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  1. All, apparently, now sorted with extras. A good result. Thanks Gary
  2. Hi, I have a small problem finding crosses for above and below the wings on my WNW Fokker DVII. in order to grr one before the sold out I got the Goering boxed but the crosses don’t have a white surround, not unless you include the complete airframe ive seached my decal stash and have nothing but do have swapsies from my Albatross ‘Bavarians’ and some left over from a Gnome Sopwith pup and the Le Rhone camel. I also have some Aeromaster 1/48 which I know are 20+ years old but if you can use them I have Dr1 and Alb Dv i just need four crosses thanks chaps Melv
  3. And just for help http://memorial.flight.free.fr/Strutteruk.html
  4. Including the Memorial Flight Association on if I remember correctly
  5. I do have to declare an interest in Aviation Historian. The managing editor is a friend of over 30 years and was one of my Best Men when I got married. I also wrote a LOT for Aeroplane when he was in charge. However I agree that it is perfect for the niche it has found. I could get more coverage from Flypast or Aeroplane but I don’t think they have the gravitas of AH.
  6. What happened there?
  7. I found a pilot but he had two left arms i did remember i have remains of the ground support set which includes some pilot figures. you clan have them in the same deal as I got them. A donation for Macmillan or any other good cancer charity and they are yours
  8. I am doing one from the Lifelike sheet. I was going to do the Memorial Flight one but I had a nice month in a hospice and cane out just wanting to finish one without too much faff, too much faff he says and then starts (wrongly) five colouring it ans adding all those bas**** rib tapes. They were easy on my 1:1 scale Rearwin Cloudster but in 1/32....... I’ll put some photos up for general derision later but it has been hard getting back to modelling. I can’t get upstairs to where I used to do it so we have had to rejig the tiny room on this floor. the good bit is that the extra movement I’ve been doing has helped build the strength as I was very, very rough when I went into the hospice in November. ive also managed to get a couple or articles written for the excellent ‘Aviation Historian’ not only edited by one of my oldest friends and one of my best men (I had two, I’m greedy) but it is a fantastically diverse and well -researched magazine. Watch out for PR Spitfire’s that weren’t but should have been and the history of the blue and white striped Albatros DVa that was included in WNW Bavarians.
  9. I may have one. It depends on if it has the requisite number of arms.
  10. I was using the faded five colour and I have just finished the covering. I have a tiny amount left but it is lucky I don’t have to cover the tail.
  11. Well, I can *just* manage to get the covering out of two packs and don’t need to buy a third but that is only because I am not covering the tail (Jasta Boelke, black and white divide) now to let it harden and do all those rib tapes......
  12. melvyn hiscock


    All the time I was recently in hospital manfully avoiding my imminent death (much closer to the truth than the flippancy of that remark might suggest) I was anxious to get back to my WNW DVII. I was going to do this in the colours of the Memorial Flight one, but decided to take an easier route and do one from a Lifelike sheet. I bought lozenge and found there was not enough for a complete airframe so bought another sheet (kerching). now, being fit enough to have moved ahead I have started wallpapering it and guess what?, TWO SHEETS do not give enough to cover the whole airframe. this is even without covering the tail, as that is Jasta Boelke so black and white. it looks like HGW are getting more money, and I thought using aviatik would have been expensive. why can’t I buy it on a roll like the originals? Melv
  13. Thanks for this. It is a great help.
  14. Yes thanks, I’d found the top one. The main cockpit is ok, it is the radio and nav station behind I’m after
  15. Hi Since I am slowly getting towards the completion of my WNW DVII, my hypothetical PR Spitfire to illustrate a magazine article is in primer (can I brush Vallejo or should I spray with distilled water) I thought it was about time I started thinking and the next project. youncan tell by this that I am improving slightly health wise. So the intention is Trumpeter C47 OOB except for rudder and wheels, as ZA947, our much beloved BBMF Dak. I will be doing the panel in grey, as it is now, and can find some pictures of the cockpit but I have nothing on the bit between the but where the guys that stay with the aeroplane sit, and the bit where the disposable load sits, again well documented. It’s that bit in between with radios and the bar and all that is. I’ll make it up out of the box, it is how each bit is coloured. The destructions are none too clear. thanks in advance. oh, by the way, I still have a Goering to get rid of, pay the postage, he’s yours. rocket pods and sidewinders from the 32nd Hunter, again, postage and they’re yours. In both cases a few bob to a cancer charity would be appreciated.
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