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  1. Olivier, Absolutely marvellous - So many set backs. So many times you just ripped it up and started again. And yet the result is so clean and crisp. We all doubted the idea of putting Bordino on board but that worked too. We all thought bonnets were a good idea so that is what you did. Attention to detail superb. Well done mate. Couple of comments on your workshop: You have a very tolerant wife to allow you to take over the kitchen like that - Lol You also have confirmed a theory I have. It does not matter how big your workshop, the actual working area is never more than 50mm bigger than the model you are currently building! Finally -really jealous - much nicer than my spidery garage. ATB Nick
  2. Chaps, I also wonder whether they also wanted to keep the car as short as possible, again in the interests of handling. Regards Nick
  3. Wow as always - and the original tapes took ages I seem to recall On the subject of a next model, dare I suggest either of the all metal Lightnings could be pretty impressive (I know one does not have a prop but you can never have too many Lightnings). Nick
  4. Hannes I hope my comment did not strike a nerve. I think my point was slightly different. The three I mentioned and a number of others I could think of, would do it anyway, money or no money, just as their forebears did. Regards Nick
  5. Cool - as Lightnings always are.
  6. Rain at Monza always seems less likely than elsewhere so to rain in practice seemed appropriate, at least to us I guess. Today's cars are perhaps not as scary as the 806, but the drivers are no less heroic. I found myself reflecting that several of the drivers would have probably relished giving Pietro a run for his money - Fernando, Lewis, and Max spring to mind. They'd probably just roll up their sleeves, adjust their goggles and climb in... rain or shine Nick
  7. Hannes, Just edited my last post because I have changed my view. I hadn't been looking again. On photo 2 there is a hard black line in the region of the front bracket. On photo 3 it is less clear but there is still a lot of dark areas that are difficult to dismiss as shadows. Your post probably strengthens the case for a cross member. The diagonal strut must have taken significant load. The load needs to go into something solid or it will bend. The brackets don't look particularly sturdy so a rod to the other side would make a lot of sense. Consistency between front and rear would make sense too. Nick
  8. That was my line of thinking too. From what little we can see the rod might have been flared at the end a bit like the spring bracket at the front. Some things are puzzling. There is strong evidence for a rear cross brace. I can see none for the front brackets even though they seem less solid. Maybe the brace was there but needed to stiffen the chassis at the location of the engine mount for some reason. Nick
  9. Hannes, I have thought for a while that there appears to be a brace across the chassis between the two brackets. Evidence: 2 Bolts at the back of the bracket looks like overkill for the bracing rods; We can see a suggestion of it on both the high res photos 2 & 3 and on the LH side post race pre-touchup photo. But the rod or whatever it is is separate from this. I agree it does not look like the brake rod, so what is it?
  10. Hannes, Can't get at my model to check at the moment. The brackets were drawn to co-incide with the photo so they slant because that is how I interpreted the photo. I'll go back and look again. One thing while we discuss this area. Between the tray and the rear braket under the chassis frame there is something that looks like a curved plate. I had assumed it was the brake servo rod that goes through the gearbox and has been much discussed. But it does not appear to be a tube or rod in Photo 3. Regards Nick
  11. Side view like this. Note I have not yet caught up with the engine mount revelations
  12. It is tilted too as Hannes notes
  13. Chaps, One thing I've been struggling with is aligning the new version of photo 2 with my model.Eventually compared old to new. The new is stretched by 2.356% in the vertical direction. Not sure which is the right version. I got reasonable alignment across a number of photos using the old version but I am includined to believe the newer version. Higher resolution should imply an earlier generation of the picture so closer to truth. I'll need to have a bit of a play to work out which is closer to correct. in the meantime a small amount of caution is required. Nick
  14. Not on thread I know but just awesome. If anyone would like me to take it down - let me know. Nick
  15. sneaky Sneaky - really underhand, naughty, cheaky wobble - to weave from side to side "tank-slapper" - to very, very, very, very nearly completely lose control and stuff it in the wall. Comes from the sort of loss of control you get on a motor bike!