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  1. Hi Andy - she's looking great. Applying decals onto any matt surface invites silvering and horror Best to gloss it with varnish/Future/Klear - apply onto a very shiney surface then matt varnish after. And how do I know this............................................................. She's hugely detailed for such a tiny vessel Rob
  2. Thanks Rich - I have it - my initial impresion was that the colours were all too light but seeing Kev's application on his Mumble Bee, I called it wrong - they'll definitley see service soon Rob
  3. Hi Rich - The AK wash is indeed much darker - I've used it on Colombo (see the current thread). I used the MIG productions wash which is much lighter on Calcutta. I don't dry brush it - I apply lightly with a brush without "soaking". I think you've arrived at a similar place and I may well use your method on a future deck so as to give some variation. I think it really is necessary to do "something" to the wood deck veneer as it arrives as it looks far too pristine Rob
  4. Rich - I think that is a hit - looks really effective. I've used Mig production "Neutral Grey" enamel wash on my decks previously which gets you roughly to the same place. Good to see this back on the Go Rob
  5. Steve - Micromaster AKA Simon Percival is a God. His products sadly become totally addictive Well I 'm concscious that this build is beginning to stretch out so - note to self - "Get a move on". But before I wibble on - just a shout out to a thread in "Shows" regarding the Avon IPMS show that next To Scale model World is regularly the best that I attend. It tends to get buried out of site so check it out if you are interested However I'll publish some of the maritime pics from the "Mulberry Harbour SIG" that went onto win "Best of show". The SIG has a Facebook presence Alan Blyth is a superb modeller from IPMS London/The Assocation of London Modellers and here are some pics of his work in 1/350 for the stand And his work in 1/700 And some from Richard Allen Alan has generously shared with me his sea sculpt technique and I'll report back in due course as it seems delightfully straightforward. So the Colombo build has now dragged on - so - note to self - "Pull finger out" The etched Carley paddles that come with ship frets often seem oversized and no-one does a specific fret when they feature prominently in wartime pics... In a moment of (unusual) clarity I experimented with 0.3mm styrene rod Clearly forgetting to switch my macro on Take the end of some tweezers or a a scalpel handle and just firmly press down whcih takes you to this The other technique I've trie with Carley rafts is "dry-brushing" a technique that I normally try to avoid. I've peviously used washes but I can rport - dry brushing with oils is far more effective and will be my preferred way of depictign the ropework henceforth. I've spent some time detailing the bridge with speaking tubes and even though the plans and don't iinstructions don't show them - I've added Micromaster 20" signal lamps to "pedestals" at the rear of the bridge that come moulded You can see in the above pic what a difference the 20mm lockers make over the kit supplied "boxes". One of the advantages of building a second ship of the same class is that you can learn form your mistakes on the first. On Calcutta I failed to deal iwht the join on the shelter deck superstructure support that is just plain ugly and offends me every time I look at it. I corrected it on Colombo by filing down and then respraying - lesson learnt I began soome deck weathering and was struck by this modern phot of a Type 23 as to how rust a Foc'sle can get... I believe the 2 principles of weathering that are successful are 1) Build up iin layers so as to give depth 2) Less is ALWAYS more I was struck by this tutorial that I stumbled across whilst thinking aboout weathering my Centruion AVRE https://www.facebook.com/DBScaleModelStudio/posts/pfbid02TseLHwdnsHGGYNTf4EpNz2iWTQgi1xNoG68Hf5nSEufW74pSo5c3mkf8okrB1Lf5l Lifecolor Tensocrom products are always useful and I bought some Tensocrom (acrylic) "Rust 1" which is half wash/half filter. It provides an initila rust/weathering base that you can then add oils to later it's important to try to aim for a "layering" look - do a very little at a time And as always with oils and enamels - if you over do it, providing you dont leave it too long, you can remove with white spirit. Do little bits a t a time - have a thin and then if needs be do some more Work continues on the base and mindful of Jon's comment about the stern of Calcutta riding high - I kept whittling until I got Colombo sitting nice and flat. Then Mig ammo One shot primer To be followed by repeat layering of Liquitex Gloss medium being as rndom as possibel in it's application And a pic of what the final layout will look like Time for etch superstructure supports, superstructure railings etc and I now nearly always prime the fret first More soon Thanks for looking Rob
  6. Mindful of my commnets about the relative size of figures as discussd above, I stumbled across this pic whilst trawling the IWM collection - such a marvellous resource A reminder as if we needed it that there is considerable variation in Human size anatomy and shapes Rob
  7. Agree with all of the above - Wow, and I can barely believe that is a Matchbox kit Stunning Rob
  8. Fine looking vessel and very crisp rigging Rob
  9. Newlyn School it definitely should be Obi Wan! Please promise me that you aren't going to donate it there....... It has been warm Now let's have some more Rob
  10. Just stumbled across this - what a beautiful rendition Rob
  11. OK Mike - I did deliberate, sorry for any inconvenience caused Rob
  12. Thought of you and couldn't resist snapping some pics of Mumbles "beaches" Just spent a week in Mumbles. On a positive note we saw Porpoises off Caswell beach - the first Cetacean sighting for me during my long acqaintance with the Gower. And lots of seals that are now clearly colonising the coast from Mumbles westwards, must be gettting cleaner. Looked for pics of "Bees" in the Welsh National Waterfront Museum and also Swansea museum. Sadly none and I am sad to report that both institutions are wretchedly dispapointing. Carry on No 1........
  13. Avon IPMS is one of the best shows I've been to and this year the standard of modelling seemed even higher. The stand out table for me was the Mulberry Harbour SIG and Alan Blyth's Submerged Liberty Block vessel was Superb. Most of the pics concern Maritime subjects but I've included some AFV and Aircraft as a lot of us are general modellers. I've chosen to post here as the "Shows" section seems comparatively hidden; if the moderators object please let me know and I'll move or please move it for me if possible. The other stand-out models were Nick Hooper's scratch built developmental jets that he builds using tin foil from take-away cartons - Wow! Catherine Lyddon is an Avon IPMS modeller and once again her models caught my eye - a Chipmunk and a Bulldog in 1/48 just expertly finished and so very neat. I went with my friend Mark and we both came away with Airfix Tucanos for a joint build - testament to the excellent "Lest we forget" model that once again was really iinspirational. So let's begin with Alan Blyth's Mulberry harbour take in 1/350, and just how Cool is this.... Richard Allen's presentation was also eye-catching once again in 1/350 And then some 1/700 offerings And onto general pics from the show.... And finally Nick Hooper's scratchbuilt masterpieces, Hoe you enjoyed Rob
  14. To see this transformed from the printed crude hull that you showed me is Magical. Absolutely cracking model - you must be delighted Rob
  15. Steve - as Beefey says - it's always a treat and I have to keep reminding myself that this is 1/48 Fantastic turn-out Rob
  16. What a delight and I earn bragging rights by having seen this close up and personal, it's even better in the flesh Such a novel way to portray a naval vessel. Rob
  17. And here............(great circle route and all that to the South West of England ) It's going to be a stunner Rob
  18. Looking topnotch and I like that tourquoise blue Depicting drying out sounds great - though if it was Mumbles there should not be sand! Rob
  19. Jon - outstanding finishes on both the wood hull and the sail - really impressive and some top notch rigging to tie it all up ........ Take a bow that Man Rob
  20. Steve - I often "zone out" with historic builds such as this but your hul finish andpaintwork really lifts this and the rigging is tour de force I Salute you Rob
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