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  1. Hiya, This is coming along very nicely. I have pretty much all I need now, just got to get some deck wood. I have started cleaning and adapting the kit hull parts and will take photo's along the way. I will start my own thread shortly once I have learned how to post photo's. ( computer idiot). You have and will continue to, teach me how to build this ship. I know this will be a multi-year project. Regards, Pete in RI
  2. Hi Jim, hope you are well. More of Dan Fischers' parts have arrived. New anchors, float's, railings etc. 3D print this time, very nicely done. So, all I need to do is aquire some decking wood and the parts collection is pretty much complete. I cleared the bench this afternoon ( Wingnut Wings SE5a, a WW1 fighter ) and spread it all out. I think the first thing to do is to go over all the hull exterior parts and reduce the molded on woodgrain effect and remove the incorrect details. So, I guess this means I have officially started what will be a very long, multi-year build. I will take some phot
  3. Also don't forget the one modification you MUST make is to make the funnels the same size. Trumpeter screwed up and made one smaller. There are replacement funnels out there, just google it. The Pontos set caters to either the correct sized funnels or the small kit one. Just specify which you want when ordering.
  4. Awesome job there Patrick, well done. Will have to remember your advice for my next desert diorama. (we have 3 cats) Regards, Pete in RI
  5. The colour scheme in the kit instructions is wrong. Go to the Sovereign Hobbies.com and see their info. Colourcoats are the only accurate Royal Navy paints out there too.
  6. Hi Dave, welcome back to modelling. On the detail sets, the Pontos set is the one to get. They worked closely with the HMS Hood Association when developing the set to get the details correct and rectify the kits' inaccuracies. The MK1 set did not. The Eduard sets are useful for extra small bits that one needs along the way, or if one screws up a Pontos or kit part, lol. Check over on Model Warships.com in Picture post, works in progress, and look for Hood builds there. Particularly the one by EJ Foerth, his is a really good step by step build in 1/350, all of which is relevant to your kit. (b
  7. Only a week or two? Dang Paul, that would take me six months! lol Regards, Pete in RI
  8. From the looking around I did before I bought, it looked to be about the best out there. Also Alexi has great customer service.
  9. Yep, that's the one! I got the PL 3 machine, the small vertical machine and the long horizontal serving machine. On the PL3, I took off the 3 small bobbin holders and made 3 new larger ones from aluminium strip so that I can fit the larger bobbins straight from the store without having to wind the thread onto the small bobbins. Works great!.
  10. Looking good Moarein, What are you using for thread? I was playing with my rope machine over the weekend ( first time) and was successful in making some 3 strand fine enough for the gun carriages. Regards, Pete in RI
  11. Errrr....Chief.....the Swordfish didn't have turnbuckles on the main flying wires. They were RAF wires with threaded ends and fittings. But how was the kit in general? I am in the process of collecting 1/32 RAF inter-war 'planes and a silver Swordfish would fit the bill nicely. Sanfrandragon, yes, as mentioned in the posts above, be conservative in your choice of size, and please do not use those god-awful brass tubes, especially at both ends of the line. Regards, Pete in RI
  12. Well, all I can find is " The Neophyte Shipmodeller's Jackstay" by George Campbell. 1983 edition. It gives all the basics. I KNOW I had more, eg, Ship modellers handbook, the one you mentioned, and a few others. I do remember a box or two went missing during a move quite a few years ago, they were probably in one of those. I do have Longridge's Anatomy of Nelson's Ships,and the AOTS book, so am well covered. ALSO......I made a major milestone today, I have been playing with my Dormanoff rope making machine today and have successfully made my first length of rope. WHOOHOO! I did a fine section
  13. Hhmmm.....I may have that or something very much like it. Will have to dive into the library.
  14. europapete

    HMS Hood

    WOW! I can't believe no one has replied to this. Thank you for posting all this, good info. I am building a 1/200 model atm, although progressing slowly. Lots more good info at the HMS Hood Association website and over on ModelWarships.com especially EJ Foeth's build. Regards, Pete in RI
  15. Thanks Jim, yes, I will be using the airbrush to paint mostly. I will also be using your thread, Moarein's, and Dan's as my guides, plus the AOTS book, and the Anatomy of Nelson's Ships book. I have built some wooden sailing ship kits in the past and my main modelling focus is 1/32 WW1 aeroplanes, so rigging is not a problem. It will be my first time making ropes though. Am starting to experiment with that. Actually, with all these guides I doubt I will need the kit instructions, lol.
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