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  1. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks sarge! That's reassuring to know! Thanks Ozzy it looks ok in the old pictures but the new stuff Joss
  2. Hi everyone, really looking to getting this one going! This is the kit, The contents of said box, The extra bits dragon have included in the kit the side fenders are photoetch which is nice and looking at the instructions the road wheels rubber bits can be slipped on later which will mean no masking!! The suspension seems workable and there's a barrel for the 105mm gun which is nice. The only problem is that the way the rubber/vinyl tracks have been stored is that they are stuck on this position. The plan is maybe to do the USMC machine as I like the yellow on green but Ill have a look for decals if not I'll just go for kit ones. Joss
  3. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks stix, thats a good idea. I'll post some photos later to give some idea. It looked good when it was wet but has dried and looks really out of scale... Joss
  4. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Just before finishing I had a daft idea to use arcylic texture gel to try make thick mud put it on and it doesn't look very good at all. I've washed most of it off but some has set hard not , so I'm not sure what to do. Any suggestions would be welcome! Tempted to just leave it at that and add her to the shelf now as she is more or less done. Not happy but might chalk it up to experience... Regards Joss
  5. The figures look super stix. Looking forward to seeing it all together! Joss
  6. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    It's been a while but heres some more. I've got the tracks on and I'm about to weather them. I made a box from a scale door onfound. But I'm might leave it off the back. Just got the little fiddly things to do them I'll paint the crew. Joss
  7. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks Stix! Cheers badder, I'll have a look at work tomorrow see what small twigs I can reuse! I have to admit with the red one I got a box set of four and the label said cargo dust and it looked a brown in the pot so I just bungged it on but I don't think it looks 110, just did get round to removing it! Cheers Joss
  8. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Cheers, glad you like it! Thanks Steve, getting there! I'm procrastinating as I've to stick 158 little teeth onto the tracks!! I'll have here done at some point though!
  9. Hello, I've been looking at all the panther kits due out soon and I'm very tempted so I'll put my name forward! Joss
  10. 'FACE OFF' More Top Tips p12

    Looking good badder, the tip for the lugs is good to know! I used you track tip for straightening them and it worked a treat. Regards Joss
  11. Grim reaper p51d

    Thanks Bob that's a real help!
  12. Grim reaper p51d

    A little question, I have the aeromaster ninth and Mustang aces sheet and it got grim reaper on it. I've been trawling the net but have failed to find any period photographs of her. Do any photos exists? Regards Joss
  13. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks for the kind comments everyone now things get dirty and dusty! just winging it abit here any suggestions welcome! Joss
  14. Grim reaper p51d

    That's what I've got a feeling they have done. As you say there are loads for the warbird though. It makes it hard to say what prop or other interchange able things she would have had! Regards
  15. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Evening everyone more progress not so many photos just the fun of the wheels Just the idler wheel left to go and the little wheels then tracks on then weather getting there! Regards Joss
  16. Grim reaper p51d

    Thanks the pilots name is col. Lowell brueland. There's a video about he talking about the name and a photo but doesn't show to much so was wondering if there was anymore photos or if the decals use a bit of artist licensing Thanks Joss
  17. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Cheers sarge! I think you might be right, I'll have a look at work see what I can find. Any recommendations on what plant I'm looking for? Regards Joss Cheers badder, erm I think I used humbrol rattle can arcylics gloss. Haha yeah I thought they didn't look quite right! I'll have a nosey around and see what I can find. What would suggest for best replicating tree trunk? Regards Joss
  18. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks for stopping round for a look and for the kind comments much appreciated!! I've got the decals on. I've added some baggage I've got I don't think I'm going to go to over board on it but let me know what you think! I made a few sand bags but I think the left hand side ones are to big so I've made them smaller now! And I made some logs from abit of square balsa. I might tie them down to the side. WIP Done Let me know what you think not really sure on what I can get away with. Regards Joss
  19. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    so I've got most of it painted and ready for the decals not sure what option to go for but maybe the one with Andy on the side of the turret next to the star. I painted her black first. And I painted it with these, And here she is painted I have glossed her up aswell so she is ready for decals That's all for now folks All the best Joss
  20. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Cheers beefy just got to paint them now Joss Cheers Stix it looks ok not a batch on your etch work though! Regards Joss Thank Steve it's not to bad I suppose! I've got the paint on will post pictures abit later. They look proper tough like don't they! All the best Joss
  21. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Thanks badder The figures do sit nicely just hope I can do them justice when painting them! It's a good idea I think about the rubbers for this kit they come in there own bag and the only one pour stub on them plus it's on the inside! That's where dragon confuse me they do skmetjing cleaver like that then go and stick massive attachment lugs into small thin straight items with no way of getting the snips in... Yeah good point I'll keep telling myself that! I think etch just looks nice unpainted and there's no glue around! It's a learning curve though Regards Joss There is just something about it! I think extra width of the fenders stops it looking as top heavy! Regards Joss
  22. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    Right then I've made some more progress. This is my attempt reasonable sized photoetch with out a proper folder not the happiest with the results but it'll do the job. Just got a few more little bits to do the wheels have been cleaned and now all the rubber rims to do. Im sure there's more to do as well The plan is to also have it towing a trailer which I had from my Jeep. Here's a few pics The only other thing is I laid the tracks in and they seem to long... Well Ill get the rubber rims in and see what will happen. Looking forward to getting the paint on this one! All the best Joss
  23. Dragon M4a3 105mm

    No they like to make it fiddly as possible I can imagine the designers I a boardroom laugh at the idea of making even more complex arrangements for the parts. But there we go... Joss Cheers Ozzy let's hope so! I've got them all made now so that's the major chore done for the build! Joss Cheers glynn, they are us tanker set from miniart. I've found miniart abit hit and miss as these where nice but some us soldiers at rest I got are so full of flash its not even funny!! Joss Cheers steve That's what I thought when I read the instructions it's actually more than 17 by the time you include 4 wheels then four rims what are in the bags and then theres 1 brass rod and two springs for each bogie... I found doing one side on night and then the other side else when helped but that's just me! Just a warning the instructions are wrong btw when it asks you to but the little pin into each arm of the bogie it's goes in the middle hole which has a notch in it just to let you know! That's I just hope I can paint then to do them justice! Joss Thanks Stix,they are nice when done as they seem movableish. Fingers crossed mate! I found once there done though it's all up hill from there! Joss I think so sarge it's crazy isn't it. I mean the extra detail is nice and all but when you can't see it... I imagine in 1:72 it's even more tricky! I think a nice balance between the two is the job enough detail with easy to assemble parts! Regards Joss
  24. Hi Stix looking very nice! The photoetch looks top notch what did you use to get that curve on the front fenders? It looks spot on! Regards Joss