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  1. A class of ships you don't often see, brilliantly done! Great work! Geoff
  2. My flabber is truly gasped by the quality of this! Brilliant work! Geoff
  3. Beautiful workmanship! Love seeing the updates!
  4. Looking very smart, nice work on the funnel and the P.E.
  5. From what I can find out all of the Tribal's that were built for the Australian and Canadian Navies had the shortened aft funnel, from construction. Lessons learned from the ships in service from the very beginning of the war
  6. Got the same model off my in-laws. I Normally make 1/700 ships..... The box itself is taking up more room than my stash for the next year! Should be fun!
  7. Simply beautiful work there. Thoroughly enjoyed following this build Foxy, a joy to behold. Can't wait for the next project. Cheers for sharing. Geoff
  8. Really good job, we'll done. Tempted by one of these now. The stash grows again..
  9. Really good job, we'll done. Tempted by one of these now. The stash grows again..
  10. Lovely build of a wonderful ship. I'm in awe of the speed that you finished her!
  11. Looking good! Can't wait to see more! Do like WW2 RN Destroyers.
  12. Thanks for the kind words Kev, Chris, Chuckb1. Much appreciated. Think I need to re scale the pics I've taken as it won't let me do it that way Chris. Gotta admit that the pre war Destroyers, A to I, look just right to me, I know I have a personal connection but they do look special!
  13. <> <> <> <> <> <> <> You can tell I'm a newbie as I still can't upload a picture from photobucket. . Think I've done everything right but I'm getting a message saying that I can't upload from that source? Any suggestions on what I may have done wrong? Or a better site than Photobucket?
  14. Hi All, here is my 1/700 HMS Faulkonr conversion from the Tamiya E-Class Destroyer. Many, many firsts here. First post for inspection. First build in 20+ years. First time painting a model ship (played and sank all the others in the bath I think!). First Photo etch adventure. First scratch build on a model. First attempt at a seascape. First time mounting on a base, you get the picture... This was made as a 70th Birthday present for my old man. His Dad, my Grandfather served on Faulknor from '38 to '42 as a CPO and I wanted to do something different for his birthday and came up with this. It was all going so well until half way through his party someone knocked her onto the floor and carnage ensued. So this is what I have been able to patch together from the wreck. All comments, tips and criticism appreciated. Just don't mention the Very short aft funnel... Geoff. <>