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  1. Spitfire PR.25

    looking good. as already said nice paint scheme. Reminds me of the seafang
  2. Gyrfalcon GR.1

  3. Falklands war Tomcat

    Superb job! If memory serves me right in 1982 the Americans offered the loan of a carrier but Mrs. T. said no. Again, one of those 'if only' aircraft.
  4. Way more than you probably wanted to know

    Firstly welcome aboard fellow returnee! . All the best with the surgery. Nice BF109 and all with a FAA fascination find themselves in good company here (plenty of ex-FAA personnel to quiz here). And expertise and experience in decals you could be very useful!
  5. Excellent work! Like the decals too
  6. Revell 747 questions

    When I go to Halfords, apart from gloss white what other colours should I get for my 747s?
  7. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    What he said!!! Truly awesome!
  8. Boeing 747-400F 1/72

    looks like you're planning some open cargo doors!. I am truly impressed! puts my own project http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/viewtopic.php?f=80&t=35235 to shame.
  9. 1/144 Zvezda ANZ 747-800

    Very nice! A great alternative to the 787 scheme
  10. Mistel V, take two

    Top Notch!
  11. Shinden

    every B-29's nightmare!
  12. Revell 747 questions

    Thanks for the replies
  13. Revell 747 questions

    I am currently planning/collecting models/parts for building 3 Revell 747s. The first is a 747-400 in Thai Air livery, second a 747-600 conversion in Gulf Air Livery and thirdly a 747-8i in an as yet undecided scheme. Here's my first question, should I fill the panel lines as they are quite obviously too deep?
  14. Douglas Skyscanner AEW - JMSDF

    Oddly cool in a "form follows function" kinda way.
  15. Starfighter F.1