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  1. Rigging multi bay aircraft

    Have only ever done rigging once and have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I made a 1/72 Airfix Handley Page 0/400. I used knitting in elastic and found it pretty easy and rewarding. But have to say a continuous piece seems easier than one small stretched piece. With the 0/400 you go up and down and in and out in one go just tacking it off with CA and accelerator. One day I'll start my Wingnut Wings kits, Martin
  2. Hello!

    Hello Ian. I can feel your enthusiasm in your intro. I bet you will soon have a very large stash. It's a wonderful hobby and I am so happy that I took it up again. Look forward to seeing your Vulcan. All the best, Martin
  3. Beat up and beached!

    What a wonderful build. I could stare at dioramas like this for hours. Love the black and white pic. All the best, Martin
  4. Lovely, just lovely. Congratulations on a great build. All the best, Martin
  5. Just got my third this week, with many thanks to Duncan at Black Mike models. Bought a Roland D.V1b to go with my Sopwith Camel "Clerget" and an FE.2b (late). Haven't started one as yet, am sort of saving them for a rainy day. Just not sure when that day will arrive. I do love to look through the kits and read the instruction manuals. Looking forward to my next one.
  6. Bee-yoo-tee-full. I love browsing on this great site and coming across real gems. All the best, Martin
  7. Amazing, am a bit lost for words. That is very very good, Nick. All the best, Martin
  8. What a wonderful and interesting letter. Thank you for posting and thanks to the Kerr family.
  9. Flight of the Phoenix

    I knew as soon as I saw the thread title that I'd love it. And of course I do. What a lovely model and a nice reminder of a brilliant film. First scene that springs to mind is them all willing the engine to start. Your super model has made me smile. All the best, Martin
  10. Wonderful, both of them. I love the Swordfish, am a sucker for anything with rigging. Superb weathering, all the best, Martin
  11. Italeri Dakota Mk.III

    That's lovely. Such an iconic look with the invasion stripes. Think I had this one when I was a young lad. Congratulations, all the best, Martin
  12. Bf110E

    I have this one in the cupboard. Will be very happy if it's half as good as this when I make it. Have always liked this plane, no reason just have it as one my favourites from the war. All the best, Martin
  13. Stonehenge - a staged study for my LHS

    Wow, what a wonderful subject. Unlike anything I have seen before. Very different. You have certainly pulled it off. All the best, Martin
  14. Not 009 or 007 update photos.

    I love it. It's great to browse through this great site and see amazing things. I particularly like the black and white pictures, makes it look so real. Congratulations on a great build. All the best, Martin
  15. SSW DIII Eduard 1:48

    That's a lovely looking model. The first world war fascinates me. I really like the blue paint job, looks great. What blue is that? As always when I see builds like this the wood effect looks fantastic. All the best, Martin