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  1. Reading through this awesome build over the years has taught me to REALLY look at photo's. The small details that I see now would simply just not been noticed a relatively short time ago. Thank you EJ, Regards, Pete in RI
  2. Aahhhh......that's why your name sounded familiar, just couldn't place it. Yes we have met. Sorry to hear about Dave, no, I didn't know he had passed. Will try and post some pics of the SBS set, but I am crap with computers. I got all that a/m from Hannants. I have entered the comp at Patcon many times over the years, it's a great show. Does the club still hold meetings? or is it all vitual atm.
  3. Hi Terry! Welcome aboard and it's nice to hear from another Yorkie! (although I live in Rhode Island now) Will check out your channel, and well done on building yourself a hobby hut. Regards, Pete in RI
  4. We have probably passed each other and may have even chatted at the local shows (remember them?? lol). Have you been to The Spare Time Shop in Marlboro lately? just wondering how they are doing. Was there about 2 months ago. There is quite a bit of aftermarket for this kit; SBS 48059 replacement engines and cowls Gaspatch Vickers K gun CMK 4379 tailwheel and separate leg BarracudaCast BR48058 Accurate main wheels SBS 48064 Better propellers and hubs Eduard FE 935 cockpit PE Eduard 49935 Cockpit and airframe set Eduard 936 seatbelts Eduard48975 Flap
  5. No, K7107 is not in the kit markings, and the painting guide shows those lower acute panels as clear. Yes, Airfix messed up frosting them. Kit markings are L6739, Q-YP, 23 SQN, Duxford 1940. And a 54 OTU a/c YX-N from Church fenton. (no serial given).
  6. Good morning Pip, I am looking at the kit now as I write. Part G4 is the fighter canopy. The top frosted panel represents an addtional bit of armor for the pilot. So if you are doing a bomber, then use G12. HOWEVER, don't forget that the Mk1 and 1F were the same airframe, and could be switched between the two roles with relative ease, so you will see photo's of bomber role a/c with fighter armor on the windshield and visa-versa. The gun pack was a bolt on accessory. The bottom frosted panel was usually clear, as the above photo shows, so polish that one out on both G4 and 12. But again as alwa
  7. Hiya, Pete in RI here. I have the 1/48 1F kit at home. will look when I leave work. If you are in the UK, then I am 5 hours behind you.
  8. Special Hobby I believe. Check over on the Large Scale Planes forum.
  9. Or you may want to switch up scales and wait for the 1/32 one which is coming out soon. That will make all the other kits obsolete. Regards, Pete in RI
  10. Well done! that's AWESOME!!! Now get back on the Victory, lol. Regards, Pete in RI
  11. Hi Chris, Well.........my first suggestion would be to bin it and get yourself the 1/35th scale Takom or Meng kit of the Mk1 or 4. But, if you would prefere to continue with self masochism then continue to cut out the whole visor and make a new one from plastic sheet. Tiny blobs of PVA glue will replicate the rivets, and a bit of plastic rod or stretched sprue to make the hinge rod. Regards, Pete in RI. ps, This should be in the Armour Section under work in progress. You are in the Aeroplane bit.
  12. On the HiS Model site, go into ship sets, click on Heller Victory, click on sails, click on workflow, sails, and it brings up those pages.
  13. Hi Jim, having just looked through my copies of anatomy and Longridge, there are no plans of sails. Sorry about that, I was mistaken. On the HiS Model website there is a page or two of "Instruction on how to use cloth sails" which describes how to add the sail ropes. There are sail plans in my Anatomy books of HMS Pandora and Bark Endeavor. I can copy those and send them to you if you wish.
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