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  1. So, I'm just about ready for painting. I use an airbrush in my garage but the weather is so cold, I can't start it in case it affects the results. Single figure temperatures aren't great for spraying so I'll have to occupy myself with some minor tasks while I wait. I decided to complete and dry-fit the conning tower railings. The Revell method of attaching railings is quite different from the correct way. The difference is quite noticeable so I sanded off the lugs around the conning tower decks and prepared the new wire railings for final fitting which I prefer to do after painting. Picture sequence below. Revell lugs still in place ^ Sanded off and filled ^ Holes drilled and railings fitted per original ^ May as well prepare and dry-fit the main deck handrails too V I'll need to make 20+ little triangle supports to complete the job. 1st one fitted below centre pic. Painting next! hopefully this weekend. Andy.
  2. Thanks for the comments Guys. Lovely paintings Bob. I can see your heart's with aircraft. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the sub leaving the dry dock. Andy.
  3. I'm moving rapidly towards firing up the airbrush so I need to update you on the decking. I purchased the full PE decking sets on the strength of the pictures on the rcsubs.cz website. The pictures show all the PE parts (including the decking) in bare unpainted brass and look amazing. The quality of the received PE deck parts is superb but they are of coarse extremely flimsy being only 0.2mm thick brass sheet. The supplied instructions show how to construct some basic support bars and strips but in reality I would need to go much further and build a rather complex sub-frame if the PE deck were to be supported fully to my liking. I set about cutting out the numerous PE hatches and bits and bobs then meticulously sticking them to the PE deck. It began to dawn on me that I was basically producing a near replica of the original supplied Revell decking with little gain in fineness or detail. I hit the newly built PE deck, and the Revell supplied deck, with some primer so I could compare. I was a little disappointed to find that there was literally no discernible difference. Now don't get me wrong, the rcsubs PE decking is superb but unfortunately the plastic Revell supplied items are absolutely stunning and fit immaculately. For this reason, I will be sticking with the original Revell deck and save myself a lot of frustrating work. I have used some of the small PE deck detail but only where I perceive a significant gain in appearance. Below are two comparison pictures so you can judge for yourselves. You should be able to work out that the Revell deck is in the foreground on the first picture and in the background in the second picture. Please do let me know your opinions. Andy.
  4. Hi Marco, Any updates? Andy.
  5. Great news. Looking forward to that Scharnhorst. Keep up the good work. Andy.
  6. Aw thanks Bitzer. Incredible work. I can only imagine the effort required to make 1/700 scale look so big. I would be pleased with that kind of detail at 1/144 scale. Can't take my eyes off that seascape. Andy.
  7. 1/350 Resolution Class SSBN

    Nicely done Stuart. 1/350 is deceptively tough. Every blemish or missed seam shows up so much more as the critical eye scales the model. Looks perfect. Andy.
  8. I added the detail to the periscope. The brass oval part is from the PE set. The spiral affair around the pole is scratch built from 0.2mm copper wire. This represents a vortex breaking device which reduced vibration while operating at periscope depth. Incidentally, here's a picture of my decals from AMP. They represent U505's early emblems. Immaculate quality.
  9. On to the deck gun. The Type IX U-Boats were mostly fitted with a 105mm deck gun. It dwarfs the 88mm deck gun fitted to the Type VII U-Boats but nearly all deck guns were removed in the latter years of WW2. This was because it caused considerable drag when submerged, and, popping up to the surface to finish stricken ships off wasn't possible once U-Boat hunting technology was perfected. After seeing what was available, in aftermarket form, I had to have one regardless of whether it was appropriate to my build. I ordered it from RC Subs along with the rest of the photo etch parts. It's a very nice looking addition to the Type IX as the deck section forward of the conning tower is a little bare without it. The gun photo etch sheet is perfectly produced but if I'm honest, the brass barrel had quite a few turning marks in it and some of the plastic parts were 3D printed instead of the resin I was expecting. The 3D printed parts need lots of filling and sanding to get rid of all the little print ridges which would otherwise be very noticeable. It has to be filled as the 3D print material is very "Nylon like" and doesn't sand well. The form of some of the PE parts don't quite replicate the real gun's anatomy as well as the Eduard version but it still looks very impressive. If I did want to replace it, with a better version at a later date, it would be easily removed so......onward. Here's some pictures of the completed gun. Andy.
  10. Hi Lars, Thanks for the comments. You're absolutely right, they are seats and on my U96 build, I snipped them from the plastic railings, dressed them up and stuck them to my DIY wire railings. Picture below. I could do the same with this build but the supplied seats are way too thick. I could try thinning them but will probably remake them from 0.5mm polystyrene sheet. In any case, they certainly need to be fitted. Andy.
  11. That's exactly what I said to her. When compared with the mundane ornaments which would normally be on the mantle, it's in a different league. Who wants to talk about mundane ornaments? She still refuses to admit that its an improvement. Ah well, still a few months left before it has to go away for six. Thanks again for the great comments guys. Andy.
  12. Know exactly what you mean. It's tolerated for now and I have an agreement with a six month on, six month off deal. Trouble is, with U-Boat number two in production, things might get tense. Here's a pic of it on the mantle. As you can see, there is a bit of a maritime theme going on. Missus says the house is looking like a man cave. I need a study. Thanks for the comments guys. Andy.
  13. Thanks for the comments guys. Really appreciated. Andy.
  14. Cheers Tom. On to replacing those panel lines and rivets. While sanding the dodgy aft section hull join line, I lost some of the panel lines and a couple of hundred rivets. I'd already scaled down said lines and rivets so they only needed subtly re-creating. I reformed the panel lines with filler between strips of masking tape. The rivets were created with tiny dabs of PVA glue applied with the point of a nail. The pics below tell the story. ^ Masking tape in place. ^ Filler applied. ^ Sand it down and remove the masking tape. Happy with. Onto the rivets. ^ The little dabs of PVA replicate the other scaled down rivets pretty well. Nail used and a blob of PVA on a piece of masking tape close to hand . I'm getting close to permanently fixing the decks in place so i need to fit the M4 nuts that will receive the display mounting screws. I simply epoxy the nuts in place along with a small piece of plywood for stability. More soon. Andy.
  15. Thanks Guys, very kind. Andy.