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  1. Hobbycraft HC1433 A-4B Skyhawk

    That´s a really exhaustive investigation, I´ll bookmark the link for future reference.
  2. Hobbycraft HC1433 A-4B Skyhawk

    @FAAMAN it´s the Hobbycraft kit in 1:48. I had a struggle with the colours, I tried following Airfix´s colour guide, but I thought the model would end up looking like a Spitfire, so after sleeping on it for some time, I decided to use RLM 70/81/65, because it looked good to my eyes. The glossiness is because of the matt varnish. The A-4s lined up on this LINK look similar in colour to mine but faded, so let´s assume this was a freshly painted example I literally had no idea about the colour of the slats (the flaps are painted in the fuselage colour), I just used RLM 02 because I didn´t want to buy red paint just for that detail. Another clue is that it doesn´t have the colours of 1986.
  3. Hobbycraft HC1433 A-4B Skyhawk

    @exdraken I´m not really sure, online photos show what looks like a MK 82 bomb, but the Hobbycraft one seems to be a MK 81.
  4. Here are some photos of what I consider the joy of my current collection, Hobbycraft´s A-4B Skyhawk. This is my only post-WW2 jet. It was an easy build, I almost ruin it because I trimmed the nose landing gear, not thinking about the nose up stand the aircraft should have. I also managed to lose the pitot tube while handling it, so I replaced it with a bent staple glued with CA. The model was brushpainted with Revell colours 46, 40 and 65.
  5. @Corsairfoxfouruncle thanks, but losing them made me think everything over and decide to only build in 1:48, instead of having many scales and many aircraft.
  6. JU87G-2 Stuka

    @Shelliecool did you write to Academy for spare parts?
  7. These three models were built when I was younger (15-17 I think), then they were thrown into the garbage because a shelf fell above them and broke them, without a repair chance. The Fw 190A-8 was specially fragile because I had swapped, once glued, its early style wheels for the late ones of Hasegawa´s newly tooled Fw 190A-5. Revell´s 1:32 Junkers Ju 88A-1. At this time I wasn´t too sure how to sand the paint ridges, so the aircraft was decaled over them. I used Scale Aircraft Conversion´s metal landing gear for this one. Hasegawa´s old tool 1:32 Focke Wulf Fw 190A. This was the first aircraft I tried to seriously mottle. It was also painted using bluetac as a guide for the camouflage. Academy has the same colour scheme on its 1:72 Fw 190A-8. Hasegawa´s 1:32 Me 163. The photos were uploaded to the "1:32" contest in Modeling Madness, you can find them here: https://modelingmadness.com/contests/1-32/1-32pix.htm I´ll try to find the photos of my old models, they´re scattered throughout many other websites.
  8. Your wife did the right thing in convincing you to keep it, you managad to end up with a wonderful model.
  9. I really like your model, do the propellers spin? I built the Airfix boxing of Special Hobby when I was younger, painted it with Revell Aqua Pale Stone and RAF Dark Green with Light Blue. Now I´m older and waiting for Kinetic´s release in 1:48. I should also get their Mirage IIIEA and Super Etendard.
  10. Opinions on Airfix´s 1:48 Bf 109E-1/3/4

    Sorry for not answering before, I always arrive home too tired to open my PC and check my social media. Judging by everyone´s opinions, I´ll give the Airfix kit a try, I have five Fw 190s and only one Bf 109. That´s the sole reason I´ll be buying it, I´ve always wanted to build Galland´s plane.
  11. Opinions on Airfix´s 1:48 Bf 109E-1/3/4

    @VMA131Marine thanks for the links, but I was focusing more on people´s personal experiences with the kit.
  12. Opinions on Airfix´s 1:48 Bf 109E-1/3/4

    Someone offered me this kit as an alternative to the more expensive Hasegawa 109E with a Galland resin body, so I wanted to know your opinions about it regarding the type of plastic, the quality of the decals, fit, and particularly the size of the sprue gates (if you had any troubles removing the parts from the sprues). Any comment is appreciated.
  13. Achtung Anfanger!!! 1/48 Bf109E-4B

    It´s looking great!
  14. In my effort to build the kits with as little changes as possible/effort, I´ve decided to build the A-6 as Gerhard Vivroux´s aircraft, because it doesn´t need any modifications for the lateral armour plating (White 20 was in fact an A-7 and White 1 needs to have a panel line added to the armour plating). The Fw 190A-8 will be built as the tiger striped mount of Ernst Schröder following Tamiya´s painting instructions. And last but not least, the Me 262 will be built as White 19 from Kommand Nowotny, Achmer, 1944. I´ll guide myself from a couple of black and white photos and some colour profiles found on the internet. The Me 262 will be built first because of its simplicity and smaller size, perfect for a 4-day holiday. It´ll also serve as a test bed for my seam filling and weight to use (when I added weights the first two times the plastic melted, totally my fault).
  15. Fw190 A-5, 10/ NJG 3

    I like your colour scheme, I had the idea of buying Owl Decal´s sheet with this aircraft to finish my own Fw 190A-5.