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  1. Airfix PR IV kit bash

    The Eduard IX wing is not a terrible fit actually. Not perfect, but not bad at all. You'd have to find some way to replace the oil cooler though.
  2. Dear all, The last few months I've been working on Revell's boxing of ICM's Dornier 215 night fighter. Added figures and vehicles and photographed it on a base from Noy's Miniatures. The interior was improved with Eduard PE. The engine is part OOB, enhanced with resin and bits from the spares box. The aircraft was first primed with black Mr Surfacer 1500 and then finished with a mix of Tamiya paints. I used Ralph Riese's mix: a 50:25:25 mix of Tamiya acrylic X-1 Gloss Black; XF-8 Flat Blue, and XF-63 German Grey. After a coat of clear I used a dark grey enamel wash to highlight the panel lines. I used a grey water colour pencil to add paint chips on the surface. Work in progress here: As always, thanks for looking and comments & feedback is welcome. Elger
  3. And it's done! Proper photos will be in RFI soon. Thanks for looking and the support throughout the build!
  4. I couldn't believe my ears

    't is an outrage!
  5. After a quick vacation back to the main event. Managed to paint the aircraft and add decals in 2 days. Next step: finishing.
  6. 515 Squadron Mosquito D-day stripes

    that link doesn't work
  7. That's how it's done!
  8. 515 Squadron Mosquito D-day stripes

    thanks for the suggestion!
  9. 515 Squadron Mosquito D-day stripes

    thank you all! most helpful. lovely how the muddy waters eventually become clearer
  10. Dear all, I'm doing some preliminary research for a potential future project. I'm interested in a Mosquito FB.VI of 515 squadron at the end of June 1944. With no photo of the actual aircraft I'm interested in (let alone at the specific time that I'm focusing on) the big question for me at the moment are the invasion stripes. I'm trying to figure out what configuration of stripes this aircraft might have had around June 20th, 1944: full stripes, only underwing and lower fuselage, or no stripes at all. A google image search revealed that 515 Squadron Mosquitoes did carry invasion stripes on the lower fuselage in the summer and autumn of 1944. However, would anyone care to shed some light on a.) whether full invasion stripes were carried as of June 6th by this intruder/electronic counter measures squadron and b.) by which date in June full stripes (if they were carried) might have been removed so that only the stripes on the lower fuselage remained. C.), for bonus points, if a Mosquito in the summer of 1944 is seen with lower fuselage stripes, is it also likely that there are stripes remaining underneath the wing? Photos I find with google are rather inconclusive about this matter... - Elger
  11. thank you! I try to learn as much as possible from people on this forum and in other places.
  12. adding some vehicles - an Opel Blitz fuel truck (Tamiya with SBS conversion set and some Italeri bits) And a staff car (Tamiya) Thanks for looking!
  13. Airfix PR IV kit bash

    They don't fit - kitbashing will be hard. You're probably better off filling in the necessary panels of the A or B wing that comes with the mk I or V kit, respectively, converting it to a bowser wing. Pavla has a PR conversion set with some resin in 1/48 including a vacuum canopy which will be much more useful.
  14. Revell Lancaster MkIII

    One really nice thing about the Revell kit is its fine surface detail. It might not be 100% accurate but that's the one way I would say it's in fact better than Airfix (I'm not a fan of the quite heavy surface detail of the Airfix kit).