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  1. PTFE seals for Iwata Neo

    The one solvent to avoid with Viton is Acetone. Swelling can be as large as 20%. The saving grace is once you remove the acetone it does shrink back again...
  2. Crooked House

    Hi Will I think I'd be tempted to add some grey weathering to the wood, unless you want it to look like it's just been oiled or stained. Likewise with the shingles. Or maybe I've been building a deck (now 45 sqm!) for too long....

    Not one I'd want to do, but the largest I've seen... Gallipoli 1915, battle of Chunuk Bair http://anzacdiorama.blogspot.co.nz/p/these-are-first-public-photos-of.html
  4. Put the decals in a ziploc bag and tape them to a window in the sun. The yellowing should bleach out.
  5. Big +1 for Omaka. Peter Jackson and Weta have produced the most awesome WW1 museum that I have ever seen.
  6. Not actually a lengthened chassis, but the standard Bentley long chassis. Only the three blower team cars for Le Mans we're built on the short chassis - and that's what's in the kit.
  7. Yes, it appeared at the Villa d'Este concours in 2016, minus front brakes and looking a lot more like it did in 1932
  8. Thanks Dave. I hadn't noticed the handbrake - but here it is (Photo Gettyimages)
  9. Two wheels done, here's how it looks
  10. Napier Railton

    What scale are you going to build it in? It's a natural follow on from the Birkin Bentley, taking over the Brooklands lap record. Great to see another 1930s racer being modelled.
  11. I worked on the avionics design - mainly the transmitter. Never saw one take off, only in bits in the hanger.
  12. Unless I'm very much mistaken, that's DB3 - the trials aircraft. Brings back a lot of memories....
  13. Percival Gull Six

    Jean Batten's Mew Gull was hanging in Auckland Airport's International terminal. I didn't see it when I went through last week - it's head down to get through the interminable duty free these days...
  14. Vampire T.11

    It was shiny silver painted from the factory. Seems to oxidize really fast in the atmosphere . When I got up close and personal to a Vampire I couldn't believe that the body/cockpit is made of plywood .... 500mph in a wooden tube? Not something I'd want to do!
  15. Honest, mate! Aluminium tubing of 48.4mm dia with a wall thickness of 4.5 mm is perfect for making the rims from. It's also the standard size for scaffold tube. I managed to buy 300mm (usually 6m is the shortest length) for $10. I started off lacing the spokes with 0.3mm soft stainless wire, but it work hardened after being pulled tight a couple of times. So I thought I'd try something else! For the rivet counters it's 0.37mm 7kg nylon fishing line. The only problem is gluing the free end when it's finished. I've got the plastic friendly Zap-a-Gap, but it's not that good with nylon. I may try roughing up the end of the line with emery. I'd like to say I used some No.8 wire. Will keep trying...