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  1. Beautiful finish, tones and weathering - the figures really set it off Superb Rob
  2. Top job - the weatherign is excellent on such a small piece Kudos for the Union flag - sets it off! Rob
  3. Hi Jon We may need @longshanks, @Chewbacca or @Ex-FAAWAFU for final technical advice here all of whom have had professional experience. I think that Part 28 (Black Cat resin parts) is a Compass Binnacle which in this instance happens to have a wheel attached. My understanding is that this is the primary steering compass The pelorus is a compass that allows you take azimuth bearings Here's the arrangement taken from my "Manual of Seamanship Vol 1" 1951 (cheap as chips on Ebay and full of relevant info) I think the instructions indicating 2 x 28 (Compass binnacles) is wrong. Part 29 is the Pelorus (of which there are 2) There are 2 uncredited resin printed pieces ahead of 29 and adjacent to the vents (26). These may represent the engine telegraphs as indicated above And with all this said - you are unlikely to see very much through the windows. HTH And BTW - you are shaming me resurrecting this blog which has stalled Rob
  4. Your best yet - the etch and suspended deck are terrific. Congrats on a job very well done Rob
  5. Can only agree - looking spectacular - the nets are a knock out! Rob
  6. I think that looks very effective indeed Jamie Rob
  7. Absolutely superb - one of my favourite models on BM this year Rob
  8. Well - that sets the tone Looking very promising Rob
  9. Always Spray - it's quicker and easier. Rob
  10. Hi Kev Same as John - gutted to hear that Sorry for the pressure Rob
  11. Looking very impressive and FWIW I always prime etch, though with Mig One-shot Rob
  12. Eee Gads!!! You'll be building aircraft next ........... Oh wait................. Guilty as charged Intriguing choice It'll be good Rob
  13. Can only agree - inspiring beautiful build, so very sorry to hear about the damage but congratulations on the placing Rob
  14. Very fine face painting Nick and the DPM looks spot on. Just caught up with this - outstanding all round Rob
  15. And I'm enjoying watching! looking good Rob
  16. I wondered the same thing Beefy wheni built Kent. I searched for any etch offerings but could find none. I like the covered railings. all looking very fine indeed Rob
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