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  1. robgizlu

    Splinter Camo Hawker Hunter

    With the Airfix 1/48 offering pending I was startled to see this whilst browsing You Tube for the new F-35. I'm not certain if I can "legally" link directly to You Tube...so search on "RAF Marham"published July 5th by David Tilbury and check out the video from approximately 17 mins in.. Absolutely fascinating and rather blows away the F-35s! Flown by Hawker Hunter Aviation, I wonder if we'll see any decals produced? I can't find any other pics of this yet on t'internet Rob
  2. MGB 40 awaits a paint job and I'm awaiting parts for a defunct compressor. So...inspired by Kev Longshanks and his Dog boat build MGB658 I'm going to kick off my attempt at a Fairmile B. They were in many ways the unsung work horse in motor launches and were deployed in a miriad of roles including acting as navigation leaders to mark channels for landing craft to use in their approaches to the D-Day beaches - as represented by ML 196. Pictures of these comparatively rare types are hard to come by. I am indebted to Christian Sheppard-Capurro for passing on some pics This pic portrays ML or Q196 as she was on or about D-Day... Mark Smiths "Coastal Craft History Volume 3 - Motor Gun Boat, Motor Torpedo Boat and Fast Patrol Boat depicts Q196. It's an indispensible volume for anyone interested in British Coastal Craft of WWII as our volumes 1 and 2. Volume 4 is due and will specifically detail Fairmile As, Bs and Cs. Further references will include And unlike the Dog boats there are still a few extant originals of which RLM 497 is probably the best well known having served as a ferry and pleasure day boat around the Dartmouth estuary for many years, she now resides in Portsmouth and I believe will become part of the Naval museum Th hull comes courtesy of Christian at MTB hulls and is truly a thing of beauty. if you have any interest in coastal craft - check his site out - he does a huge number of different hulls in different scales and here it is against the HDML that he also supplied ( this is approximately Vosper MTB sized) As Longshanks reports with his Fairmile D - the moulding is superb with barely a blemish. The deck is loose and will need epoxying down which fits with my plans I'll also be using Coastal Craft Model products Coastal Craft Models from Martin Blundell which are uniformly excellent. And Thanks Also to Longshanks for his encouragement and help to date. If I make half as good a job as MGB658, I'll be delighted. More soon Thanks for looking Rob
  3. Hi Clive -it's a delightful build - I used the Panzerart wheels as I recall as there was some minor issue that the kit supplied wheels are too small. I enjoyed my build so much that I bought another at the end. Looking forwards to your build Rob
  4. Followed the build on the Modelling News and as ever the end result is just an absolute delight - as inspiring as ever. The presentation on the "wooden" target circle just completes a perfect piece. Rob
  5. robgizlu

    Danton, Hobby Boss, 1:350

    Martian and Beefy said it for me, it's really innovative and inspiring!! Rob
  6. As JohnWS will probably attest, it takes an effort to sustain a build over an extended period of time. With my attention span of a gnat and not many spare hours in the week , work occasionally grounds to a halt. Threads such as this are as much a spur to self to keep the momentum going. So........... The USP of this boat in most respects was the "scaffolding" or radar gantry and the taut wire measuring gear to accurately determine it's position whilst guiding Landing Craft to shore off the D-day beaches. You'll recall that pics of the aforementioned taut wire gear are in short supply. I've guesstimated dimensions from these 2 pics (??the only 2) The rims of the "wheel" were taken From Coastal crafts Oerlikon sets and the spokes were cut paper which was strengthened with "Klear" The little wheels are sourced from the spares box or "Dan Taylor Modelworks" Handwheels And whilst this has been going on I've detailed the rear bandstand with steps and built raised frames for the ammunition lockers... AND given my razor saw a thorough work out - Note to self - the depth charges "snap" off the resin mounts - NO need to saw!!! There are 14 Depth charges in toto And I've knocked off some rafts. The trick here is to use a chisel to dig out a groove which half exists in the mouldings to "inset" the lattice etch. It's not been possible on the smaller Denton rafts. In truth I'm uncertain whether the rectangle rafts had wooden lattice floor or rope - pics seem confusing or perhaps both existed? And lastly I edged the bottom of the superstructure with fine strips of Plastikard so that it now sits flush with the deck, and added handrails using railway model "handrail knobs" Momentum is just about forwards (I'm trying to resist sneaking an aggressor F-16 build in ) Thanks for looking Rob
  7. robgizlu

    Splinter Camo Hawker Hunter

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say Andy. I can't help loving it. In the relative twilight of it's career it just brings a modernity to it that I feel it deserves....... Here are some pics from RIAT yesterday. It was the highlight of the show for me. Such a shame and tragedy that the LanceR wasn't able to appear. Similar vintage- similar "modern" camo. Fingers crossed for decals. It's on my build list Rob
  8. robgizlu

    Splinter Camo Hawker Hunter

    Thanks for that tip Mike - I'm there tomorrow so that is A definite.. Rob
  9. robgizlu

    LCVP in British service on D Day

    And a very nice model it is too............. Thanks for the video clip Jamie - I found it really interesting (And lots of B15 colour variation!!) Rob
  10. robgizlu

    F-35A Meng, 1:48

    Wow!! that is astonishingly good Rob
  11. robgizlu

    Pegasus Nautilus 1/144

    Nice paint job on the Mollusc - very realistic Rob
  12. robgizlu

    Vosper MTB

    Cracking result - lovely weathering - Just all round Nice! Rob
  13. robgizlu

    IDF M1 Super Sherman.

    Very very nice indeed. Some very subtle and pleasing weathering. Love the textures on the rear tarp Rob
  14. robgizlu

    Su-27 Flanker - FINALLY DONE!

    What a Fabulous piece - I Love every single bit - Outstanding Rob
  15. robgizlu

    Mount's Bay Fishing Lugger and Wreck!

    Really like it - everything about it is working. Rob
  16. robgizlu

    Vosper MTB

    Very, very nice indeed and for such a large scale I think the detail is commendable. Figures look good too! Rob
  17. robgizlu

    Falmouth Working Boat

    Perfectionist Rob
  18. Exquisite work Rob
  19. robgizlu

    BTR-70 APC

    Cracking results and inspiring as ever Rob
  20. robgizlu

    1/35 Meng Leopard 2A7

    Super job - it is nice to have a break from your usual sphere of modelling, isn't it. You've nailed this Rob
  21. robgizlu

    Greek M60A3

    Great result - the figures and stowage set it off - as others have said - hard to believe that it's not 1/35 Rob
  22. robgizlu

    Hasegawa Mirage F1

    First rate - super job on the decalling Rob
  23. robgizlu

    Malta Spitfire

    Top notch - weathering to die for!! Rob
  24. Very nicely done - that sets the bar high Rob