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  1. All, apparently, now sorted with extras. A good result. Thanks Gary
  2. Hi, I have a small problem finding crosses for above and below the wings on my WNW Fokker DVII. in order to grr one before the sold out I got the Goering boxed but the crosses don’t have a white surround, not unless you include the complete airframe ive seached my decal stash and have nothing but do have swapsies from my Albatross ‘Bavarians’ and some left over from a Gnome Sopwith pup and the Le Rhone camel. I also have some Aeromaster 1/48 which I know are 20+ years old but if you can use them I have Dr1 and Alb Dv i just need four crosses
  3. And just for help http://memorial.flight.free.fr/Strutteruk.html
  4. Including the Memorial Flight Association on if I remember correctly
  5. I do have to declare an interest in Aviation Historian. The managing editor is a friend of over 30 years and was one of my Best Men when I got married. I also wrote a LOT for Aeroplane when he was in charge. However I agree that it is perfect for the niche it has found. I could get more coverage from Flypast or Aeroplane but I don’t think they have the gravitas of AH.
  6. What happened there?
  7. I found a pilot but he had two left arms i did remember i have remains of the ground support set which includes some pilot figures. you clan have them in the same deal as I got them. A donation for Macmillan or any other good cancer charity and they are yours
  8. I am doing one from the Lifelike sheet. I was going to do the Memorial Flight one but I had a nice month in a hospice and cane out just wanting to finish one without too much faff, too much faff he says and then starts (wrongly) five colouring it ans adding all those bas**** rib tapes. They were easy on my 1:1 scale Rearwin Cloudster but in 1/32....... I’ll put some photos up for general derision later but it has been hard getting back to modelling. I can’t get upstairs to where I used to do it so we have had to rejig the tiny room on this floor. the good b
  9. I may have one. It depends on if it has the requisite number of arms.
  10. I was using the faded five colour and I have just finished the covering. I have a tiny amount left but it is lucky I don’t have to cover the tail.
  11. Well, I can *just* manage to get the covering out of two packs and don’t need to buy a third but that is only because I am not covering the tail (Jasta Boelke, black and white divide) now to let it harden and do all those rib tapes......
  12. melvyn hiscock


    All the time I was recently in hospital manfully avoiding my imminent death (much closer to the truth than the flippancy of that remark might suggest) I was anxious to get back to my WNW DVII. I was going to do this in the colours of the Memorial Flight one, but decided to take an easier route and do one from a Lifelike sheet. I bought lozenge and found there was not enough for a complete airframe so bought another sheet (kerching). now, being fit enough to have moved ahead I have started wallpapering it and guess what?, TWO SHEETS do not give enough to cover the whole airf
  13. Thanks for this. It is a great help.
  14. Yes thanks, I’d found the top one. The main cockpit is ok, it is the radio and nav station behind I’m after
  15. Hi Since I am slowly getting towards the completion of my WNW DVII, my hypothetical PR Spitfire to illustrate a magazine article is in primer (can I brush Vallejo or should I spray with distilled water) I thought it was about time I started thinking and the next project. youncan tell by this that I am improving slightly health wise. So the intention is Trumpeter C47 OOB except for rudder and wheels, as ZA947, our much beloved BBMF Dak. I will be doing the panel in grey, as it is now, and can find some pictures of the cockpit but I have nothing on the bit bet
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