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  1. I'd like them to bring out a new sprue to make HMS Belfast in her current form - wouldn't cost a lot and would be a steady seller surely ?
  2. Thanks for the comments folks - next up will be either the Wessex or the Gannet. At the moment the Gannet is winning, but the small decals are driving me crazy....
  3. The S1 is in the stash - another Airfix S2B and more resin bits AND - just checked the stash and the Sea Vixen has 2" pods in it. Best carry out a role change.....
  4. No - your memory is fine. It was a Buccaneer " Keith, if he bolts this time I think we'll send him to St Mawgan "
  5. There's more than one person building their way through the Ark's air wing.... Just finished this one - OK I'll never win any competitions, but I enjoyed it. Detail added to airbrake, undercarriage and bays, new tailplane, and custom made arrestor hook. I tied to depict it having just landed
  6. Found this quite interesting, although the comment at the end that 'some aircraft will be fitted with suction pads instead of wheels' made me smile
  7. Empty ones were sometimes removed by hand - don't try it with a full one like we did on detachment one year. With 4 of us we did slow it enough to stop it smashing, but we certainly couldn't have held it....
  8. Really good that - I always liked that scheme. Just one question - what's with the probe cover on the Fwd avionics bay door ?
  9. It's a Victor tail trestle 'cause someone forgot the nose weight..........
  10. A mate once tried demanding Knickers Blue PT WRAF - odd sort of chap. I made the mistake of putting a 99 instead of a 14 in the country block of a NATO number and got two very expensive bits of Tornado turn up - incredibly the first 4 and last 7 were identical - just the country code different !
  11. Plunge moulding - yep, cheap bit of ply and a pattern of the canopy shape. Hole in ply slightly bigger than canopy to allow for the clear sheet. Secure clear sheet, generously oversize around the hole - I just use drawing pins normally. Male former on a stick. Heat clear sheet ( mounted on the female ply former ) under the grill until it goes floppy - it'll tend to curl then flop. Remove from grill and quickly plunge male former into the hole to push the clear sheet into shape
  12. This thread has a useful pic of the flash pod
  13. That French tank looks welded - the RAF ones were moulded asbestos / phenolic with no visible seams
  14. We had off bore capability with the AIM9L. Even we had different tanks - fixed fin ( early ) or removable ( later ) If you used finned on the centreline the spent cases would hit them
  15. Yes - seen those but they are HAS3 or HU5 and the belly is different. Thanks