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  1. Hi Richard, Thanks for that. I've never added the numbers to my models of her, but I was never sure as to the reason for them not being there. I've always been curious why just about every other destroyer displayed them but Faulknor didn't.
  2. Very nice! Really good work on the PE! How much ended up with the carpet monster?
  3. Mt minatures do several sets of decals with depth markings on, they're for modern RN ships but will be the correct ish scale.
  4. Hi, a quick look on Google images seems to show depth markings on all images around '42/'43, but I can't see the ships name on the stern. This could be because it was remove or painted over. Or it could have been censored and edited out of the photo when developed. My grandfather served on HMS Faulknor and I can't find a single picture with the ships number on the side, was it never there or was it or edited out? For the decals check out Hannants, I'm sure they'll have a set of some kind with some depth markings, or just use a white pencil/thin brush? Best of luck with the build Geoff
  5. That's one weird looking tin can! Really good work on it, we'll done! Geoff
  6. Cracking work! How are you doing the chipping on the stripes? Fluid or some special method? Looks spot on. Geoff
  7. One of the best WIPs I've looked at, only to be surpassed but the end result! What a cracking build and display of skills, all in all brilliant! Well done Geoff
  8. Tidy, very tidy. All coming together now, and looking splendid! Well done! Geoff
  9. That looks like a terrible ship, but a great model! Will be watching this build up. Geoff
  10. Cracking build and a wonderful paint job. Love the weathering, you really nailed this! Geoff
  11. Outstanding work there. Wonderful work all round. Chocks on the wheels! Love everything about this! Well done sir. Geoff
  12. HMS Faulknor, or any of the A to I ships, but a flotilla leader would do me nicely.
  13. Lovely looking Dreadnought, and a huge Mr Hobby... I'll get me Sir.
  14. All looking very tidy! Thats why in 1/700 I stick to ships that don't have latice masts!