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  1. every B-29's nightmare!
  2. Thanks for the replies
  3. I am currently planning/collecting models/parts for building 3 Revell 747s. The first is a 747-400 in Thai Air livery, second a 747-600 conversion in Gulf Air Livery and thirdly a 747-8i in an as yet undecided scheme. Here's my first question, should I fill the panel lines as they are quite obviously too deep?
  4. Oddly cool in a "form follows function" kinda way.
  5. Coool!!
  6. very nice! takes me back to the "good old (emphasis on the old for me now) days" when i built this, and you whiffed it too!
  7. decided to move the big door and add a fuel point these are just dry fitted at the moment with the peregrine included as a reference. before anyone mentions these mods being fouled by sponsons please remember the 30mm stretch to the body. will post pics of the body as a whole soon.
  8. very, very nice!
  9. Attention to detail is an understatement! I'm inclined to think it could fly when finished
  10. Very nice! Lovin the way you have a fleet of Tu-134's. Inspiration for starting my 747 fleet (3 to do)
  11. So crazy it just might work
  12. Just gone through the 20 pages of this and I am very, very, very impressed! Absolutely stunning! Excellent workmanship. I am pleased to see you use P38 as that is what I shall be using on my own models! Now I know how it works on models. You are a master craftsman, using a vacform model as a donor for a scratch build Shackleton! amazing!!!
  13. coool! Very nice and love the paint
  14. Duzhe dobre! Nice job