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  1. That engine already looks great. The corrugated hoses, create a lot of reality
  2. It is quite unbelievable that those tires were done like that. Youve corrected that one. It is indeed a very big model. Shows how big the car has been 1:1.
  3. Olivier, this is a really fantastic model. You have managed to bring so much reality into it. Like Jeroen said, even the close-ups do not clearly show that this is “just” a model. Well done and it looks great on display next to the Fiat.
  4. As always, the level of detail in your creation in mind blowing. Fantastic, Dan!
  5. Didn’t you know Olivier has a cutting mat in 12:1 scale on the floor of his garage? Looking seriously good, Olivier
  6. Indeed a very interesting project. Didn’t know that Danbury ever made 1:12 scale models. I always like the Danbury’s more than the FM models.
  7. The dash looks good to me, although I did not compare it to the real thing. What is the thickness off the material after printing? I indeed see this warping happening with very thin printed items. Strengthening at unseen places tend to remediate this.
  8. Lovely work. I wonder why you waited for Revell (in this case) to produce the T2 model. The reason is that you probably will modify 95% of the kit, so why bother with a kit Interesting build and I will follow it to the end (what year according to your planning?) Nice work sofar.
  9. Looking great, Thierry. Btw, are you sure that those pictures of the series 1 show the car as shipped from the factory. To me it looks like a restoration non-standard setup, but I may be wrong (I did not investigate this).
  10. Ah, the doors. I suggest that you glue (instead of tape) the struts preferably even before you make the cuts. And I think it helps if you create multiple triangles in all directions between these struts and the remaining body
  11. Very nice, Jörgen. I remember that at the time Johan Cruijff had one of these. Citroën made sure that this was widely known.
  12. It is a pity that this happened but you’ve proved that you find solutions for every challenge, so I’m sure you will get it corrected.
  13. That’s a beauty, Ron. Thanks for taking the time to share this with us and thank David too, pls.
  14. Very different and therefore a very nice topic. I’m the shadow following you. Don’t worry, completely harmless.
  15. Like I mentioned earlier. Nowhere it shows that this is a model. It’s a beauty, Dan
  16. I’m not a moderator but I vote you show this build here.
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