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  1. Ok Mates, good to know that, I will chose another subject.. thanks..
  2. Hi There, I would like to join with an 1/72 Airfix Javelin , please let me know this is OK .. thanks.
  3. masterqq

    1/72 special hobby ajeet

    Very impressive indeed.. love it..
  4. masterqq

    1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Thanks Chaps... Still pending Special Hobby to send me the replacement canopy ..:)
  5. 1/72 Special Hobby DH Hornet F3 N0.33 Squadron, RAF Butterworth Ops FireDog, Malayan Emergency.
  6. masterqq

    1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Hi .. This is consider done for now until I acquire the replacement canopy. 1/72 Special Hobby DH Hornet F3 N0.33 Squadron, RAF Butterworth Ops FireDog, Malayan Emergency.
  7. masterqq

    1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Hi Guys, Finally have time to update after voted out our corrupt government last Wednesday .. The kit's rocket rails are undersize and look horrible, I replaced them with the extra one from Tamiya Mosquito kit.. Decaling is done..and spray on a layer of matt coat too. But , I discover some crack lines on canopy after removing the mask, and there are some foreign objects in the cockpit, I have no idea how they get in there and no way of getting them out without doing further damage to canopy, I had sent a request for replacement canopy to Special Hobby, I hope they will response to me. Otherwise , this kit is consider done.. more photo later..
  8. masterqq

    1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Thanks guys... and started the painting process with Blue tac to aid the camo pattern masking. Top Camo done, Dark Green, Dark Sea Grey..next PRU blue on belly . and I found that the kit's roundels have this red ring on it, I think it is out of register, I am looking for replacement roundels..
  9. masterqq

    1/72 DH Hornet F3

    THanks Guys, Softsciene, it is fun to overcome the issue one by be..:) and more progress.. improved the canopy fitting 1, Remove material at "dashboard" for windscreen to fit 2, putty the area indicated 3, add chamfer to inner edge of canopy frame.. the wing tip lights sanded to shape, Replaced the actuator at port's tail stabilizer. Plastic shims added to wing root to address wing dihedral issue. Putty needed on wing root and sanded smooth..painting nezt..
  10. masterqq

    1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Hi ... I wanted to replace the wing tip formation light with clear part, so I sawed off the kit part and add a chunk of clear plastic from the canopy spure, this will be sanded to shape later.. hope this will work..
  11. masterqq

    1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Steve, You are right, I check and only see one side having the actuator, look like it is really having one up & one down, thanks for pointing that out to me. to be reverse back later.
  12. masterqq

    1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Rabbit Leader, Thanks for the tips, it will be consider when I address it later.. Anyway, The horizontal stabilizers are identically molded, that's mean the actuator will be facing the same side when assembled, So I cut out one of it and make one with epoxy putty.. now both will face downward with assemble. Also added metal pin for strengthening the joint later.
  13. masterqq

    1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Robert, Yup that's the plan, I will address the wing joint issue after I attached the nacelle to wing,.. And then the bloody canopy don't fit, I will remove some materials from where the windscreen sit and may be add some shims too..to be addressed later.
  14. masterqq

    1/72 DH Hornet F3

    Hey Guys, Progress... Assembled the fuselage, the resin gun ports fit batter than expected, also spent shell ejector ports are being drilled out. Nacelles not too much of an issue. The wing is butt jointed , so I added the plastic strips as an anchor for the join, I hope this will work The resin radiator is too narrow, so I added a strip of plastic shim, and wing will be assemble next.. More later..
  15. masterqq

    1/72 Italeri Harrier GR3

    Hi Guys, Finally this is done.. thanks for viewing..cheers.. 1/72 Italeri Harrier Gr3 , Falkland War