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  1. Due to unsolved territorial conflicts and a weapons embargo. Also the lack of will of the politicians to buy new material.
  2. I can finally call this build completed. A few problems with the decals being brittle and breaking when sliding them into the model, but everything turned out ok in the end.
  3. Just the sliding canopy to add and then I'll be calling this build complete.
  4. Enough for me. The bombs make the Mustang look ugly, even though it was used in the ground attack role.
  5. Found this short video of Horbaczewski's Mustang Mk.III PK-G probably taxiing on an RAF airfield during the D-Day landings. It sports a full suit of D-Day ID bands on the rear fuselage and wings (with the fuselage ones being irregularly painted). The aircraft is also carrying two bombs under the wings. Does anyone know if this P-51 flown by Horbaczewski flew as a pure fighter (no bombs, just the external fuel tanks) over the skies of Normandy?
  6. Decals have been applied. They looked fine in the sheet, but were very brittle once I started applying them. I almost ruin the 13 and one of the crosses. Also, due to my carelessness, I sliced one of the walk lines in half, which I won't use, but annoying nonetheless.
  7. The 190 was taped to prevent the wings from drooping. The elevators were also taped before to obtain a 90° angle to the vertical stabilizer.
  8. Just glue the fuselage halves and the wingspars to the lower wing. I discovered later that the engine holder hadn't been glued straight, but I could pry it loose and reglue it correctly.
  9. More progress before going to bed. Here's the propeller. It was painted RLM 70 with a silver cooling fan. I'm also taking part on the "Brushes Only" Group Build on the Model Makers subreddit (on Reddit). The GB began this week and lasts until December of this year, so there's plenty of time to post there. The basics of that GB is to paint everything by brush (you can spray a primer though). You only need a Reddit account, join the subreddit (no waiting time), and begin posting. Hope to see you there! Here's also the cockpit and the fuselage halves. The cockpit doesn't have the best fit, it's a bit sloppy. I ended up epoxing the front part of the cockpit to the fuselage's front.
  10. I started the 190 yesterday by painting the cockpit parts. Here's the instrument panel and the side consoles with the decals added. I used Mr. Mark Softer to make them conform to the irregularitiesof the parts.
  11. Sprue tour. Not shown here is part C12, which came loose in the bag and was put inside the clear parts bag.
  12. After building Revell's 1:32 Me 262, I thought I'd start on this one. This Fw 190A-3 is the original new tool version that would spawn so many boxings by Hasegawa. The plan is to build it as Black 13 with the Eagle Head on the nose. Decals look great on the sheet. Hopefully they won't breal when placed in warm water. The Eagle Head will also be a test to try my Mr. Mark Softer. Here's a photo of the box.
  13. It was horrible indeed. I then discovered I could use the cannon barrel holder to force the nose up. Now onto greener pastures with better fit.
  14. We can't let a piece of plastic beat us. Thanks!
  15. After fighting this kit in the early build phase, I was able to complete it to a decen standard. The difficult areas were the engine nacelles and the wings to fuselage area. The first one was solved by applying CA to the gaps, and the latter by sanding the upper portion of the wheel wells until the wings fitted without gaps. Would I build another 1:32 Me 262 from Revell? Well, now that I know the poor areas of the kit, I'd definitely give a go to the original nightfighter B-1a/U1. If you want a better fitting kit, then the Trumpeter one is for you (and me too). The last photo has Galland's autobiography (left) and a book about his life in Argentina (right).
  16. After letting the glue dry overnight, the 262 is finally able to stand on its wheels. I also glued with white glue the clear parts. RFI photos now.
  17. Pictures are showing as broken links on my side. Could you try to re-upload them again?
  18. @exdraken great to see Unc² sent you the photos. The parts look great, especially the wheels. Here's my effort on one of the decal schemes but on the Kosmosur 3D model: I'm still not sure if I should get one in the future.
  19. The landing gear has been glued. I'll let them dry before gluing the wheels and gear doors. The clear parts have been painted too, meaning the end of this build is just around the corner.
  20. Just as a heads up, try using a decal softener (such as Microsol or Mr. Mark Softer) if the decal goes over prominent bumps. I used the first one on a Revell Spitfire IX, and the decal conformed very well to the lower wing's bumps. Though I'm sure you already know this. Another trick would be to paint the marking. Takes more time, but you won't have to deal with the drying time of the softener.
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