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  1. That is brilliant! Only thing that would have made look even more authentic is if you’d roughy cut the rear window and vents out as surely someone would have stolen those to fit into a new bug...
  2. That does look brilliant... I have managed to secure a 'pass out' to attend The Race of Gentlemen for my 50th... Only 3.5 years left to save up... There is a similar (smaller) event in Mablethorpe called Race the Waves, if anybody is interested.
  3. That’s brilliant! Particularly the paint.
  4. The Gallardo is my favourite super car from the last 20 years. Hats off to you for the quality of your build but big hats off for owning a real one!
  5. Amazing Build! Love it! got to get myself one of those so I can build a tribute to Snowman’s truck from Smokey and the Bandit.
  6. Awesome build! Bit biased though as I have a Santa Cruz bike...
  7. That's brilliant! Love the Mehari. Did the kit come in Orange plastic (like most Meharis) or white?
  8. Great looking model you've built there and really enjoyed the write up. Looking forward to your next one.
  9. Amazing looking build! This kit is at the very top of my wish list. Unfortunately, my limited ability wouldn't do it justice.
  10. The vehicle section is pretty much the only section I look at on Britmodeller and your builds are the only ones I always look at, mostly due to your inspired choice of kits and the twist you then give them to take them beyond a standard OOB build. Long may your posting continue!
  11. Cracking work! Looks like a George Barris Kustom!
  12. Love that! Really in to my old VWs and I have a Santa Cruz mountain bike. Double win, well done!
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