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  1. MGB 40 awaits a paint job and I'm awaiting parts for a defunct compressor. So...inspired by Kev Longshanks and his Dog boat build MGB658 I'm going to kick off my attempt at a Fairmile B. They were in many ways the unsung work horse in motor launches and were deployed in a miriad of roles including acting as navigation leaders to mark channels for landing craft to use in their approaches to the D-Day beaches - as represented by ML 196. Pictures of these comparatively rare types are hard to come by. I am indebted to Christian Sheppard-Capurro for passing on some pics This pic portrays ML or Q196 as she was on or about D-Day... Mark Smiths "Coastal Craft History Volume 3 - Motor Gun Boat, Motor Torpedo Boat and Fast Patrol Boat depicts Q196. It's an indispensible volume for anyone interested in British Coastal Craft of WWII as our volumes 1 and 2. Volume 4 is due and will specifically detail Fairmile As, Bs and Cs. Further references will include And unlike the Dog boats there are still a few extant originals of which RLM 497 is probably the best well known having served as a ferry and pleasure day boat around the Dartmouth estuary for many years, she now resides in Portsmouth and I believe will become part of the Naval museum Th hull comes courtesy of Christian at MTB hulls and is truly a thing of beauty. if you have any interest in coastal craft - check his site out - he does a huge number of different hulls in different scales and here it is against the HDML that he also supplied ( this is approximately Vosper MTB sized) As Longshanks reports with his Fairmile D - the moulding is superb with barely a blemish. The deck is loose and will need epoxying down which fits with my plans I'll also be using Coastal Craft Model products Coastal Craft Models from Martin Blundell which are uniformly excellent. And Thanks Also to Longshanks for his encouragement and help to date. If I make half as good a job as MGB658, I'll be delighted. More soon Thanks for looking Rob
  2. I have both and if I'm honest I prefer the normal Gator Grip which is (excuse me!) "grippier". I think they are identical apart from the PE version being thinner and less viscous. Great build and very fine paint work going on. Rob
  3. Revell 1/144 Corvette

    ..........to spending your money! There are 2 RN sets though to my mind neither are very "Corvette" https://www.shapeways.com/product/QY6GMRM22/1-144-royal-navy-seamen-set102?optionId=63592147 https://www.shapeways.com/product/F46HNL5W4/1-144-royal-navy-seamen-set-101?optionId=63453485 Thanks P - may take you up nearer the time - depending on progress with HMCS Eyebright. And sorry to Al for monopolizing his thread Rob
  4. Trumpeter 1/350 HMS Hood

    Very, very nice work Rob
  5. Look - I keep taking the pills......you keep taking your pills Rob (Reference my comment re 3 hrs per week!!!!!)
  6. Revell 1/144 Corvette

    Al, I can only agree with my learned brethren - I rather thought there'd be more builds of the 1/144 offering than have appeared to date. Good luck with the Shapeways offerings, I've been really satisfied with mine and at last they've reduced the (punitive) postal costs. I've been thinking of producing some Corvette specific decals. Conscious of your Excellent sheet, how did you go about it? It would be nice to print off ship names on the aft "name plate" together with depth charge "round bands" indicating ?live charges. I'm also really keen to print off some bow /stern "depth" markings in white but need to research how to do this. Were you aware of these?....... https://www.shapeways.com/product/YNWZLR2E7/1-144-merchant-navy-set701?optionId=63575648 https://www.zinnfigur.com/en/Round-Figures/Blank-kits/Manufacturers-M-N/Munich-Kits/Royal-Navy-Seamen-1939-45.html?force_sid=kpo4btqk7lfofmd41dp9pu0gh7 There's a minimum order for the "Munich-kit" of 4 sets. I'll be ordering some sooner or later - I suspect Kev "Longshanks" will take a set - let me know if you are interested. Best Regards Rob
  7. Sexton, 153 (LY) Field Regt. RA

    In total agreement. Looking forwards Rob
  8. Guilty as charged - I'd like several other builds to be taken into consideration Sorry for the tardy reply - I've been away. Courageous, this was meant o be a long term build and foolishly I've started a Nagmachon over on AFV and I STILL have my MGB 40 to finish and then there's HMCS Eyebright ...... (and a 1/350 HMS Anchusa somehow appeared in the post this week) oh you know how it is. If I mange to get more than 3 hrs modelling a week I'm lucky Thanks John I have a 1/72 HDML hull that will get built in the medium to long term. Rob
  9. 1/350 Dreadnought

    Lovely model, lovely seascape, Looks Fab Congratulations Rob
  10. 1/350 Algerine class minesweeper

    The railings look very neat indeed. Rob
  11. HMS Belfast

    I absolutely Love how you've done the seascape - the minesweeper certainly gives a sense of scale. What colours did you use to get that Blue sea effect, which really has turned out perfectly? And which acrylic medium? Belfast looks superb. This is very impressive!! Rob
  12. 1/350 Algerine class minesweeper

    I really like the paint job andweathering looks just right - What a cracking little model Rob
  13. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Having built HMS Crocus, I was planning to attempt HMS Clematis and likely still will. However, researching Corvettes on the web I came across some startling pictures of HMCS Eyebright and I am indebted and grateful to Mr Ron Bell for his permission to download his images via http://www.forposterityssake.ca/GALLERIES/EYEBRIGHT.htm. Thankyou Sir, you are a gentleman. Picture quality is superb and several angles convey one of the ten British built/designed Corvettes that were loaned to the Canadians. The Camouflage is the "Admiralty Light" scheme that seems to have come into use around 1942 and features in many 1942 onwards pictures of Corvettes with good pictures/example being available of HMS Violet and HMS Jonquil amongst many others. I have singularly been unable to find a picture of HMS Bluebell despite this scheme being portrayed by Matchbox/Revell in their 1/72 offering with most models being represented with a 507C light hull and B15 stripe shading with an MS4a Funnel and upper bow area. HMS Violet with thanks to the Imperial War Museum photo archive. And here's HMS Jonquil (IWM photo archive) with area "1" showing the ?MS4a bow area, a distinctly different shade from the ?507C Light grey main hull seen in segment "3". The Funnel is a distinctly different shade from the main hull colour and most seem to agree that this was MS4A. Jonquil appears to extend this colour along her aft superstructure. Returning to HMCS Eyebright ....... ...she has a similar 3 colour hull demarcation ("1") with 507C being I feel the likeliest colour for the main hull (vs white). The bow colour ("1") is distinctly different from the rest and seems to match the funnel "5", the aft superstructure may be funnel or Hull - it's not entirely clear though the cowl vents I feel are definitely hull (507C) colour. Eyebright has a quirk (a little bit like Crocus) in that the middle disruption stripe "4" is made up of 2 colours with a distinct division , the aft colour being lighter possibly matching that of the funnel. The disruption stripes echoing those on Bluebell and others as above have been portrayed most often as B15 (bluegrey) and this is a colur profile presented in The Shipcraft 'Flower Class Corvette' book though John Lambert records HMS Hydrangea and HMS Armeria as having stripes pf 507A (dark grey) in 'Warship Perspectives' . There is no evidence that I can find that paint colours differed drastically between and Canadian and British vessels. I'm struggling with the disruption stripes being B15 or 507A?? And is there a consensus about Light Grey hull and MS4a bow and funnel? Jamie, Kev et al - what do you all think? Thanks Fellas Rob
  14. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    That's really interesting and has made me take a second look at Weyburn K173's hull again. Rob
  15. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Thanks John, there's now a copy winging it's way to me. Rob
  16. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Jamie - I'm not so certain. I think it's fascinating and really quite compelling. Very obviously - for the Pennant letters (that are white) to stand out, they must contrast with a grey clour and I'm of course reminded of the 2 Very well known colour (I have always presumed not colourised) pics of HMCS vessels Weyburn and Regina Regardless of the hull colours both run with grey (vs Western approaches Blue to my mind) on the superstructure, Regina (No pennant number) using presumably 507.C and 507.B. I'm drawn to White, B.5 and 507.C. When you postulate M.S.4a - do you mean the green grey or warm grey? It's interesting how much whiter the bow wave is than the white of the hull for Regina, reflecting that Admiralty white is "off-white". I am fascinated Rob
  17. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Thanks again Jamie - that definitely brings a framework to work within. I'm fascinated by your thoughts on M.S.4 and M.S.4A. The green hue has an attraction in aesthetic terms and provides more of a "contrast" in colour tones than the warm grey tone that you would feel would blend with the 507.C, hardly worth the effort of demarcating the zones. I'd be hugely grateful if you kept me abreast of your thoughts after Portsmouth. It's real detective work. This build is not imminent and I've deliberately kicked this off for some time to reflect. Rob
  18. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Thanks Kev - I know what you mean but looking at multiple pics of different vessels I am convinced that it's not a shading phenomenon. However............ Rob
  19. HMCS Eyebright - Camouflage scheme?

    Thanks Jamie, I hoped you'd pick this up - I applaud your scholarly analysis and erudition. I'm very taken by your B15 analysis and am a convert to the 507C/G45 eqivalence argument. The only issue I take with above is that I think there are only 3 colours - main hull, dsiruptive stripes and funnel (?aft superstructure) and divided aft disruptive stripe which is itself unique in this Admiralty "Light" scheme (to my experience). I feel that the tone apparent there is identical to bow and Funnel? As to the time of these pics - Eyebright was launched Jan 1941 with the "B" bridge and mast forwards on the Fo'csle. There are web pics that show her in this configuration with Western approaches colour scheme. She was refitted in Charlottetown Nov 1941 and then again in July 1943. Several wweb pics show her with a "C" bridge mast abaft the bridge and with rocket launchers on the 4" gun housing. I thus infer that the mast abaft the bridge with a "B" bridge indicates her mid period from Nov 1941 to July 1943 Here are some more pics The port side pic does not show such contrast with the hull shade - she is clearly not so weather beaten in this pic Rob
  20. Bristol Sycamore HC.14/HR.14/Mk.51/Mk.52

    What a Fab little build! Rob
  21. Well, with virtually no modelling throughout the summer, it's finally back to the bench. I suffer abrupt changes of modelling polarity and feel the need to put aside my 1/72 boat projects for the time being, to do some more armour. One of my favourite tanks is The Brit Centurion and it's hard not to be mesmerized by what the IDF have done to modernise and adapt their venerable Shot Cals. (I saw Michael Mass has written that it should be Cal not Kal?) The Nagmachon was a project using old Centurion hulls to construct APCs. This will the early version without the later "Doghouse" that was built to give the crew further protection. They have an almost sci-fi appearance in their strangeness. The web is not exactly awash with pictures - here's the early version on the right.. Reference will be the excellent Desert Eagle publishing... I'm told copying pictures from these volumes is particularly frowned upon. However, they are particularly excellent and modeller-centric. Kit versions appear from Hobby Boss and Tiger Model (costing nearly twice as much) I'll be using the Hobby Boss version The KMT mine adapter will be fitted and I'm waiting for DEF Model to produce their promised mine roller kit. The old Academy version that came with a Merkava 2 or M60 is sadly no longer available. Neither the Hobby Boss or Tiger Model versions supply the Shackles that are used with chain to help attach the side skirt armour. Thanks to Alan Brown from Leicester Modellers to tipping me off about shackles available on Shapeways that fit the bill perfectly - sadly the first lot bought were too small Shapeways - Bolted shackles There's no chain supplied with this kit so courtesy of Accurate Armour And there are the too small shackles on the box I've never built a Hobby Boss kit before - though instructions and presentation are as per Trumpeter - simple line drawings With Colour profiles and paint callouts citing Mr Hobby, Vallejo, Model Master, Tamyia and Humbrol Mindful of the "difficulty" with the colour Sinai Gray, I'm going to trial the new AK lacquers (with some hopefully wending their way) which promises authentic accuracy. We shall see. Construction begins with the hull tub and bogie assemblies. Dry fitting hints at what's to come.. Thanks for looking Rob
  22. Chieftain Mk 11

    Top job Rob
  23. What a superb result - absolutely spot-on weathering. Super job all round Rob
  24. Miniart 1/35 AEC Mk1 Armoured Car

    Chair looks great - the pain and suffering was worthwhile Rob
  25. Danton, Hobby Boss, 1:350

    Hugely impressive - I love that paint job and expertly done! Rob