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  1. Behind the Mil are an AH-1, AH-64 & OH-1 Ninja. Have MANY more in the stash including all those listed ( and another set of shelves ! ) The only obvious one I've not yet got ( because of the price mainly ) is a Mil-12
  2. One (counting how many times I knock that tailplane off ) It really IS just held by the two struts and doesn't touch the pylon
  3. Mine's on the shelf of doom - you may just be encouraging a re-start after I finish the Mojave.
  4. Quick dust of colour to show any areas needing more attention
  5. They were all done yesterday - quick dunk in a bowl of water with a bit of aircraft wash in it !
  6. Can't enter pre-built, but thought you may appreciate an updated view of the shelves in my office ( currently sitting about 12 feet from a real helicopter ! ) Put the paper down or those on the bottom disappeared
  7. She's been a bit neglected with work on my Mojave, but almost there now. Just pitots, hoist hook and a few final details to add And a comparison shot
  8. Big bits glued ! Sat next to my now backburner HH-3 for comparison. Flight-deck can slot in later - saves getting it dust covered during the filling and sanding !
  9. Almost enough 'spoof' detail to look the part
  10. Looking into it, I rather like the nose closed as the lowered ramp and open doors detract from the overall look of the aircraft. So... I'll just need to detail what is visible through the door. Start duly made
  11. Forgive me for I have strayed from the path of OOB.... The kit offers the option of cutting out the cargo door, so that'll mean a floor, frames, seats...…….. what have I started !
  12. Assembled the sponsons / engine pods last night. I'd thought long and hard about whether I should attempt to open these up with engines and 'proper' mesh, but couldn't get enough info, so as I said at the beginning have gone for OOB. These brought home to me the limited run nature of the kit.....
  13. OK - most of my model making takes place as whiling away hours in the office / hangar waiting for my daughter to finish at her various after school clubs. So, in tonight's window I've made a start on the cockpit, and removed these rather prominent ejector marks from the fuselage interior. Office monster has already eaten one collective so had to fashion a replacement !
  14. OK - been away for a while, so back doing a bit. I've refitted the winch that I made and knocked off earlier, and made a bifilar for the rotor hub. Don't think I've ever seen one in a kit - this is a bit of the Revell hub and sprue on the Airfix rotor set
  15. Well back from holiday so I'll pitch in as promised with this bug eyed monster. Will be OOB
  16. JagRigger

    Airfix 2021...

    I've said before, including to Airfix, and I'll say it again - a boxed twin starter set of the Grob Tutor & Viking. Bulk discounts to Cadet Sqn's & flying units to sell on. Hook 'em young - they're the future.
  17. Very nice - am I the only one who now has 'headlong' by Queen going round in his head ?
  18. If I can find the one in the garage..... Found it - 15mm wide stripes BTW. MB Mk9B
  19. If I finish my Apache commission build, I'll play..... Anyone doing a Mojave ?
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