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  1. I was using the faded five colour and I have just finished the covering. I have a tiny amount left but it is lucky I don’t have to cover the tail.
  2. Well, I can *just* manage to get the covering out of two packs and don’t need to buy a third but that is only because I am not covering the tail (Jasta Boelke, black and white divide) now to let it harden and do all those rib tapes......
  3. melvyn hiscock


    All the time I was recently in hospital manfully avoiding my imminent death (much closer to the truth than the flippancy of that remark might suggest) I was anxious to get back to my WNW DVII. I was going to do this in the colours of the Memorial Flight one, but decided to take an easier route and do one from a Lifelike sheet. I bought lozenge and found there was not enough for a complete airframe so bought another sheet (kerching). now, being fit enough to have moved ahead I have started wallpapering it and guess what?, TWO SHEETS do not give enough to cover the whole airf
  4. Thanks for this. It is a great help.
  5. Yes thanks, I’d found the top one. The main cockpit is ok, it is the radio and nav station behind I’m after
  6. Hi Since I am slowly getting towards the completion of my WNW DVII, my hypothetical PR Spitfire to illustrate a magazine article is in primer (can I brush Vallejo or should I spray with distilled water) I thought it was about time I started thinking and the next project. youncan tell by this that I am improving slightly health wise. So the intention is Trumpeter C47 OOB except for rudder and wheels, as ZA947, our much beloved BBMF Dak. I will be doing the panel in grey, as it is now, and can find some pictures of the cockpit but I have nothing on the bit bet
  7. Hi Melvin, hope youre settled in already and things aint too busy these days! Did you have a chance to see if you can help me with my fokker j sprue thing already? Best wishes, Christof 

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    2. Xtof P

      Xtof P

      Dear Melvin - thats the first good news today for i just learned that both my parents were tested positive with Corona 😥 - so sad.....


      My adress: 

      Christof Pernkopf 

      Bischofstraße 3a 

      A-4020 Linz



      All the best, Christof 

    3. Xtof P

      Xtof P

      Good evening Melvin, how are you? My parents both survived Covid10. Being 85 and 90 years of age this is just wonderful. Not the funniest xmas this year!!

      Yust wanted to ask if you found these cowling parts? And how can i send You the money for p&p? PayPal?

      I've finished the interiors by now..... actually wanted to insert an i age into this message, but somehow this does not work with my Windows cloud 🤬 Hopd to start a topic i the in progress section when i've sorted this out.

      Best wishes, Christof 

    4. melvyn hiscock

      melvyn hiscock

      Hi Christie,


      I am so pleased your parents survived.


      I have been held up with my illness, but I am about to go and assemble the front of mine so I will find the pieces I have and get them ready to send to you.


      I will let you know what pieces I have.


      Good news about your parents, that makes me happy



  8. Xt of P, if you have not heard from me by next weekend, pm me. Coming out of hospital after a month is pretty busy! happy to help though Melvyn
  9. When I get home from hospice on Tuesday I’ll look to see what I have. Bear with me. I’m making the DVIIF so I think I might be able to help
  10. Hi, i need a jpg copy of side fuselage drawings for Spitfire IX, T9, and high and low back 14/18/19. these are to the the basis of new artwork to illustrate an article on some Spitfire designs that perhaps should have made it. I would use my copy of Dutch Spitfires, but can no longer get upstairs where it is in storage due to my cancer. it is a fun story, bourne out of a conversation between Viv Bellamy and Jeffrey Quill when making BofB in 196* and the story needs airing. these are just for me to scribble on to show the artist, so please help.
  11. It was at the School of Special Flying, at Gosport, where the system of flying training we all use today was pretty well invented. It is worth looking into the work they did (and the lives they saved) under Robert Smith Barry. Instructors were allowed their own aircraft to hone their skills, as if the instructors could not fly to the edge of the envelope, how could they teach pilots to avoid it safely. This Pup was used by Harold Balfour who became Secretary of State for Air in World War Two. It is a great model of a surprisingly significant aeroplane. much better than my
  12. Thanks for the comments. i don’t have a lot of memory about it, which is good, but I do remember on night’s disturbed sleep trying to work out how I am going to be able to mask the DVII Fuselage with the lozenge and the stripes. mostly it was really boring with horrid food and quite a lot of pain. since I have been home (just over two weeks) I’ve been resting, well, not running up and down stairs to make models, and getting the hated index done on the guitar book, which has progressed in my absence with help from some fantastic people who were not only there for
  13. Update. the Hunter build nearly outlived me! i am still waiting for 1/32 white serials but meanwhile spent a few days in intensive care through Sepsis. Luckily I don’t remember a lot about it, but poor Mrs H was called in twice. Not nice. That was about a month ago and all a blur. Recovering slowly and getting the guitar book finished, as it is too close to leave, and then should be able to get back to modelling soon. The WNW DVII was going well and I was about to start drawing masks for my SPAD, the DVII and, of course, I could do the Hunter. The wors
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