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  1. Don't worry about lack of disply space. If it is too big for the shelf, then get a cheap paddling pool and disply it in the garden!
  2. Hannants has it
  3. short answer...no. many, many, technical reasons why.
  4. Sorted! Thank you Vesa, I even have the 'Britain Alone' book, just forgot I had it! Lol.
  5. Hi All, I rather fancy doing the K7974 option on sheet X32069 in the desert scheme. However, it calls for colours that I am not familiar with being used by the RAF, namely Red sand, Dark red sand, Dark sand with the fourth colour being regular Dark earth. Any thoughts on this? Are they legit colours? It describes the a/c as being stationed at Summit, Sudan, June 1940. Codes RT-O, Pilot Officer Green. Regards, Pete in RI
  6. That's AWESOME! Well done Brad, really creative and plausable too. Regards, Pete in RI
  7. Interesting research EJ. I read it on your site last night. Regards, Pete in RI
  8. hhmmmm........you might want to contact Jamie at Sovriegn Hobbies on that one.
  9. About the broomsticks with oval holes or the guns with round holes Simon?
  10. Also, the rear most window on the starboard side is actually the crew access door. The Flightpath set also has the wing flaps and bays, tailwheel details, control horns, antenna fittings, landing lamp frame, windshield de-icer frame, etc.
  11. Try Gaspatch Models, they do a whole range of 1/32 guns. Regards, Pete in RI
  12. Hi Mark, no, nothing specific. This build is the first time I have seen the SH kit in detail and I used the Flightpath set in my Airfix build years ago. There are a lot of exterior details in the set, oil coolers u/c details, exterior window and cabin door frames etc as well as the interior parts. I am sure that fit would not be an issue. I have cross kitted many PE and resin sets over the years and usually only had to do minor tweeks. Regards, Pete in RI
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