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  1. Still a wonderful result, this one is on my to build list too as an easy built; I might reconsider the easy part ...
  2. That looks pretty amazing, I am really surprised how smooth it came out! Just primer and paint, or was there more to it? Really little cool thing, something to be proud of
  3. Nice work restoring and improving this vintage model! I love what you did to the exhaust, all in styrene I guess? Cheers, Rob
  4. I can see them now and it was worth the wait! and for a second model it looks great!
  5. Wonderful model, for some reason one of favorite seaplanes. You have done a great job because I initially thought it was 1:48... I am still hoping for a re-issue of the 48 scale kit...
  6. Nope, Google pictures perhaps and pictures not shared publicly?
  7. the link works, the embedded picture not so much. Exciting build though, I love the old monogram kits.
  8. excellent model, I have one in the stash but if I get within 50 % of yours I'd be happy. I love the look of the plane, too bad no one has made a more modern kit. I started one when I lived in Holland but it didn't survive the many moves since then. Tempted to kick this one off...
  9. Fabulous, you have created exactly the feel of the movie. Your skill and eye for detail is amazing! How long did this project take? Rob
  10. Super creation, the diorama really finishes it off! Congrats
  11. Great! Another build of an airplane from a romantic era. Since i have a couple of kits from the same period I'll be following this closely and meanwhile being hugely entertained Rob
  12. Simply stunning, I am in awe of your skills. What I really appreciate is how you share your wealth of knowledge with the rest of us. Thank you and congratulations with the result! Rob
  13. Disturbing but ├╝bercool! It's a pity they don't ship to the continent. Nevertheless, it looks marvellous. Cheers Rob
  14. I think I build this one way back when I was still wearing shorts and shaving was something your dad did. Didn't bother to slap paint on it, I will follow how it could have been done with a bit more effort and who knows I may be tempted to find one and revisit it. Loved the series when I was a kid but bitterly disappointed when I saw it again, maybe I am getting old
  15. I love the sleek lines of the Caudron 712, you do it justice sir! Just a question about the decals, home printed? Rob
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