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  1. Uncertain T

    The vehicle section is pretty much the only section I look at on Britmodeller and your builds are the only ones I always look at, mostly due to your inspired choice of kits and the twist you then give them to take them beyond a standard OOB build. Long may your posting continue!
  2. Amazing looking model and superbly photographed!
  3. King Cobra TTH

    Cracking work! Looks like a George Barris Kustom!
  4. VW Single Cab Pick-Up

    Love that! Really in to my old VWs and I have a Santa Cruz mountain bike. Double win, well done!
  5. Tamiya Citroen fourgonnette 1\24

    Another rattle can user here... Seeing your brilliant build of one of my favourite cars (vans), has made me realise I may not need to adopt airbrushing.
  6. Monogram Li'l Van

    That is great. Another inspired choice of build.
  7. Maserati Bora, Revell, 1/24

    Awesome build. Awesome choice of colour!
  8. Revell BMW Z1 Roadster 1:24

    Great build and spot on photography!
  9. Tamiya Honda 750F

    Amazing looking build! How did you paint the wheels? I have a IMAI Harley to build and that too has black wheels with silver detail.
  10. Heller Citroen 2CV

    Great looking kit and I too has a 2cv. It's the only car I wish I still had. Cost me £70 and looked great lowered.
  11. Rusty Rat Rod

    The difference is vast. Just goes to show what is possible given skill and imagination.
  12. Rusty Rat Rod

    That's fantastic. Got any pics of what it should have looked without the mods?
  13. He's Starsky,I'm Hutch!

    Thanks very much!
  14. He's Starsky,I'm Hutch!

    "Honey-hush!" Sadly, they don't ship to the UK. At least I know they're available. Thanks a lot...
  15. He's Starsky,I'm Hutch!

    Love that car, loking forward to seeing it completed. Is there a 'Bandits' Trans Am kit available? That's my favourite movie/TV car.