
  3. Thanks! Well, yes, I'm making this sacrifice for the greater good so to bring about the arrival of Tamiya's 1/32 bomber version
  4. thanks buddy! I've been enjoying your updates on the Manchester!
  5. well, it fits. The Tamiya wing fits the HK/Tamiya fuselage hybrid not like Tamiya, but more like a kit with mediocre fit. That's to say, really not bad. On the top there were some gaps, but I could fill them with some Mr Surfacer 500. Putting it together like this, with some parts just put in place for the photos is encouraging. The bomb bay was slightly more challenging. The Tamiya fuselage sides fit reasonably well, but I realized after installing them that the bomb racks (two from the one Tamiya kit, and one set cannabalized from another Tamiya kit -for a VI you only need one set and a kit comes with two) couldn't be installed. Fortunately the glue hadn't completely set so I broke the right one off temporarily, installed the three bomb racks, and put it back. There were some gaps where the Tamiya parts met the HK front fuselage and I resorted to using strip styrene as filler. I lost some of the surface detail in the process, but the sides do blend in with the nose now. Thanks for looking! Comments & feedback are always welcome of course. Next up the engine I guess.
  6. Mosquito Wheel Well Colours

    As far as I know both. The upper section (ceiling and the sides down to the level of the lower wing) is interior green. The lower section, the side walls of the actual nacelles, (below the level of the lower wing) is painted aluminium/silver. Bulkhead and firewall in the nacelle are painted silver too. Gear doors are painted silver on the inside.
  7. It's been a while since my last update. The next step, which focused mainly on assembling and painting things for the wing took more time than expected. I realised that normally I tend to think of an aircraft's wings as a bit of an after thought. If an airplane is a human body, the wings are like the arms and all the "interesting stuff" is in the main body. With how Tamiya conceived of their kit the wings are an integral part of the fuselage (like the real thing) but that does mean that a bit more effort than usual is required. The only thing involved with the kit bash into a mk IV in this stage was adding the HK models fuel tanks to the Tamiya mid wing section. This was considerably easier than I thought. I also added some details from the Profimodeller set. To be honest, I'm not happy with that (it really makes me appreciate Eduard). As with the interior set, parts indicated in the instructions are simply not there. I only recommend it if you build a Mosquito with the enlarged bomb bay doors - not for the regular version since especially the bomb racks are a disappointment. I haven't added them yet but I'll be using the leftover parts of the Tamiya VI kit. Radios from Tamiya with kit decals. Some parts of this section needed modifications before they would fit the HK models fuselage since the plastic of that kit is much thicker. For example, the part with the control rods was trimmed on either side. I will be exposing the right engine, so I spent some time weathering the firewall. The inside of the HK Models canopy frame with Tamiya and Profimodeller details: I went ahead and started painting the interior of the nacelles with AK Interactive's White Aluminium. Propellers and spinners. Very satisfying to paint some Ocean Grey! Landing gear main components: Landing gear doors: And finally, the tail planes: Next step: attaching the wing to the hybrid fuselage. Will it fit? Thanks for looking!

    The III kit comes with the late, round wing tips appropriate for late IIIs and other later marks as well as the earlier square tips, associated more commonly with Merlin engined variants and early IIIs. The III kit indeed only comes with the Hercules radial engines; the V had Merlins. The defining feature of the V is the undercarriage - in other respects it’s like a II (with all nose/propeller/tail variances too occuring with the sub type. I think that the III kit also includes the clear tollerton nose which wasn’t fitted ho Hetcules powered variants but the part isn’t included in the earlier I/II boxing strangely enough.
  9. the existence of this kit means that a 1/32 Lancaster doesn't seem unreasonable in comparison. which is problematic.
  10. Revell 1/32 Spitfire. Is it a MKIIa or closer to a MKVa?

    You might want to check the front windscreen which is certainly appropriate for a I or II but maybe not for a V
  11. I am working in memory and archives of 514 Squadron.

    So I am interested in any information and photo regarding this crew of Williams J.K.

    In your above thread, the links to the pictures of DS824 and the crew members are dead.

    Please, can you reactivate  the links or send me the pictures at:


    Thank you

    Roger Guernon


    1. elger


      I will send them to you in a zip file via wetransfer tomorrow!

  12. New airfix 1/48 Mustang,

    here's a preview on Hyperscale http://www.network54.com/Forum/578046/message/1508883825/New+Tool+1-48+P-51D+first+look
  13. What Stashed Aircraft Should I Work On?

    if you didn't have either, which one would you prefer to discover as a present under a christmas tree?
  14. Bf110E

    Very nice! the fact that poor fitting nacelles are mentioned makes me think it's the 1/48 Eduard