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  1. Hi Joss, 1/700 destroyers are pretty small, somewhere around 5" depending on the class. Few come with photoetch in the kit, apart from resin kits and the IBG mentioned above. But specific etch sets are readily available. The cruisers and battleships are a different matter! Although the part counts and amount of photoetch goes up accordingly... 1/350 destroyers would sound like a good place to start for you, not too small, lower parts count and a good few come with basic etch to bring out the details. Geoff
  2. Hi Joss, what scale are you looking at? 1/350 or 1/700? If you're thinking 1/350 I'd look at one of the Trumpeter Tribal class although they're not 100% accurate. If you're looking at 1/700 then you're really spoilt for choice! The Flyhawk models are beautiful and come with photoetch. I've the Aurora and Naiad in the stash, can't wait to start them! There's the IBG hunt class which build up easily and again come with photoetch or you have the good old Tamiya and Trumpeter range. Really just depends on your taste and budget! Have a butcher's around here and see what people are building and see what catches your eye. Good hunting! Geoff
  3. Need to aquire an old relay. Really good PE work!
  4. This is shaping up nicely! Geoff
  5. Three great subjects, watching with interest, and envy! Geoff
  6. Great subject and great modelling skills! Well done Geoff
  7. What they all said! She looks splendid! Can't offer any advice on taking photos, but to my eye having some areas slightly out of focus does increase the perception of size of the ship. Great work! Geoff
  8. Cracking work! The rigging is spot on, as is the paint work. Geoff
  9. Really good, clear, concise tutorial Beefy. Will be (stealing) trying that soon. Huron is looking the part now, anchor chains and the rails are looking spot on. Geoff
  10. Looks like you're wrestling this into shape bit by bit! Great work! Just be careful you don't throw it like a frisbee in a fit of rage! Geoff
  11. Looking really at home in the sea scape beefy, can't wait to see he end result! John, you can get a 1/700 resin model of HMS Hardy from Niko, she was the H class leader and as such was a bit longer and wider than the others of the class, plus had an extra 4.7 gun mounted in between the funnels. Geoff
  12. Top notch paint job and weathering, love it!
  13. Really like the water effect, cracking work! Geoff
  14. Great Work so far! I'll be watching this. I'd say replace all of the hand rails, but it's your build! Geoff