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  1. Well, we must conclude that you are extremely successful in executing your intentions. great results, Ron
  2. Chas, I will miss your updates on this build. No more progress (or steps backward) on the great RR. It is almost unthinkable. The journey you have finished, in which you allowed us to sit front row, has been fantastic and the result, well, what can you say, the model is really bloody marvellous. I have picked up lots of interesting techniques from your build and will look back to them many times. I hope I will ever be able to come close to what you have achieved, but I will have to practice a bit more. Well done, I trust you are satisfied with the results an I hope you will be enjoying the view of this model standing in the room for a long time. In the mean time I will struggle along with my AR and hope to see lots of advice, critics etc from you (and others), but that will need an update from my side first. Thanks for sharing your endeavours on this build with us.
  3. Looking very nice, Roy. well done. I think you are becoming a real machinist.
  4. Hmm, your pictures do not show up in the last 2 posts (except 1 in the last but one post)
  5. Sorry to hear this tends to get so troublesome. I trust you get it sorted.
  6. Chas, wonderful results. Everything lines up perfectly, which in itself is a big accomplishment. Your mods make the side panels very coach-builder like. True craftmansship. Wish you luck with the paintjob, however I'm sure it will be a piece of cake for you.
  7. Great wood work, you are displaying here. This makes it very life-like. I think this is becoming to be a museum piece.
  8. I would try some leather paint. That can be had in many colours. Its bound to be flexible by nature. Just need to check on the backside that it bonds ok to vinyl.
  9. Very nicely executed, Thierry. Love the detailing added by this.
  10. Catching up on this thread. I'm speechless. The level of detail you create in this scale is unbelievable. I wholeheartedly agree with Codger's advice to create a book on this build. There is so much to learn from what you are doing here. Keep it coming, please.
  11. Good to have you back, Wayne. Will be watching how you advance through the build.
  12. Hi Dan, This is looking fantastic. I ser that the doors will close next yo the dash panel. Did you take into account the thickness of the door padding? Would be a pity if you find out that the dashpanel is too wide after getting the upholstery done.
  13. Well, actually it is not that weird as current is the result of voltage divided by resistance (of the connected circuit). Ohm's law: I = V/R, where I is current, V is voltage and R is resistance. If you have a multimeter you could measure the resistance of the circuit and calculate the resulting current at any selectable voltage. Since the resistance is fixed, the current increases when the voltage increases. Roy, good stuff. Looks very promising.
  14. I agree with Borez. You should be very proud of yourself. You have created a model that is so wonderful detailed, fabulously painted. It was fun to follow this build. well done!