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  1. I remember that in 85. Bet it got binned....
  2. Saw this in the hangar at Boscombe back in the 90's when i was down on a Jaguar upgrade visit. You have done a great job capturing the look of the real aircraft.
  3. Only seems like yesterday I was stood on the flighdeck of a 'new' C130J cruising up the Med.... they are still young compared to the legacy K's they replaced....
  4. Nice idea - wish I'd pinched more bits when I had the chance
  5. Great job ! However, with the exception of the bomb bay it makes me realise how well I did with re-scribing the old one
  6. I built the F1 before Airfix released their injection moulded one. It'll either be in the Coltishall or City of Norwich museum now - was a part of the RAF Coltishall history collection before we closed and things got dispersed. From recollection it went pretty well, but I'd cut my teeth on a few Dynavector kits by then.
  7. Been checking the 41 Sqn members site photos - yes 9Ls over wing with both pod or bombs on CL
  8. I could do my MI-26 and use it as office air conditioning.....
  9. Right behind the cockpit - used as little Matchbox as possible
  10. Did exactly that - I had an old resin FA2 radome, the Matchbox Hawk 200 and an Airfix back end
  11. Tidy effort that - and I'm hyper critical of any Jaguar models. I've flown in that one too
  12. Sure we had one 'clear aircraft' on takeoff at Colt once - Hautbois end
  13. I started this at least 15 years ago, probably closer to 20. Got as far as starting re-scribing and gave up. Lockdown stash sorting and it re-surfaced. OOB othe than the rescribing and a certain decal.
  14. Very rarely I saw one with three tanks fitted, but I did a couple of times
  15. Goose ? Had to BDR one of our wingtips on Maple Flag
  16. I'll second biplanes - get into rigging and it's a lot of fun for not a lot of outlay
  17. Just taken delivery of a CMR Gamecock as I couldn't find an Aeroclub one ( then one popped up on e-bay the day it arrived ! ) Hope it looks as good as yours Just completing the Aeroclub Gauntlet ( sorry Keith ) and Airfix Gladiator
  18. https://www.flickr.com/photos/redripper24/9197931142/
  19. Could always print your own https://rclibrary.co.uk/title_details.asp?ID=1755 This site is great for lots of things
  20. I built the Dynavector one back in the day - it should still be either in Norwich Air Museum or the RAF Coltishall one. Memories of fitting each vortex generator individually into a small hole I'd drilled
  21. I suppose if both fold you may get away with it. If only one............
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