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  1. Taking a break for the moment. Re-stocking enthusiasm with a Tamiya 1/12 Ferrari
  2. Thanks Tankerman. I'll see how it goes with CA. Most of the joints feel very solid. The top front ones not so much. Hoping that on balance all will be well. Otherwise it'll be a crash-course in soldering.
  3. Next two parts added to engine subframe... no drama... a few parts need straightening and the overall shape is not fully square, so I'll tackle that once the glue has completely dried.
  4. Forgot to mention in my last post when the swearing actually started. I had decided to use epoxy glue to start assembling the engine subframe. First part went on well. Second, too. Then the third turned everything into a gluey mess. I was in too much of a hurry, the first parts hadn't fully set... you can imagine the rest. Anyway, all parts cleaned up. First try with superglue. Taking my time. Will allow these parts to fully set then move on.
  5. This weekend... Ignition wiring started. Getting the wire through the holes was a tight fit but it does go. Also started the workaround on the fuel pipes... photo not great but it seems to have worked out well. Then started working on the engine subframe. This is when the swearing started. I can get the parts to dry fit fine. Gluing looks like it could be a challenge. Any of you guys solder? Never tried it myself. Worth it?
  6. Hi kpnuts I’m guessing body decals are coming soon? The area around the radiators and sills was more difficult than I thought it would be. If I was doing it again, I’d get better prepared on my reference points and I would have slowed down/better avoided distractions. It’s definitely a 100% focus task. Forgot to say… looking good.
  7. Today's update... 1) Getting the rest of the parts for the build organised. As I'm sure most of you know, the parts really do arrive as a 'bag-o-bits'. So I decided to tackle getting these organised in preparation for when the engine is done. Thanks to Homebase for the very handy storage solution, and 3M for the ever-useful Post-it. In the end, the process of sorting and identifying the parts went faster than expected. I now feel like i've got more control over the situation. While I haven't done a part count, it feels like most of them are in the engine and its subframe! There are certainly many steps in the manual which use only a few parts. 2) Progressing on the engine wiring. This will be familiar territory to MFH 'old hands'. For those of you that have never tried one of these kits, there is a lot of drilling out. I am starting to find it very therapeutic. I've also put on the first of the wiring loom 'holders'/brackets. 3) Testing out wire lengths etc. I bought some spare wire of the approximate thickness to test out wire lengths etc. Long story short, the wires from distributor to spark plug need to be 7-9cm, so I'll measure how much comes with the kit to see how careful i need to be in preserving supplies. 4) Testing out the wire spigot solution for fuel lines as recommended in Brexitmodeller post. I bought some 0.4mm wire which I've tested on one of the fuel line brackets. Seems ok in principle. Overall, I have recovered from my wiring mental 'wobble' and it's time to crack on. Let's see how it goes over the coming days.
  8. Afternoon, everyone... today's progress is in the planning phase. Ive looked at the wiring and fuel pipes plus the one thread where i could find a 917 engine build (another forum, link https://brexitmodeller.com/forums/topic/412-mfh-112-porsche-917k/ ,hope that's ok to post), and i am slightly in despair. This is going to be right at my limit of skills, possibly beyond. Can I ask for some help? The red wiring for spark plugs is - as the post says - wire and i can both drill a 0.6mm hole and get the wire through. I can get 0.6mm holes drilled into the distributor and spark plugs. So the challenge will be patience and layout of the wiring. Plus buying some extra 0.6mm red coated wire if i need to. The fuel lines look like a whole other level. As the post says, it is not really possible to pass the tube through a 0.6 mm hole. The proposed solution was to insert small lengths of 0.6mm wire into holes and wiring looms as needed, and proceed on that basis. Haven't looked for an extra supply of off-white 0.6mm tubing but I'll guess that it or something similar exists. Please send positive thoughts and advice plus also some extra supplies of patience and encouragement. Especially any guidance on good suppliers for modelling wires etc., if there is any guidance on that. (Assumption is that it's all standard stuff so it doesn't matter where I buy it from) The above link also shows the difficulties in fitting engine to frame.
  9. Progress on the engine today... Next step - air intakes. Lucky me! There are 12 of the fiddly things which need quite a lot of clean-up for part-lines, flash etc.
  10. Small amount of progress on suspension parts in the last few days... plenty of small parts ready for priming and then gluing these parts. I'm also taking the precaution of washing all parts. The metal ones to make sure that all of the sanding residue is gone. The resin parts because... that's what everyone says is needed!
  11. I added a second MFH 1/12 to the stash. It's going to be a while before I start it. Thought I'd share the statutory box etc. pics to get the thread started. Link to MFH website: https://www.modelfactoryhiro.com/SHOP/K742.html Instructions, decals and PE in a plastic folder on top of contents Nicely protected with bubblewrap Bags of resin parts on top Then the stretch-wrapped 'bag-o-bits' at the bottom along with the tyres.
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