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  1. CYA

    Caudron C712 1/48....

    I love the sleek lines of the Caudron 712, you do it justice sir! Just a question about the decals, home printed? Rob
  2. Beautiful work, especially the canopies have paid off and show off that remarkable interior very well!
  3. impressive model and wonderful finish! Mine has just moved up on my to do list :-)
  4. CYA

    G-taste - Shoko Okazato

    Hi Crayons, I like what you have done so far! I am about to start something similar so it is a great opportunity. One thing that puzzles me thought is the hair, did it break apart as a consequence of the heat gun? Or was there another reason? Good luck with your project.
  5. CYA

    Mirage GB chat

    Count me in, finally an opportunity to build that Mirage IV with the beautiful Syhart Decals for the "C'est fini" version.
  6. Just read through this one: this is truly craftsmanship. I admire you eye for detail and skill level. Thank you so much for sharing this, there is much to be learned! Rob
  7. Hello, after a break of a couple of years break in the hobby I am finally returning to modelling. My wife and I have decided to stop traveling around the world for our jobs and settled ourselves in a small village in France. That means that I could build something like a man cave again and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of spring so I can sit actually in that man cave and achieve something. While waiting for that moment to happen I decided to start a project that is surely not OOB: two Helldivers from Airfix in the gentleman's scale. I think these must look pretty familiar to a lot of people. In the box a quite nicely cast but absolutely dated Helldiver, and since there are two boxes, two Helldivers. But wait, only one set of decals, that must be requested from the help desk of Airfix I guess. Also, in the package: and.... I am aware that these were made for the Matchbox Helldiver but since they are almost impossible to obtain...I checked already and it looks like it is usable without too much struggle. The idea is to make one with folded wings and the other ready for take off. I will try to scratch the interior for the second ones since I have only one PE set. First I have done some dry fitting and had a look if the interior would fit, and it it looked like it would. So I have started cleaning out the stubs from the interior and the copious distributed rivets on the exterior. I did made a start with bending some PE and started construction on the pilot's chair but when my fingers started sticking I decided to call it for the day. to be continued....
  8. Interesting to see a Portuguese Spitfire, never knew they flew the Mk1! Which kit did you use for this one? Rob
  9. Gorgeous piece of work, nice story too! Love the photoshopped picture with which you open. Rob
  10. Nice! I just love the pre-war fighters, there's something menacing about those sturdy biplanes. Out of curiosity, what did you use for the wiring? And how did you color it? There's another one in my stash waiting and I think it will be the next one I will start, after I finished my shelf of doom...
  11. Nice little craft, you made a nice one out of that oldie! However, i can't help but notice that you switched the right and left national insignia on the wings! Is that still possible to correct? Sorry to point that out... Cheers, Rob
  12. CYA

    KoPro Aero MB-200

    Hi, I really like this kit, I have started on it but it is on the shelf of doom since I messed up one of the cowlings. But I love the PE set, it makes all the difference! Any reason why you omitted the gas cylinders in the cockpit area, or didn't you just get around that yet? One word of caution about the interior colour; this is not a french built bomber; these were licenced out to the Czech and were czech built. Because of that, there are some differences between the Bloch MB200 and the Aero MB200; the most visible is the angle of the nose in front of the cockpit. There is a step in the Bloch version that does not appear on the Aero. My recommendation, go with the grey interior color. Cheers, Rob
  13. The holes in the wing are present on every model of the UHU I have seen sofar, however I have no idea what they represent. It is a nice model and I am building it as well. Fit is a bit challenging though. Good luck with yours. Rob
  14. CYA

    AIRCO DH-2 1:48

    This is really an amazing piece of work! True craftmanship, thank you for showing. Rob