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  1. Tornado Gr1

    Hi is it possible to build a raf tornado gr1 From Revell 48 scale Tornado Ids?
  2. Harrier with Shrike

    I didn't know they flew with it
  3. Absolutely stunning looking finish. Can't say it's one I've seen before but love it
  4. 617 tornado

    Thanks ordered
  5. Any news RE 1/72 Buccaneer?
  6. 617 tornado

    Does anyone know if the 617Sqn 70th anniversary decals are available in 1/48th scale?
  7. Airfix

    With the release of the rn phantom and a future raf one on the way from airfix, I asked if they had plans for new tool Buccaneer the reply was Dear Sir Thank you for your email. We do not have any current plans for the Blackburn Buccaneer, however I will be happy to pass this on as a suggestion to the Airfix Marketing and Development team, they do appreciate all suggestions and take these on board when planning future ranges. Kind Regards,
  8. Tornado Gr4

    Cheers guys ended up ordering one
  9. 72 scale He 111

    As title says which Is the best 1/72 scale He-111 at the moment?
  10. Tornado Gr4

    I have Revell 48 scale Ids tornado what would I need to make an Raf Gr4 instead?
  11. Yet another Nimrod

    Very nice nimrod, shame about what happened to this mighty aircraft, well done
  12. Chelveston 1956 - 1962

    Beautiful finishes
  13. Off to Hannants

    Went there last August what a place, does have an effect on the wallet
  14. Any gamers

    Local authority but new social worker is hopeless
  15. Any gamers

    Hi as a non gamer, does anyone know how in easy steps, how to stop a child we foster adding people as online "friends" Just letting him play with certain people that we know are ok?