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  1. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Harvey, Splendid as always, shiny once more. Regards Nick
  2. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Hannes, Super picture of the cylinders. Kills some of the speculation Nick
  3. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Harvey, Well spotted. Someone certainly has put some time in there - the engine particularly. Nick
  4. Oh and another thing - the finish on the fuselage will be more traditional because the flow is poorer (due to the propellor) and has less direct impact on lift. So they did not need to treat the fasteners and rivets - they are therefore much more visible. Nick
  5. @Olivier de St Raph - Hi Olivier, I'm enjoying following this build. I'm not sure anyone has explained why the wings were smooth. The Mustang was unique. It had a low drag wing profile. As a result the range was outstanding as was the top speed. Made it great for escorting bombers a long way and then having enough fuel to defend them. But the wing had to be completely smooth - particularly the front - otherwise it did not work. Even dead insects had a measurable impact. The putty was used to get the wing profile perfect and hide the tiny imperfections of the flush rivets. Like any finish it must have worn. So there was a maintenance penalty. Everything above is factually true. The next is speculation. I think the pictures where the wing is smooth, are of aircraft that needed the performance - i.e. escorts. Pictures where the wing is just rivetted are aircraft that did not need the speed or endurance. Perhaps they were doing ground attack and the USAF had control of the skies. For these aircraft the wing still worked well enough without the need to have a smooth surface. This saved the squadrons maintenance time. Finally a note on kill markings. They generally refer to the pilot I think. In an extreme case, he may have crashed every time he landed but so long as he was successful in the air and survived landing, the tally would always be written on a new aircraft! The boss might not be happy though! So in your case, what was the pilot famous for and what did his squadron do. That will tell you whether the wings were smooth or not. Hope that is of interest and not just a repeat of something someone else has said. Nick
  6. Napier Railton

    When I see pictures like that I usually find myself reflecting on the nature of tyres! Hard, thin and structurally suspect, how do they stand up to the abuse. Nick
  7. Napier Railton

    Even scarier if it weighed 2 tonnes. Fantastic machine! Nick
  8. Napier Railton

    Harvey, What a wonderfully nuts machine - Flat exhausts - why? Double coach springs at the back - must have weighed a tonne. Marvellous My favourite picture What was he thinking - clearly has no imagination whatsoever. Looks like something else to distract from what I should be doing. Hope you are keeping well Nick
  9. @sharknose156 - really pleased to see the progress. Mine is still progressing slowly. Certainly you could say I know the car quite well but not enough to be called an expert. On the lettering, do we know when it was added? Summarising what I understand our options to be: 1) No letters - no one will be able to criticise because it's plausible. It might not be very interesting though 2) Big faded letters - washed out, frayed and dirty might be nicely in period with the used look of the rest of the car 3) Brighter letters - cracked and yellowed like a worn version of the current letters might look OK. If no one has any photos - how can you be wrong. My personal favourite would be (2) Keep up the good work. Nick
  10. Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    Roy, A couple of thoughts - not sure if they are any good or not Centres are difficult to measure. An alternative would perhaps be to measure diameters and calculate the centre. Would be easy if you could touch the car. Just measure the distance between two verticals. Looking at your list of things I wondered if a use could be found for: - String - Useful in so many ways particularly with a weight. Good for straight lines and verticals - Laser levels - allow a perfectly straight line to be drawn on something you can't touch. Could assess how vertical or hoizontal things are are. - Metal straight edge - I have a lightweight metre long level. Useful in many ways (if it is actually straight of course which I once found to my cost it wasn't) Might be cheap enough to buy locally. - A couple of light stools or chairs - would allow straight traverses. Oh and a towel! Essential by definition. Have a good trip Regards Nick
  11. H's 806 1:12 scratchbuild

    Looks compelling to me though would they not have been able to make a spaceframe structure work?
  12. Delage 15-S-8 Grand Prix (1/8)

    Roy, 7 cm sounds enormous. Assuming Revs know how to wield a tapemeasure, I wonder who first used a wheelbase of approx 2.5 m. The rest could possibly transcription. 7cm is not. Either whoever first settled on 2.5m did not know how to measure, or the method used was flawed (easy if taken from photos) or the car has been rebuilt differently at different times in its history. Your assertion that the drawing was derived from photos seems likely if the error is that large but is there any possibility that the car had a different size at different points in its history? ATB Nick
  13. Hannes, Great picture. The car is insane. On the subject of replica, it's going to take more than 4 pictures and 4 drawings to resurrect this machine. Kind though you are about my drawings they are a way off being complete. Following Oliviers' lead, Harvey and yourself are the closest to a bottom up build of the beast. Nick
  14. Chaps, That sounds like a plan. I'll post as progress allows. Roy, thanks for replacing a very outdated pick with something a little closer to right. Luca, as the others have said, "Welcome" Seasons Greetings to all Nick