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  1. Funnily enough I had the same thought on 'my' aircraft, The Airfix JP 3 building at the moment will be an M serial from Halton, as it's the background machine to a course photo,
  2. Great looking Harrier, but not 2002 ! 41 still had Jags then
  3. I always use a very dark grey. In reality, they were black
  4. What was the saying ? 'The Lightnings are based at Binbrook, to defend Binbrook, which is where the Lightnings are based'
  5. Isn't it Iceland where they have 'approved' names - maybe not such a bad idea after all
  6. Hmmm - ask the Sgt if you can deliver beer to the SNCO's mess...... shouldn't think you had any objections ! Having spent many an hour as Guard Commander, it is surprising how people turn up with no ID at all, and get peeved when access is difficult or denied.
  7. No - take a look at this video - about 7 mins on you get some good views of the rear pressure bulkhead. No visible access panels
  8. Modelstrip - looks like grouting. Slap it on, put the model in a bag overnight, rinse it off.
  9. If they do re-kit the early one I'd love to see 'Vivacious Vera' - a story with a strong local connection
  10. Well the engine face is at the firewall that forms the back of the main u/c bay so they should not impact on each other at all
  11. I'd like them to bring out a new sprue to make HMS Belfast in her current form - wouldn't cost a lot and would be a steady seller surely ?
  12. Thanks for the comments folks - next up will be either the Wessex or the Gannet. At the moment the Gannet is winning, but the small decals are driving me crazy....
  13. The S1 is in the stash - another Airfix S2B and more resin bits AND - just checked the stash and the Sea Vixen has 2" pods in it. Best carry out a role change.....
  14. No - your memory is fine. It was a Buccaneer " Keith, if he bolts this time I think we'll send him to St Mawgan "