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  1. Looks fantastic. What a great scale 1/200 is! Do the PE stair treads twist so they are flat when finished? Andy.
  2. Hi Bob, We could do with some U-Boat activity on here. Any updates? Andy.
  3. Stunning clean build. Museum quality. Well done. Andy.
  4. The epic-ness continues. 104 oars might push you to the brink of madness.
  5. Hi Calistan, Great work with this epic amount of PE. Your build looks beautiful. I completely agree with your earlier observations. I think some PE manufacturers are loosing the plot a little. Don't get me wrong, I love using PE and enjoy the additional detail it offers by way of fine parts. What I do find frustrating is that, sometimes, a large percentage of the PE pack consists of large replacement deck sheet parts and associated hatches which, when complete, actually offer negligible or no enhancement over the stock kit part. I have even had a couple of instances when a PE part was simply inferior to the stock kit part. Looks like you're on the home straight so hang in there. Andy.
  6. Very nice. Sharp paintwork. Well done, Andy.
  7. Hi Konrad, Any updates? Andy.
  8. Thanks very much guys. Thanks Paul, The propellers are sprayed with a blue/grey Vallejo mix then lightly dry brushed with Humbrol Gold enamel. I over did it with the gold so dulled it back again with a light dusting of Vallejo dark grey. The anchor is dark grey car primer, dry brushed with Vallejo Flat Earth. Cheers, Andy.
  9. Thanks Rob. The paints are nearly all Vallejo Model Air. I have a limited range of colours so spray test cards with different mixes, adjusting them to get them as I like. The deck is a 3:1:1 mix of 71.049, 71.057 and 70.983 (Model Colour) The upper hull and conning tower is a 4:3 mix of 71.001 and 71.050. The lower hull is a 4:1 mix of 71.049 and 71.001. I find mixing from what I have is a lot easier than trying to buy exactly the right colour. Thanks very much Kev. Andy.
  10. Thanks very much for the comments guys. I sometimes look at it wondering if I've weathered it at all. Guess I've gone a little "weathering blind" or, I just don't know when to stop. I'm glad of your reassurance that it looks about right. Cheers, Andy.
  11. LOL..................Ah well, it certainly looks good at a distance. Andy.
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