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  1. What a cracking end result young Stuart Such a clean build - the way the stern guardrail sits is so nicely done - watching and learning Rob
  2. Great Build, sea base and background - Love that Ensign!!! Top notch presentation Rob
  3. I'm with Beefy Looking: 1) Very French and Normande 2) Very architectural - you're not free to come and finish off my Garden Room are you? (no one else wants to ) 3) Suits the Car down to the ground Must be a sizeable construction Stay Safe Rob
  4. Oh - I forgot - even though this book uses 1/700 and 1/350 scales to demonstrate points - They are are equally applicable to 1/144 or higher IMHO the only real Modelling primer you need - hugely useful and lots on using PE! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Modelling-Naval-Ships-Small-Scales/dp/1785008501/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3D1X6SO4V3LLI&keywords=Ship+modelling&qid=1642501609&s=books&sprefix=ship+modelling%2Cstripbooks%2C53&sr=1-1 HTH Rob
  5. Hi John - looking forwards to this There are an AWFUL lot of schemes besides Snowberry FWIW there are photos of wartime Canadian Corvettes that almost certainly show underfouling in Black, so a strict rule is probably not correct (there are No strict rules with corvettes!) If you dont have it - this is well worth the price and really speaking is the only Corvett reference book you need if you are just starting. The print price right now is just plain daft !!! https://www.pen-and-sword.co.uk/ShipCraft-Special-Flower-Class-Corvettes-Kindle/p/7563 Here's a link to my build once again - FWIW......if I were doing Crocus now I would do her in different colours, it was my first proper ship build: Jon has specificlly answered the question re deck colours though I'll add a little. There are Wood deck pieces that are available on EBay that are very nice (Hunter). It's worth checking out Sovereign Hobbies website - set aside an hour to read Jamies info re Royal Navy ship colours. IMHO his revisionist colours are as accurate as we are ever going to get 80 odd years after. The steel decks equate to his RN non Slip paint. The "walkways" were covered in a slap-on aste called Semtex or Cemtex. We still don't know for certain what colours these were as there seem to be several. A "tarmac" colour equating to Sovereign's Dark Admiralty Grey will be my future choice though you'll see I chose to do Crocus in Dark green. Blue might have been another colour or a duck egg green. No one is really certain. And BTW Sovereign colourcoats paints are just wonderful - can't say enough about them - if you get some make sure you get Jamie's thinners which speed up the drying time. That would be my single best tip. Check out the colours on my builds or Jon or Beefys. Jon is right if you are just starting out - make life easy for yourself with PE - take the hit and get one of these and these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193867058225?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=710-134428-41853-0&mkcid=2&itemid=193867058225&targetid=1279076611409&device=c&mktype=&googleloc=1006554&poi=&campaignid=14727339348&mkgroupid=127909237815&rlsatarget=pla-1279076611409&abcId=9300672&merchantid=119158396&gclid=CjwKCAiA55mPBhBOEiwANmzoQi-hqv29P67PvWmyQBLlXRUa2g4jDRK8g4pErhMJCg5A5kBIfM3qbRoCURMQAvD_BwE https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/diamond-file-for-photo-etched-parts-tamiya-74066/?gclid=CjwKCAiA55mPBhBOEiwANmzoQj1Wuo1XCqfLqloJ2ZdsvbpuBwKZL6c24zbvw9Bz9j2jD2URR7d04BoCG8kQAvD_BwE They will save no end of heartache. It will all seem a big outlay but if you continue modelling they will be essential. And if you oaren't cycling any longer (shame!!!) think of the money you'll be saving on Cycle trinkets In terms off Etch accessories - Starling do a very nice small reasonably priced PE set. As to detail accessories - replacing the boats and guns will be a huge step up in detail. if you aren't aware of Micromaster - then I warn you - this is a Fincancial health warning. Visiting Simon's site may well damage your wallet and cause marital friction!!! https://micromaster.co.nz/ The detail on his weapons and boats needs to be seen to be believed. L'arsenal also do resin accessories that are kinder to the wallet but not so detailed http://www.larsenal.com/?PGFLngID=1 HTH - Come back to me if you need any specific advice. Rather sadly I think I have as many of the book references about Corvettes that it's possble to have I'm planning HMS Jonquil and HMCS Eyebright in 1/350 soon Welcome back to ship modelling and to Britmodeller Best Rob
  6. Wondeful models and Wonderful pictures - thanks Rob
  7. Nice life rings though they could do with some supports at this scale .......jus saying Rob
  8. Hi Terry Never been before and hope to come this year Thanks for the heads up Rob
  9. That is a really nice build - Like everything about it and interesting to see it with The Atlantic Models upgrade. Rob
  10. We need some more Dan!!! Come on don't slack - stick to the Deadline! Rob
  11. Every time I Look in I'm thoroughly impressed - some exquisite detail evident and a very fine paint job What paint did you use for SCC15 ? Lovely!! Rob
  12. Hey!! Nice weathering!! Looking right Tidy Rob (And I like that Windlass too!)
  13. Lovely representation Jon - Your builds are getting more precise - Very neat rigging, paintwork and overall finish. A very fitting Tribute Rob
  14. Good to have you back Jeff - she's looking nice on that base Rob
  15. Watching , watching , watching. Ignore Beefy it's just Freudian transference Rob
  16. Boydie - nice work all round. As to the railings or absence there- of, you see ships presented without them in 1/350 and they just lack.............. As to square windows, I agree with S-boat but you can easily pick up square files that are your special friend here (eg. https://www.scalemodelshop.co.uk/product/5pc-mini-needle-file-set-expo-tools-72535/) Rob
  17. So with a colour palatte in my mind firmly decided of MS2, B5 and 507c, it's time to get started. Poole awaits figure painting and final detailing, son on with some "assembling". She'll be presented in a base so the stabliziers are whittled off. Scuttles drilled out for hull and superstucture The ammunition locker fitting lugs are all filled, so as to accept Micromaster replacements Hull and super structure ladders are whittled off Doors are whitled off to accept resin Micromaster offerings Reel sinks are filled to accept free standing Black Cat offerings Paravane "holes" are plugged, once again to accept Black Cat offerings Trumpter very clearly take their plans from "Profile Morskie" who portray the bollards on their plans without their "hats". Which is why none are moulded on the kit. They are added. And just looking at the pic above, I see that I've missed more moulded on ladders (The power of close-up photography......benign for once) I think that like Calcutta this is basically a good kit. Provided that if you are seeking reasonable accuracy you replace an awful lot.............. Guns, Boats, Ammo lockers, Paravanes, Radar, Depth charges etc etc. The ammo lockers for the 4in guns are half acceptable, but those supplied for the 20mm Oerlikons of which there are many are decidely odd and featureless. Fortunately that very nice friend to modellers, Simon Percival at Micromaster has help at hand in the form of 20mm Ammunition lockers that exactly match those we are used to seeing in John Lambert plans etc. They are smaller than the kit suppled ones which explains the need to fill the locating lugs. If they weren't filled holes would be seen in the decks Micromaster have also released a set of deck lockers so the moulded ones will be coming off too. Oh what fun we have More soon Rob
  18. John - I'll be very interested to follow your progress. I did a couple of YouTube Fusion 360 tutorials and realised that it was going to take me a VERY long time to get to Pascal or Steve's level. I'm still torn but I'm thniking my time will be better spent using "old-style" construction methods for the Drifters and Trawlers I want to build Keep us posted. Interesting to hear from you all Rob
  19. Very tidily done - does the silk thread eveer "bobble" ? (Fray or form little clumps like cotton) Rob
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