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  1. Hannes, A beautiful rendition of a great car. Mine still limps slowly on. Love the photography too. Nick
  2. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    LoL - I've never been able to: Work hard materials; solder things reliably or get everything to line up straight or square. And when you're done it looks so neat and plausible that it hids the fact that almost all the details you are making have ben lost. Outstanding! Nick
  3. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Harvey, Impressive as always. With all that steel it's not going to be a flimsy thing. Glad to see your progress, particularly given the reference material we all know so well. Very convincing. Regards Nick
  4. Olivier, It's been a long road and at last its complete. Looking excellent. Time for to recharge the batteries and take on a new challenge. ATB Nick
  5. Evening chaps, Seems like a long time since I signed in. Hope you are well. Olivier, In the words of our american cousins - put the paint down and move away from the model! Looks good to me already. There's plenty of other models to try. And plenty of cars that you can only build from scratch. Hannes, thanks for the vote of confidence - I think we might all be a lot older before I succeed. ATB Nick
  6. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Harvey - that looks really convincing. Outstanding.
  7. Really rather beautiful. Outstanding
  8. What the others said - Great job. The difference weathering makes is also very noticable. ATB Nick
  9. @Black Knight I found your insights in how to keep these engines in tune as the car is raced interesting as usual. It must have been even more impressive when the misfire is on one of two banks of 6 cylinders. One side running well and the other badly must have been intersting. ATB Nick
  10. Olivier and Southpier, Though I have been very quiet, too many other distractions, I have watched this build closely. At the start it seemed a bit pointless. But I thought Southpiers comment was spot on. The kit is pretty rubbish dimensionally but building it has value. It does a good job of capturing the general mechanical layout. Building it someone will get a reasonable understanding of how the engineers built the car. Seeing it built with such skill, Olivier, will hopefully encourage people daunted by the first build, to have a go at a kit that builds into an impressive if very inaccurate model. All the best Nick
  11. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Harvey, Well that puts things into perspective. Hope you are well on the mend. Chassis is looking great. I'm still trying to understand why one photo does not line up when the others do. Your engine brackets look good. As usual Hannes' diagram above looks right to me apart perhaps from the steering limiter bracket. I had assumed it was a single bracket not two as shown above. However, I am usually wrong when Hannes draws something and I disagree. So I'll go and have another quiet look. Keep up the good work and again, I hope you are OK Nick
  12. Southpier - A long time ago I stopped stating things as if they were certain, too often I was wrong, as I probably am now. I just wanted to add to Roy's comment above. Even though the model magnetos are terrible in many ways they do show a knob that is visibile on the magnetos of other cars of the same vintage. These cars also have the magnetos accessible in the cockpit. I assumed (because I am too lazy to prove) that the driver needed to be able to access the mags to tune the engine while it was running. Sounds pretty impractical to me but hey. The other reason this seemed likely to me was that the shafts are very long. If you didn't have to do it they would have been attached to the engine with the shortest shaft possible and no complex shock absorbing mounts. If you are interested there a number of photos of cars with similar arrangements on the internet Hope that is of interest Nick
  13. Olivier, Absolutely marvellous - So many set backs. So many times you just ripped it up and started again. And yet the result is so clean and crisp. We all doubted the idea of putting Bordino on board but that worked too. We all thought bonnets were a good idea so that is what you did. Attention to detail superb. Well done mate. Couple of comments on your workshop: You have a very tolerant wife to allow you to take over the kitchen like that - Lol You also have confirmed a theory I have. It does not matter how big your workshop, the actual working area is never more than 50mm bigger than the model you are currently building! Finally -really jealous - much nicer than my spidery garage. ATB Nick
  14. Chaps, I also wonder whether they also wanted to keep the car as short as possible, again in the interests of handling. Regards Nick
  15. Wow as always - and the original tapes took ages I seem to recall On the subject of a next model, dare I suggest either of the all metal Lightnings could be pretty impressive (I know one does not have a prop but you can never have too many Lightnings). Nick