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  1. 1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Steve, You are right, I check and only see one side having the actuator, look like it is really having one up & one down, thanks for pointing that out to me. to be reverse back later.
  2. 1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Rabbit Leader, Thanks for the tips, it will be consider when I address it later.. Anyway, The horizontal stabilizers are identically molded, that's mean the actuator will be facing the same side when assembled, So I cut out one of it and make one with epoxy putty.. now both will face downward with assemble. Also added metal pin for strengthening the joint later.
  3. 1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Robert, Yup that's the plan, I will address the wing joint issue after I attached the nacelle to wing,.. And then the bloody canopy don't fit, I will remove some materials from where the windscreen sit and may be add some shims too..to be addressed later.
  4. 1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Hey Guys, Progress... Assembled the fuselage, the resin gun ports fit batter than expected, also spent shell ejector ports are being drilled out. Nacelles not too much of an issue. The wing is butt jointed , so I added the plastic strips as an anchor for the join, I hope this will work The resin radiator is too narrow, so I added a strip of plastic shim, and wing will be assemble next.. More later..
  5. 1/72 Italeri Harrier GR3

    Hi Guys, Finally this is done.. thanks for viewing..cheers.. 1/72 Italeri Harrier Gr3 , Falkland War
  6. 1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Thanks Aidy, talk to you later.. SoftScience, thanks,Will look it up in UAMF.. and some progress, every single parts of this kit need clean up of flashes and the thick sprue runner.. Painted the cockpit dark grey. and remove the plastic below cockpit to make way for resin gun ports later.
  7. 1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Guys, Thanks for the interest, I have a test build with the fuel tanks, this is not gonna be an easy build, first of all there is no locating pins to aid the assemble, and flashes are on the mating surface that need to be clean, Joint is not pretty, putty is needed .. More to come...
  8. 1/72 Italeri Harrier GR3

    Thanks Mate... And after a matt coat, added stores.. gonna paint the formation lights later.. should be done soon.. cheers..
  9. 1/72 Italeri Harrier GR3

    Thangks Guys, And Future coat , decal done, the kit's decal is very thick and hard and tend to silver.. next a layer of matt to remove the shine..
  10. Hi, I will be starting this one, 1/72 Special Hobby Hornet F3 with kit's marking for N0.33 Sqn , RAF Butterworth (now RMAF Butterworth, near to where I stay) , Malaya. this is the first time I'm building a short run multi media kit, hopefully I will have all the Mojos to finnish this one.
  11. Airfix Brewster Buffalo, 453 Sq.

    Lovely Choice, looking forward for this one..
  12. 1/72 Italeri Harrier GR3

    Thanks guys, And finally started the painting..the green is too glossy, a coat of Future will even this and also prepare the surface for decal . Decaling will be next with kit's Falkland marking.
  13. SHAR - the Harrier at sea

    Wow Col. all those detail just make your Harrier came alive...nice work mate..
  14. Hi Please clarify, Any RAF squadron served in my country Malaya will be accepted for this GB right?
  15. 1/72 Italeri Harrier GR3

    Hi Col. I will need to pick up a tips or 2 from you later on your canopy remedy ...:) btw, I join the major parts, there are some seam lines that need to be putty. Harrier_03