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  1. melvyn hiscock

    Wingnut Wings announcement

    I have a theory about Dr1s that I have done nothing to verify, but I wonder if there are now more airworthy replicas than originals? (320) It was a pretty unsuccessful aeroplane. I was amazed at how slow they are!
  2. melvyn hiscock

    GeeBee R1 1/48 Dora Wings

    When Delmar Benjamin brought the GeeBee to France I was lucky enough to air to air it. He is an incredible pilot, I also interviewed him for Aeroplane Monthly's 'Flying Visit' series. He had some interesting things to say about the aeroplane as he was not only a very talented and natural pilot, but a very clever and well-read man who was fascinating to listen to. I did sit in, when you are inside you get the tailplane in your peripheral vision and there feels like about three miles between you and the firewall and there is an instrument panel there somewhere. An amazing aeroplane
  3. melvyn hiscock

    1/18 P51C Mustang ‘Lopes Hope the 3rd’

    Fighter Pilot's Heaven, the book Lopez wrote about his time as a test plot, is one of the best aviation books I have ever read.
  4. melvyn hiscock

    RAM Models F4 decals

    Not *that* much different in price!
  5. melvyn hiscock

    RAM Models F4 decals

    There is an address on the paypal receipt. I will not post it here
  6. melvyn hiscock

    RAM Models

    Looking at this it would appear he has been taking money since at least June. This is fraud, surely
  7. melvyn hiscock

    RAM Models F4 decals

    Thanks all, I have started a Paypal dispute but I am very annoyed he is advertising still and not sending stuff out. If anyone has the '153's from XT868 I can cobble the rest together.
  8. melvyn hiscock

    RAM Models F4 decals

    Hi, I ordered a set of these weeks ago and have not seen them, I have tried emailling and calling and no answer. Have I wasted my money? Melvyn Hiscock
  9. melvyn hiscock

    Kurt Wolff's Dr.I - colors and camouflage querries

    Mine was not supposed to be a quote, it just came out that way. Try and get hold of Paul Leaman's excellent book on the DR1, there are photos of this aeroplane, including one showing the curved leading edge on the tailplane
  10. melvyn hiscock

    Kurt Wolff's Dr.I - colors and camouflage querries

    It is factory finish with red added to wheels and cowling. 102/17 was an F1, not Dr1, so shold have a curved leading edge to the tailplane
  11. melvyn hiscock

    Sidney Cotton and Camotint

    Is there any references anywhere to g-AFTL being finished in PRU blue at any point? The original aircraft has some patches of blue
  12. melvyn hiscock

    Sidney Cotton and Camotint

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone had any good research leads or sources of info that could identify the colour. Cotton painted the Lockheed in Camotint and photographs of this are also sought. I have seen 'pale duck egg green' mentioned and also 'mint'. Thanks
  13. melvyn hiscock


  14. melvyn hiscock


    Is the compass hanging vertically? It needs to be horizontal to work properly, even in 1/32!