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  1. For me the Bradley feels "alive" and "real". I think you found the "right" balance for the wear and tear. The skull feels so right too. Also veary nice photographed. In short, very well done Cheers Göran
  2. Hi Thanks for the answers and suggestions Rob and Troy. So no need for any of the moderators to reply I got the answers I needed. Cheers Göran
  3. Hi guys I recently posted a topic and got feedback in the comments area and quite a few who "pushed" the like button, which I appreciate. So when a fellow modeler leaves a remark in the comments, I can always reply in text. But how do I say thank you to all those who pushed the like button without leaving a message? I can see who they are in the notification list, but it doesn't seem to be a way to say thanks to them by simply clicking a "Thank You" icon, or what have I missed? Cheers Göran
  4. Thanks for all the kind comments here and to those who pushed the "like" button. Much appreciateated Re. Nachtwulf. I got no pics from the underside of it but it´s more clean than the upper surface. Ree ; Josh. The overall fit is good to excellent, but I encountered two major problems. The first involved the engine nacelles. It took a lot of curses and sanding to get them even/same profile, when viewed from the side. And speaking of them I added some weight behind the FOD covers, to be on the safe side. I´ve seen others that have had the same problem on the
  5. Hi everybody Here´s another Mig-29 and the ambition from my part was to depict a rather weathered individual. For that part I used the Gunze range of colours, H305, 308, 320 and 325 and I added matt white and flesh (H44) to different degrees for the post shading process. I also experimented using oil on some panels to fade them even more. The exhaust were painted with Alclads "Exhaust", "Pale Burnt Metal" and "Transparent Blue". I also used Model Masters "Exhaust" for the inner parts of the exhaust. Apart from that an artist silver pencil from Derwent was applied here and there, t
  6. Sorry for late reply but I only check out the "Rumourmonger" section on a daily basis and I presumed the Tiran was archived so to speak. I might have some pics from the build. Is there anything of special interest to you so I don´t waste bandwidth unncesseraily (sp?) Anyway thanks yet again for the positive feedback :) Cheers Göran
  7. Sorry for late reply/reaction, but I think you produced a show winner. It captures the attention of the viewer and it's really nice to explore all the details. Cheers Göran
  8. Nice to see another Tiran 5. Can't have too many of them. I think all the hard work you put into it shows, IOW you should be proud with the result You got Message/PM. Cheers Göran
  9. Hard to tell it´s in 1/72 and that is, IMHO, the best compliment I can give. Well done, to say the least IOW. Cheers Göran
  10. I have no wish to bump this thread just for the sake of it, but I feel that not saying thanks for the recent kind comments would be rather impolite. So again thanks gents. I'm pleased that you like the result Cheers Göran
  11. What others already mentioned. very good paint job. At first I just looked at the pics, not reading very well (or at all) until I realised it was made by brush, which in my book makes it remarkable, so hats off to you Cheers Göran
  12. Very good paint job, doing it free hand and at that scale to boot Dumb question but how does torpedoes react to fire from small arms fire up to, lets say 20 mm? Can the outer shell be penetrated without going off? Cheers Göran
  13. Hi all I was looking for a cool paint scheme for a bf 109 and found Chris Wauchop´s "Black 8" and I felt directly that's the one. So the RLM paints are Gunzes H68, 69, and 117. I opted to use Tire Black on the props since that looks better IMHO. And another act of "artistic license" was that I placed some kill marks on the fin, just to "pimp" her up a bit. As you might note, some panel lines are kind of dirty, especially on the nose section/gun bulges. I used the AK´s "Streaking Grime" for that, in order to create a more weathered machine. Seatbelts are from Eduard and the gun barr
  14. Again, thanks for the kind comments Rob, glad that you like the photos themselves, since I put some effort in them, to "bring out the beastly nature" of the Tiran. In case somebody is interested the background i several black t-shirts draped around pc-screen and the tower of the desktop. Cheers Göran
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