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  1. Excellent work. Love the colours. Weathering perfect especially at this scale. Andy.
  2. Good to see another U-Boat surfacing. Watching with interest. Andy.
  3. I always remake the railings out of appropriately sized brass or copper wire. Have a look at this page for details. Andy
  4. Nice one Roger. Looking forward to the rest of the build. Andy.
  5. Looks fantastic. What a great scale 1/200 is! Do the PE stair treads twist so they are flat when finished? Andy.
  6. Hi Bob, We could do with some U-Boat activity on here. Any updates? Andy.
  7. Stunning clean build. Museum quality. Well done. Andy.
  8. The epic-ness continues. 104 oars might push you to the brink of madness.
  9. Hi Calistan, Great work with this epic amount of PE. Your build looks beautiful. I completely agree with your earlier observations. I think some PE manufacturers are loosing the plot a little. Don't get me wrong, I love using PE and enjoy the additional detail it offers by way of fine parts. What I do find frustrating is that, sometimes, a large percentage of the PE pack consists of large replacement deck sheet parts and associated hatches which, when complete, actually offer negligible or no enhancement over the stock kit part. I have even had a coupl
  10. Very nice. Sharp paintwork. Well done, Andy.
  11. Hi Konrad, Any updates? Andy.
  12. Thanks very much guys. Thanks Paul, The propellers are sprayed with a blue/grey Vallejo mix then lightly dry brushed with Humbrol Gold enamel. I over did it with the gold so dulled it back again with a light dusting of Vallejo dark grey. The anchor is dark grey car primer, dry brushed with Vallejo Flat Earth. Cheers, Andy.
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