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  1. Thanks, Mrs. PlaStix. You've done a great job with yours. Now I'm just gonna have to build an equally beaten up Zero for companion...
  2. Thanx Stix, you're way too kind... Weathering was 100% old school: no fancy powders, special washes or other sci-fi formulas, just good ole' artists oil paints and home "brewed" pigments from artists chalks... Cheers, Israel
  3. As for now, I'll pass on Pands's kits: almost every one of them seems to have serious issues. Despite this, yet you've managed to build a piece of art out of it. Now, that is class I do not have...
  4. Yet another masterpiece...fantastic build!
  5. WOW!!! Instantly reminded me of this: "An alternative form of vertical take-off"...
  6. Simply stunning. It can easily be mistaken with the real thing...
  7. Masterpiece! Agree with your opinion on the latest Tamia kits 100%.
  8. Excellent build, great diorama! How did the kit go together? Looks quiet OK OOB...
  9. Beautiful little chap!
  10. Awesome! Saw the real thing a few years back in Odaiba, Tokyo, and I gotta tell you, this look much better! Thanks for sharing. Cheers, Israel
  11. Thanks, mate! Actually WW2 is my main area of interest, Allied/Commonwealth in particular. I don't usually build modern vehicles , except for IDF stuff.
  12. A few more pictures of this interesting vehicle.
  13. Cheers, mate! Tiger Model's offering resembles this very vehicle.