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  1. Puma HC-3

    When the RAF ordered the Puma HC1 in the early 70’s, it bought the SA-330E model. Over the years the Puma has developed into the rapid deployment vehicle of choice, as well as the only troop transport able to operate into small jungle clearings whist carrying a worthwhile number of troops. When the RAF started to update the HC1 to HC2 with upgraded engines etc, they also looked closely at the use to which the aircraft were being put. It was realised that considerable time could be saved if the machines could come off the C17 more ‘ready to roll’ ( role J ) as well as minimising chances of tail rotor strikes in confined areas. As such they revisited the SA-330Z prototype, the only Puma till then to have had a Fenestron. Using a combination of the stored spare HC1’s as well as other 330E’s bought in, 103 Sqn, which disbanded on the Wessex in the mid 70’s, was re-formed on the Puma HC3. The aircraft carry much the same fit as the HC2, but have fenestron and folding main rotor with enhanced blades, as well as other subtle improvements from the original Z such as AS365 Dauphin style fin endplates. I don't normally do what if, and originally this was going to be the real 330Z, but having started it I couldn't resit doing it as an in service aircraft. The model is the standard Airfix HC1, with a scratch built back end, modified blades and other details.
  2. RAF Typhoon had a small mishap yesterday

    We're that low on aircraft, they probably needed it back for Q
  3. Top Gun film weapons

  4. AW159 Wildcat

    I'm thinking about starting a 1/72 conversion, but am stuck for decent drawings. The loss of pictures from threads on 'other sites' of similar conversions is galling, and the one in 1/48 on here petered out ( although the excellent thread up to the point it stopped is still intact with pictures )
  5. US Navy / Marines "Red" edging on undercarraige doors?

    Wonder if this guy could help ? Fascinating site, whatever http://aviationarchives.blogspot.co.uk/2013/08/qf-86-army-target-drones.html
  6. 1/72 Buccaneer...what's out there

    Airfix kit, Airwaves airbrake, Freighdog nose & tailplane, and a lot of scratch building - including the serials
  7. Oooh - RAF Oulton bird - added to must have list
  8. Lancastrian in Texas

    Having zoomed in, and looked at possible registrations, it looks like VH-EAS
  9. Red arrows Gnats retired to 2Sof TT cosford

    Funnily enough I had the same thought on 'my' aircraft, The Airfix JP 3 building at the moment will be an M serial from Halton, as it's the background machine to a course photo,
  10. Great looking Harrier, but not 2002 ! 41 still had Jags then
  11. Jaguar GR1 Cockpit Colours

    I always use a very dark grey. In reality, they were black
  12. Operational Lightning with NO belly tank?

    What was the saying ? 'The Lightnings are based at Binbrook, to defend Binbrook, which is where the Lightnings are based'
  13. Parents and stupid kid names

    Isn't it Iceland where they have 'approved' names - maybe not such a bad idea after all