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  1. Well...… If you are new to helis and modelling, I'd seriously recommend a Hobbyboss kit - I've found they go together easily and are not too fiddly. The Hind I especially liked.
  2. I printed a full A4 sheet on decal paper - will do a few 1/72 models !
  3. Had to resort to 'proper' modelling to make my HAR10 - plasticard and body filler !
  4. Can't comment on the Japanese camo - but I added weight to mine under the cockpit floor and it sits fine
  5. Jupiter / 145 boom / fenestron is scratch built, but pretty accurate
  6. From when I did a few weeks on Hawks at Abingdon, I recall the towing attachment as a 'box' on the rear fuselage, port side ( I think ) Edit - Memory check c/o satis - look under the tailplane
  7. One fit that made me look twice one day was THREE fuel tanks
  8. Nice job ! I remember years ago when I was training at Halton, there was a chap at the open day selling literally 'half' models framed - just the Port or Stbd fuselage, mounted up, wings cropped etc - could get two for one with a jet that way !
  9. My initial response was 'if it's more than 15mins from Binbrook...... ' What was the phrase - ' The Lightnings are based at Binbrook to defend Binbrook, which is where the Lightnings are based'
  10. I found the Air Graphics bits very easy to use and they fitted well - only needed a skim of filler where the ‘sponsons’ fitted to the fuselage. The undercarriage was surprisingly robust. Decals are a mix of Modeldecal, homemade and Scout
  11. As an average modeller, I'm pretty pleased how this conversion came out. Built as HMS Phoebe's Wasp when featuring in the 1970's series 'Warship' Can't wait for some of the offerings coming up ....
  12. The new Airfix one built OK for me - did a bit of work to the cabin
  13. Yes - get in touch and you can have some
  14. Was the radome on these blue too, or black ?
  15. Thanks again2mR57qP.jpg

    1. BritJet


      No problem, only took a few minutes to find the kit in the stash. Looks really good, you've done a great job on it.  I'll have to get round to building mine at some point!


      All the best



  16. Oops - spotted and relocated the intakes - can't believe I missed the endplates ! They'll be coming off then
  17. No - they are all 1/72. The helicopter stash has various Huey, Hawks UH/SH60, CH54, 53, HH3, NH90s, few more MILs, Whirlwinds, more Pumas, various older ones like Dragonfly, 47, H4, H-43, Sycamore, Belvedere, lots of Lynx. Sure I've missed some there ! Would dearly love AW139, S92 & H175
  18. It's the office, in a hangar. There's a real egg beater about 15 feet away ( from the blade tip anyhow ) hence the theme !
  19. Having just taken a photo of a Wessex for another thread, thought I'd put one up of the current office display shelf. Just started on an H-21.....
  20. Dear Mr Airfix - I'm very cross at this latest release. Having spent considerable time and effort updating and correcting the previous Buccaneer, with much scratch building and home made decals, you do this to me, forcing me to immediately rush out, spend more cash, and consign the previous effort to some dusty shelf. Please don't do it again with my Wessex ( for at least 6 months.... )
  21. Tidy effort that, but I'd query the role fit
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