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  1. like the idea, but the execution looks just plain wrong......
  2. Nope......if it shows on startup don't install! Start pc in safe mode and run a virusscan.
  3. I have on in the stash aswell....with some LeMans racer decals......still need more references though
  4. Lol...turns out I'm right.....and the first to notice in three reprints!
  5. Just recieved my set of xtradecal 48099.(lightning F6 got them for the sharkmouth version) Was looking them over when I noticed the hi-viz roundels are ever so slightly oval. At first I thought it was because of the slight bend of the paper while holding out came the calipers. Not being an expert on Lightnings i'm this correct (could be something to do with the curve on the wings and sides) or just a misprint? Sudesh Ps sent an email to Hannants aswell
  6. MFH did some aswell...
  7. This one?
  8. make a tent like structure (lampshade above table for example) put model underneath get some lights or put tent near large window set camera colour balance right (if using tungsten lights...) set camera to aperture (start at f8 and go up from there to see what depth of field you like) use tripod turn off camera flash practice practice practice
  9. I used to do jewellery photography using nothing but a sheet...........
  10. Thanks! Off to look for a sheet!
  11. Is there another decalmaker that does the F6 lightning with the sharkmouth? XS903 I believe?
  12. Rb motion?
  13. absolutely amazing!
  14. Does anybody else do Canopy details like Hypersonic do for the phantom (EE lightning, tomcat etc). To me it seems a neglected part of the AM....and PE just doesn't cut it i'm afraid. Sudesh
  15. Oh my much are these on average? I was there in '88....this would be tbe perfect memento. Anybody need a kidney?