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  1. Interesting back story and a superb model
  2. M111 Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun

    Looks very deadly. Will have to keep my 747-600 on the ground now! Nice model as always.
  3. S-2GT Turbo-Tracker in RAN Service

    Very nice! another fine WHIF
  4. MiG-22 Flipper

    Top notch! First class back story and a superb model.
  5. Boeing 738 LOT,Zvezda 1:144.

    coool! very nice finish
  6. Boeing Gulf Air 747-600

    finally got the fuselage into one piece! here is a birds-eye-view to show the length when finished it (got to be PC and gender neutral ) will be 590mm long with a 535mm wingspan compared to the standard 490mm by 446mm of the 747-400, then all i have to do is build a display cabinet for it and the rest of my 747 collection to reside in.
  7. QA-10 DRONE UCAS & IAF A-10D Thunderbolt

    Very smart!
  8. He277B-1

    Impressive! a 3 kit stretch! Makes my 2 kit 747-600 rather tame. Amerika Bomber next maybe?
  9. V-22 Osprey in RAAF Service

    Love the camo scheme. first class as always.
  10. Boeing Gulf Air 747-600

    fuselage is now in just two pieces a shot with my std 747-400 as a comparison
  11. Boeing Gulf Air 747-600

    Boeing never developed a twin body 747 but this did become a 1/20th scale model at the 1996 Farnborough airshow and go for wind tunnel testing. this is more a what might have been than complete what if. anyway while this didn't see full scale it was just one of many design studies that slowly morphed into the 747-8.
  12. Well done on a superb model! I chickened out and sold mine as I couldn't decide whether to leave it open or closed