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  1. Just google S100 and look at the photo's of the actual boats, not models or computer images. You will see the front tub details. If you would like printed books, then the Squadron/Signal "In Action" book, ShipCraft #6 German S Boats, particularly page 11 of an S38 boat front tub. For models, google Joseph Neumeyer. he has done a couple of AWESOME diorama's with S- Boats. One fighting a Flower Class Corvette, and another at the dockside.
  2. ok, the front gun tub should be 22 mm O.D., I used 15 thou sheet cut to size and curved to suit. A new floor was made of sheet and strip slats made. The Eduard PE door can then be fitted to the inside. For the deck slope, there is planty of thickness in the deck, so just shave it off flush with the deck. The tub depth from floor to rim is 30 mm. A strip of 10 thou was added to the top rim on the inside and embossed with rivet detail, 5mm wide. 9x 1mm strips went down verticaly from this to the floor. Check your reference photos, they will show the set up clearly. The door goes to the rear, to port of the rear centerline strip. Replace all the kit guard rails with fine wire. Regards, Pete in RI
  3. You have done a great job. I believe either Archer Fine Transferes or HGW do silver rivets in various sizes.
  4. Hang on a few. I will get home from work and give you the details. Should have done that with the last post but it was really late at night. sorry.
  5. Nice project ! Dont forget the front gun tub is too small in diameter and the slope up to it is ficticious. Regards, Pete in RI
  6. Actually CC, a good mix of Europe's best brews and a plate full of roasted sprouts should make me very popular on the connecting flight. If the crew would open the back door and pass me a cig lighter, I could probably cut the flight time in half!
  7. kk, an hour and a half layover should be long enough for a pint or three!
  8. Thanks all. Flight is Boston-Munich-LHR. Then drive up to York and Leeds. Will definately try the the beer Chief
  9. No choice I'm afraid. It's not a sight seeing trip. Same here, been decades since I've flown LH. But I do remember it was a very nice airline.
  10. Speaking of rotting swans and Baldricks culinary expertise, anyone know how the food is on Lufthansa? I fly into Blighty tomorrow.
  11. Now we need someone to take over from him. Mind you, I've been catching up on "Bottom" but those guys need a stand in too now! Jeeze, I'm getting old. ( Also just subscribed to Britbox a couple of weeks ago).
  12. Billy Connolly took up the slack in a grand manner!
  13. So....with many of us ordering Zep kits due to you Mr M, could we start a group build called Grannies Zeppelin Adventures? or something along those longerons and frames? Or am I just being an old gasbag for suggesting such heresey?
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