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  1. zkalos

    Best P-38 in 1/72?

    Italeri released the Academy kit ? https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2939
  2. Gunze H304 + gloss warnish or may be H52 + gloss warnish
  3. It never appeared to me, I'm ashamed of myself. Thank You for the correction. According to these, from the Fujimi kit we can do a correct early CH-53G (possibly with new composite rotor blades for late version), CH-53D Sea Stallion and RD-53D, but for example not an IAF CH-53 Yasur or HH-53C Jolly Green Giant without a little rotorhead surgical intervention . Thanks tonywood !
  4. Hi I think no correct early 1/72 F-86E in the market until now. I have the same problem too. I purchased Academy F-86E, and I will build from it an Avon Sabre 6 too for the same reason .
  5. Hi As I know, RD-53 has foldable rotor head because of the carrier ops, CH-53 has fixed rotor head . Therefore You need carefully remove the folding mechanism from each blades. All Fujimi's **-53* kits has foldable rotors . For CH-53G You are better off with old Airfix kit which is still the best CH-53 kit in the market now.
  6. https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/new-for-2019/blackburn-buccaneer-s-mk-2-rn-1-72.html Preorder is available for the price of the new Phantom . TanModel Buccaneer delayed ... http://www.aeroscale.co.uk/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=30879&mode=thread&order=0 This year may a happy year for the Buc funs. 
  7. I just see it now ! NH-90 upgrade set ? What will it contain? This is very interesting for me for this neglected type.
  8. Thank You for Your answer Dmitry. From now I will collect my money for them. Oh my poor wallet ! Just do not see my wife !
  9. Hi Dimitry ! I know this is not part of this topic, but I do not know where to write my wishes for You. I have almost all of Your 1/72 wheel product with my full satisfaction , I'm sad to see you did not do wheels for the early Tomcat A yet, only for late A, B and D models. For Hasegawa Early F-14A kit would be very important update I think. Please finish the F-14 wheel series in 1/72 scale and You can be sure I will pay it. And it would be nice a correct F-16 early Block40 (for Japan F-2A/B too), Skyhawk, Voodoo series, F/FB/EF-111 series, Alpha Jet, Bae Hawk series, and A-3/
  10. The whole RV is way off ! Too fat the whole fuselage by 1-2 mmm, because this made from old Fujimi kits. The canopy total wrong in shape too and the horizontal stabilizer not correct in shape. I totally dissapointed and sell RV quickly. The best bis in 1/72 is the Zvezda. The real bis (and Zvezda too) has a drooping "barrel" nose, not just shorted nose ring in real life. Therefore You can't make correct PFM from it if You care the PFM's correct shape. The spin wrong too for the PFM. Too much works needed for the conversion I think. But not impassible.
  11. The Academy nose is way off as I see. It's does not shaped well the short nosed Phantom "barrel" characteristics. At front of the windscreen it's missed the flattened area, and the whole nose has a gentle curved shape, not as sharply curved shape than the real nose profile of the short nosed Phantom. I checked it in several times comapared the finished Academy to real pictures and for my Hasegawa kits too. I do not care the rivets and small details if a kit has clearly visible wrong shape. Especially in this small scale, where the shape more important for me than any others. As You see, I w
  12. Hi Folks ! I bought a SUFA last month, and I checked the undercarriage too. I can say, that I suprased a lot, because Folks reported in different model-forums, that the undercarriage is not good for this type. I can say, that the main wheels are all good, the bulged door is present in the kit !!! (I watched this at angled light). The only downside is the nose wheel, which good for all modell, exept SUFA, because SUFA's wheel and fork is wider a bit because of the SUFA larger wheight. The little bulge in the intake channel is present too above the nose wheel bay due to space requirements for
  13. Hi Jens, Which FS number and Gunze colour are the Oxford blue ? Gunze H328 FS15050 Blue Angels blue good enough for this colour ? HobbyBoss recommended this colour for Danish Lynx Mk.90. Thank You !
  14. Hi Giorgio! Wait for Eduard 1/72 MiG-21 family (begins the releases in this year). As I know, the first release will be the mf, as was in 1/48 scale too (some release order). The RV mf and smt series worse, then this new bis. The nose contour in the bis is a little better, than mf and smt series, but not good enough. Your idea is not worth it, I think. Wait an Eduard mf and be a little patient But I think, that the new Eduard bis's nose shape not will be different than mf, as it happened in 1/48 scale. This would be too expensive for Eduard for this "little difference"
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