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  1. Hi, everyone! The Eduard model has been a real headache to build; add to that my own clumsiness, I can safely say that this model has sucked me dry. You can see the whole building process and everything about “the Blue 12”, from 8./JG6 on my Blog. More photos of the finished model are available at: http://eberlemodel.blogspot.com/2019/11/focke-wulf-fw-190-d9-finished.html First, a comparison with the color profile: A few photos of the finished model: Greetings from Slovenia.
  2. Hello, everyone! Here is the King Cobra-Twin Turbo Hybrid. After assembling Eduard models Fw-190 A8/R2 and Mig 21, I had a bunch of parts left, so I decided to build a sports car. I had the body and three canopies left from the Fw-190 plane which would provide the basis for my car. Needles to say, there was a lot of scratch-building involved. You can see the whole building process at: http://eberlemodel.blogspot.si/2017/08/king-cobra-tth-workshop.html A few photos of the finished model: You can see more photos of the finished model at: http://eberlemodel.blogspot.si/2017/09/king-cobra-tth-finished.html Greetings from Slovenia, Aleš
  3. Hello! Thank you all for your kind words. For Spruecutter and Viking: On Britmodeller I have already published Mustang P-51D(10th January) and Fw-190 A8/R2(31st January) this year. My latest work is Mig-21 M of Yugoslav Air Force which was published on Britmodeller 5th October last year. Pictures of the finished Mig you can also find on: http://eberlemodel.blogspot.com/2014/09/mig-21m-eduard-148-finished.html For Mark: "Jack Nicholson" originally had leather helmet on his head.So I had to grind it off, and make him new ears. Because of poor quality of the face on this figure I had to make him sun glasses. So ... Regards
  4. Hello! I am presenting you the model of the MIG-29 (Polish Airforce) that was made 5 years ago. This was my first model after more than 20 year long break. That time, I didn't know what are riveters, shading techniques, oil washes etc.. Used accessories - AIRES: Wheel Weels, engine exausts, cockpit. - EDUARD: Rocket wings, ladder, covers of upper air intakes. There was a lot of modifications on the model. I made all adjustments, wich was standard for polish airforce(NATO standards). R-27 rockets were scratchbuilt except the rocket wings are from EDUARD. Launcher for R-73 rockets was also made from scratch. Diorama placement. Building this diorama was easy with KAGERO TOPSHOTS MIG-29, there was a lot of reference photos aswell. All airport accessories were scratchbuilt. Figures of pilots and mechanics are CMK, wich were modified. You can find more photos here. http://eberlemodel.blogspot.com/search/label/Mig-29 Regards, Aleš.
  5. Hello! Thank you all for the kind words! For Fatcawthorn: Clear plastic for the propeller was cutted with the OLFA circles cutter. Smaller circle for the spinner was cutted with a pair of comapasses with two needles. The plastic for the stand was cutted with the bow-saw. Regards, Aleš!
  6. Hello everyone! I am presenting you the model of the aircraft Fw-190A8/R2, wich was flown by Feldwebel Hubert Engst, November 1944. The model was made OOB with some scratchbuilding. I made drive ropes for the canopy movement, cannon and pitot tube(hypodermic needles), details on the droptank, droptank rack, Fug25a, clear stand and a spinning propeller. The pilot figure is from CMK. I used Model Master colors. For the painting references I used profiles from the KAGERO - TOP COLORS 14; FW-190 at War book. This airplane is well documented and exists a big amount of photos, that's why color profiles are so correct. Comparison of the color profiles with the model. Photos of the finished model More photos of the finished model : http://eberlemodel.blogspot.com/2011/03/focke-wulf-fw-190-8r2-eduard-148.html Workshop : http://eberlemodel.blogspot.com/2011/03/izdelava-makete-focke-wulf-fw-190-8r2.html Regards, Aleš.
  7. Hello everyone! I am presenting you the model of Colonel Thomas Christian's aircraft, named LOU IV, wich was finished 3 years ago. The model was made out of the box with some sratchbuilt. I removed dorsal fin fillet and add a few details in the cockpit. The back mirror, machine guns in the wings, details on the additional fuel tanks, antennas and position lights were scratchbuilt aswell. I painted the model according to the references I found on the internet: - Aircrew Remembrance Society - Tom Cleaver P-51 D (LOU IV) Used colors: -Humbrol HB1 Dark Green - Model Master Aluminum metalizer - Model Master Olive Drab FS34087 Decals are Aero Master, wich are a bit incorrect, the writing E2-C is 1,5mm too short according to the height. The writing with names of mechanics on the left side of the windshield are also missing. Photos of the finished model: Comparison of the model and the reference photos of the real aircraft: More photos and the WIP can be found here: http://eberlemodel.blogspot.com/search/label/Mustang Regards, Aleš.
  8. Hello! Fighter units permanently stationed in underground airbase Željava near Bihač, were never equiped with M and MF Migs. With this type, at first, operated units from Batajnica airbase near Belgrade. With the arrival of new Mig-21 BIS (aug. 1977), all the M and MF Migs went over to the units based in underground airbase Slatina. Regards, Aleš.
  9. Hello again! Andym wrote: Can I just ask what this tool is: This is a tool for bending the etched parts. It is my own design and made from tool steel (OCR) by the local toolmaker (dim.: 16x5x1cm). Extremely sharp edges of different angles allows very accurate bending. Grooves are intended for making the U-profiles. Regards, Aleš.
  10. Hello! First of all, thank you all for your words of praise about my Mig. For exdraken: Missiles RS-2US and R-3S were used together since year 1969, with the emergence of SM and M versions of Mig. Aleš.
  11. Hello everyone! I am presenting a Mig-21M model that was finished one month ago. Used accessories: Eduard Brassin – Mig-21MF – Interior early Eduard Brassin – Mig-21MF/SMT Exhaust Nozzle Eduard Mig-21MF Exterior Master Pitot tube Decals: Balkan Models, Lift here, Eduard stenciles Paints: Model Master Aluminum plate Lots of accessories from Eduard were never used, there was a lot of scratchbuilding. An entire process of building and painting can be found in the workshop in the folowing link: http://eberlemodel.blogspot.com/2013/04/mig-21m-eduard-148-part-1.html Photos of the finished model: Two black ones: More photos of the finished model can be found here: http://eberlemodel.blogspot.com/2014/09/mig-21m-eduard-148-finished.html Greetings from Slovenia and happy modelling! Aleš
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