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  1. Thanks David! Yeah, those bloody walkways... I've already broken them afew times now! Kirov's? Absolute stunner of a design. There's one in the closet too.... Cheers Gaz
  2. Thanks guys! I'll hopefully be moving on to some of the other closet cloggers in due course ~ there's afew Ww2 battleships waiting their turn! In the meantime it's back to the "answer"! I'll have to take a gander at some of your builds Jeff for ship wrangling tips! Chees Gaz
  3. Well okay. The boring bit about myself. I've been building 1/35 armour on and off for years, but this time around the block I thought I'd really try and challenge myself. And so a foray into ships! I've got to say I'm excited - I've always loved the idea of building miniatures of these huge chunks of steel and although I've owned ship kits for years, I've only once or twice managed to finish one. The kit I've chosen to learn on is the Revell rendition of HMS Manchester, put out in 1998 and supposedly a repop of a Dragon kit. There are spaces in the sprues because the build has been going on for the last month or so. There are 3 sprues altogether, but one of them is taken up by the stand and name plate and propeller shafts ect. So in reality really only 2 sprues. Part of sprue B, which in the main is weapons, more than half of which won't be used. I only have armour kits to measure sharpness against these sprues; but I seem to remember Dragon being very crisp. These seem alittle hazy/chunky in detail. Any opinions? I used to love scratching pieces for my armour kits out of different materials; copper/tin foil, but mostly sheet styrene. But 1/700 means much less scope for that. Only one sheet, but having never built a ship using etch this will be a big learning experience. The build so far - major structures blu-tacked together. I've gone to the point where I need to get with the etch and start sticking it on. Or, I could procrastinate and paint the hull.... CONS so far. I am abit disappointed with the kit. There were some pretty huge sink marks in the upper hull, especially near the bow. The funnel, and a box just after the main radar post had minor, but annoying sink marks as well. I'm not sure as to the initial fitting out of the Manchester, but going by the pics I have (these are admittedly late in her career I think), there seemed a need to change the upper deck walkways (excuse the non sailor lingo); movement of the inflatable boats and their cranes to the correct position, deleting and adding different weapons. All this has also resulted in a fair amount of time on the sanding block, AND cutting sheet styrene in an effort to compensate. PROS so far I'm enjoying the build. The stretch 42's just has to be one of the most eye catching of warship designs. It's a beauty, and it's slowly coming together. AND I'm cutting styrene again! Who'd a thought! Gaz
  4. For me one of the positives of gluing extremely small bits of thin brass to my fingers is that at least I'll know where it is.... Gaz
  5. Thanks very much for the warm welcome Steve, Dennis, Chris, Herrick, Lee, Bertie, Arnold, and John!! Fantastic to be here. Right! Where's the plastic!! Cheers Gary
  6. How are you doing? Its been a few years since I last built and painted a model - busy as heck and a detour into boardgames meant a time squeeze. Anyway, I used to build 1/35 armour - and unsurprisingly there's afew unfinished builds from last time - one of my things was doing some scratch. But, it seems this time I'm destined to give, well, attempt, 1/700 ships. I've always thought PE at that scale was the preserve of the mad genius.... Gaz
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