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  1. Interlude, adding some figures. They are from ICM and Verlinden Primed Painted with Vallejo and Games Workshop for the metallic bits. I've given them a clear coat and after this I will add hopefully a subtle wash of oil paint, after which I will finish them with a coat of clear flat. Thanks for looking!
  2. I would love to build a 1/48 Hampden but this kit is the stuff of nightmares. You're a brave man!
  3. this is great news. maybe even a Stirling next?
  4. Actually, I really quite like the colours now as they're turning out - I like the boldness. So I personally don't think there's a need to tone down the 76. It looks like the decals on top of the wing are silvering (due to air trapped underneath). Maybe try some setting solution (Microscale Sol for example) on them in combination with -carefully- making a few cuts with a sharp scalpel blade to allow the setting solution to flow underneath. You could also try a soft towel made damp with hot water and carefully try to press out the air trapped underneath. Or, carefully mask the black and repaint the inside of crosses but be careful not to rip off the decal as you remove the masking tape. Looking good!!
  5. I think this video was also linked in the discussion on Hyperscale but if you haven't seen it it's worth watching: ditching a B-24. Really illustrates what a violent process it is
  6. I finished the engines and the nacelles today. I want to expose one engine, so I added some extra detail. My idea originally was to fit the Eduard Brassin DB601 engine, but it didn't quite fit so instead I added the resin front bit and the resin rear bit to the ICM main engine block. Painted, decaled and assembled: Eduard PE used to improve the landing gear bays: side by side: Thanks for looking! Comments & feedback welcome!
  7. I made this picture for myself a few years ago to remind me not to try Vallejo Air anymore. I tried it but I couldn't get it to work. In my experience it's just that paint that sucks, and it might not have anything to do with the quality of the airbrush. Had much more success thinning regular Vallejo with plain alcohol (70% or 96% works fine). Don't thin Vallejo Air with alcohol though - it'll become lumpy. It's been years since I built the kit but I don't recall having any problems with the undercarriage. My model is almost 20 years old and as far as I know the legs are still fine (wheels have broken off but that's because it having moved houses a few times in those years - it's living in a box in the attic now). Here it is when I just finished it: http://www.hyperscale.com/galleries/2001/bf110g4ea_1.htm
  8. hmm if anything the RLM76 looks a bit too blue. But I think that once you put decals on, give it an overall clear coat and then use a pin wash on the panel lines & finishing it with a nice semi gloss or flat coat blending it all together it'll look fine. This is one my favourite kits by the way, always happy to see one built
  9. At this point in the photos the grey looks too light compared to the green but that might just be because of a ) the colour balance in the photos or b ) the lack of contrast with the yet to be applied colour underneath and probably especially the lack of markings. I think that if you manage to tone down the green a bit (not too much) it'll look fine in the end.
  10. I love everything about this. Great job!
  11. my best guess is that it would be similar to the mk VI and other pressurized variants. The VI's setup was discussed here: if this is correct, it would mean that there are indeed holes in the bulkhead that the wires would have gone through.
  12. that's how it's done
  13. Thanks for the comments Making progress. I'm deviating slightly from the suggested build sequence and attaching the upper wing first to the fuselage. I've added some tabs to the fuselage so that the lower wing halves can rest on them, giving a bit more support. I'm also adding Eduard flaps: Meanwhile, I've also stated work on the nacelles. as always thanks for looking!
  14. I've started and made some progress with Revell's reboxing of the ICM 1/48 Dornier 215 night fighter kit. I've added parts of the Eduard detail set. I painted over the RLM66 parts to make them blend in with the rest of the cockpit parts better. I also added 4 compressed air bottles to the nose. These are spares from an Eduard 110. The compressed air bottles can be seen in a cockpit photo of a 217 night fighter, so I'm not sure they were fitted to a 215 as well. The radios (left) are also from the Eduard 110 - these are much more detailed than what's offered in the ICM kit. I also replaced the ICM machine gun cartridges by spare Eduard items because the ICM parts look overscale. Left and right fuselage halves. The detail provided by the kit is somewhat sparse, and I actually found it a bit difficult to find the correct location for some of the components. Maybe I got spoiled by the engineering of the recent Airfix kits I've finished before this one. The fuselage put together. I've used the Vector resin corrected tail. Thanks for looking!
  15. generic and genericized trademarks are also interesting - when a brand name becomes synonymous with the product like aspirin for example. Jeep is actually somewhat contested: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_generic_and_genericized_trademarks