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  1. My contribution to this group build and the first one at BM, there's a time for everything. It's the Mirage IV, not the only one in the field, in the most recent re box. The decals from the kit are nicely printed and in register, however they will not be used. Instead I will be using Syhart's decals from a 2005 special retirement livery. So, if someone needs a set, I can supply... The Kit is nicely molded with exception of the nuke (which I won't use) and the pilots. I am considering a wheels up version so I need to think what to do with the pilots (improve or replace). Details are not super refined as in the older kits but still it looks like a nice kit. Probably the spine will need some support but let's see. Pictures: 20201005_093921 by Robert Mooijaart, on Flickr 20201005_094024 by Robert Mooijaart, on Flickr http://20201005_094200 by Robert Mooijaart, on Flickr Well, it finally worked, although I am not happy with the link showing underneath. Anyone knows how to avoid that? Anyhow, there's been some progress, pictures tonight. Rob
  2. I had a look at the bottle and it is called Plastic Weld from E.M.A. Model Supplies: it is supposed to weld Styrene, Butyrate, ABS, Acrylic and Perspex. The safety warnings on label are impressive though but I am satisfied with it. Hope it helps (and no, I have no ties to the company). Cheers, Rob
  3. I will join, I need to add two green noses to my collection. Rob
  4. Like you I have regularly problems with Tamiya thin. Some plastics just don't seem to react to it. I have switched to another solvent now (can't call it glue) which basically always work. I will post the name when I am back home. Love those Heller classic cars, looking forward to this build. Rob
  5. The bubonic plague may be actually the least of his problems. Nevertheless you are doing a great job on this kit. I have looked at mine a few times and quietly put it back. Maybe your build gives me inspiration. Rob
  6. I would be interested although the kit would have to be announced early enough so I can obtain it... Saves me making the choice. Rob
  7. hmmmm, I might join with the flying meat chopper known as Fokker XIII. I think dutch markings are the only ones available for that one...I don't see it build otherwise, some short shot parts will need to be scratched or repaired though. Rob
  8. Like you Heather, it is not so much the fear of rigging but aligning all the struts and wings! Nevertheless I have plenty of bi planes stashed away. Maybe I will build a large scale one. Count me in. Rob
  9. I just checked the stash and there are some interesting French cars to be found. I will join, the hard part will be which one. In stash: Citroƫn 15 V, Delahaye 135, Bugatti T50, Bugatti T41 Royale CoupƩ Napoleon, Alpine A110. Choices, choices Rob
  10. This sounds really nice, I still have a Mirage IV in the stash with very cool aftermarket decals. I will join the fun! Regards Rob
  11. Amazing build, it really comes alive with all the little details. I find it hard to believe that it is in essence a plastic build. True craftmanship
  12. Still a wonderful result, this one is on my to build list too as an easy built; I might reconsider the easy part ...
  13. That looks pretty amazing, I am really surprised how smooth it came out! Just primer and paint, or was there more to it? Really little cool thing, something to be proud of
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